March 30, 2020
Why 99% of People Fail on eCommerce | Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid | WORST Beginner Dropshipping Mistakes

Why 99% of People Fail on eCommerce | Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid | WORST Beginner Dropshipping Mistakes

Did you know 99% of the Shopify stores fail? Hey, my name is Sagar. In this video, I’ll be talking about why 99% of the Shopify dropshipping stores fail and how you can avoid this mistake so you can start making money with your own Shopify store. And finally, finally fire your boss, kick him out and get this Gucci shoes and you know of course, start travelling the world. So let’s not waste any more time,
let’s just get to the video. So why does 99% of the Shopify stores fail? So one of the main reason is
they don’t smash the like button. Do it right now, smash the like button so you can be successful. Alright, so basically there are two main reasons why most of the stores fail. Stores never fail. Remember that it is the person who’s running who actually fails and there’s two main reasons. First, they have a little b*** mindset and second, it’s the wrong strategy they’re using. So first, we’re going to cover what mindset they have that is stopping them from being successful. And remember, there is never a store
who’s unsuccessful. It’s the person who’s running who is unsuccessful. Alright, so first little b*** mindset. What they do is they just stop after
one failure, you know. Their ad account gets blocked, “Oh, I’m not going to do it, everything’s done” “Oh, I didn’t get approve. why my ad is still not approved? Facebook doesn’t want me to run ad?” Stop. Bad product. They just find a product that’s not doing good for them, they spent some money, it’s not working. Alright, dropshipping doesn’t work. Boom. I’m out. One dispute. They got one dispute, one bad email: “This product, please give me a refund.” They’re like “Oh, I’m losing money.” Boom, I’m not going to run this product, I’m not going to do dropshipping and they’re just out. And that’s the stupidest thing ever just stopping after one failure. I’ve seen so many people
they want to open a Shopify store and something happens where they can’t add something to checkout or something like that “Oh, my store is not optimized,
I’m not going to run it” Boom. They’re just gone, just like that.
Crazy stuff like that. You got to have that mindset: show me that problem, I’ll solve it. And I always have this mindset. Show me the problem, I’ll solve it for you. If you cannot solve it, pay me I’ll solve your problem right now, alright? So that’s the mindset you got to have, that you can do anything you want. Another thing. This is…
I don’t know where this came from… I’m getting so many dm’s that are like “Hey, I’m broke. I mean that I don’t have any job, I want to start a Shopify” What? You start a Shopify when you
already got your life together and you have some money saved up and then you invest in the Shopify business. If you have no money, you’re broke, you’re in debt… First of all, this is not a proud… I just don’t know why people think having a debt is something proud and I should feel sympathy towards you. First of all, you’re f****** idiots
for having debts and second, get a job, get some money saved up
and then start a Shopify. I get so many dm especially
from like 17, 18, 19, 20 years-old, “Hey, I’m broke, my life sucks. I want to start a Shopify, I want to start making money.” I don’t know, how about that one? So remember: get a job, save some money and then you start a Shopify. Shopify is a are real, real, real, business. Would you start a — not a lemonade sell — Would you start a shop… Let’s say you want to open a restaurant. Would you open if you were broke? You wouldn’t. You would have gotten a job, you would have saved some money and then you would start. That’s exactly the same with Shopify. Another: being salty about courses and losing money. People just absolutely hate. They lose a hundred dollars “Oh, this is a scam, I’m losing money.” They buy a $300 course, $500 course,
1000$ course and “Of course, it didn’t work for me,
this guy’s a scammer.” Boom, they are just gone like that. They’re thinking that — three thousand dollars is a lot of money to them, but when you think about that,
when I tell them that “Hey, you know how much you pay
for college, right?” People pay about 60 000$ or 70 000$ over
the span of four years. It’s just structured in a way
you don’t pay 60 000$ up front, you pay over time so it doesn’t feel that… Car. People spend 20 000$ to 30 000$
on a car, which absolutely don’t make them
a single dollar back. Absolutely zero dollar back. And you spend money on that and always they’re like “Oh, this guy charged me 297$ dollars for a course,
he is a scammer” The honest truth is you just didn’t absorb the knowledge in the course. You got to read it thoroughly. If you go to class, that’s what they charge, 297$. People are going this Six Flags, Disneyland. The ticket is 500$. I don’t know if you know that. And you guys are paying that comfortably, so I don’t know why you always get salty
by course you’re losing money. I just… that’s just out of my mind, you know. And again, you don’t have a proper job. Most people don’t have a job
and they want to start a Shopify. I don’t know why you don’t have a job. I mean, it’s kind of pretty easy to get a job. If you’re under 18, I get it… under 16, because even if you’re 17 or 18
you can still get a job. If you’re under 16, I get that. If you’re over 16, there is no point you not having a job and the best one I think is car salesman. This is what I would personally do. If I lose everything, I have no money, that’s the first thing I’m doing: apply for a car salesman job. These guys easily make about… I wouldn’t say easily, but if they work really hard, they can make 5000$ or 10 000$ in a month. And I think that’s a great, great, great start. You don’t want to start with a nine-to-five job. If you’re 18, 19 or 20, if you’re over the age, just get a car salesman job. Get a truck driver job.
Truck drivers do work a lot of hours, but they can make eighty
to ninety thousand dollars, too. Or real estate. You know you can get
a real estate license, it takes about three to five months
to get started and it will take you about three to four months to get your first sale, but it’s a great, great way
to start making money and save. Then you can open up another business like Shopify, Amazon FBA, whatever you want to do. Insurance agents make a lot of money. They have a little book, you just read the whole book it takes about two to three months and then you get the test and you’re a licensed agent, so you can do that. Another thing is movers. A lot of people who move stuff from houses here and there they make good amount of money, too Like you can do twenty to thirty dollars. People who drive trucks for — like the small trucks for Lays, Coca-Cola, all these guys, they make 25$ to 30$ per hour. So there are a lot of jobs
that you can use to make money and then use that money to make more, more and even more money. So go out there, do that. I don’t know why you don’t have a proper job, why you even think that McDonald’s is still an option to you
when there are so many more options. I just don’t get that. Another thing they do is blaming gurus
for being unsuccessful, for not being successful. What they do is they buy a course and they are like “Oh, this guru scammed me, I’m not successful it’s his fault.
I’m not going to dropship anymore” First of all, gurus can never scam. You know why?
Let me explain it to you. Because their course is literally their reputation. Even someone like — I would say Alex Becker, he’s pretty open about that – I don’t personally have a course.
I don’t teach personnaly, I have other coaches that teach
when people buy the course. And that’s the same with other gurus, too. Even if they don’t know how to dropship,
they find somebody who knows how to dropship and they use their knowledge and they put them in
the course and it’s pretty systematically explained. It is a fact and it just didn’t work for you.
And that’s just the reality of the world, you know. Something that works for one person is not
going to work for another person. So stop being salty and move on with your life
and try a different approach. I just had this guy and he was like
“Hey, can you help me bla, bla, bla?” I hear so many guys now “Yeah sure, here’s the link,
you can book a session.” He is like “Bro, he’s charging 297$ for a call,
that’s too expensive, bla, bla, bla.” I was like “Who are you? President of USA?
Why would I not charge you? If you need my expertise, of course I’m going to charge you
so I can help you to make more money.” But that’s the mindset that people come with: “I’m not going to spend any money,
I want to make money.” It kind of doesn’t work like that. It’s a marketing thing of course. People say “Hey, you could get started easily. You can start
making money with as little as 50$, but that’s not going to be the case
for most of the people. So remember that: you just got to change the mindset. The whole mindset should be “I’m going to go all in,
I’m going to use all my resources, everything I can to go get successful.” If you look in the long run, I feel like — let’s say
24 years from now, if you’re successful you didn’t… For 20 years you had a happy life, so why wouldn’t you use all your resources
in this year, everything you have? I personally think it’s a great, great, great deal. So the next one is strategy, you know.
They have a wrong strategy. If you focus 60% on marketing and ad creative side of things, paid traffic, 30% focus goes towards product and description
and 10% towards store design and all that stuff. So remember: marketing and ad creative is like
the biggest, biggest, biggest part. So you want to be very, very, very…
You want to learn about that stuff, you know. So you want to learn everything you can about
Facebook Ads because that’s what’s going to help you. If you are going to use Instagram influencers,
learn everything about that. Which influence it right, what should I be looking in the engagement? Should I go with personal brands or influencers and all that stuff, you know. So strategy. You know, this is what a lot of people do. They just pull a random product from aliexpress
that they like, they have no idea who’s selling the product,
don’t know any competitor and then they just don’t find any results. Why? Because first of all that product is probably
not being sold by anybody. You just picked that product from aliexpress.
Most likely it’s not going to be successful. If you’re thinking “Oh, earpod cases just dropped.
It might be a good market to sell earpod cases.” Remember: if your sentence says
“I think this might be a good product”, that’s very dangerous. “I think” is a very, very dangerous word in
your dictionary, especially in the beginning. In the beginning, you want to stick
to what’s working for other people. Believe me, if you know your competitors,
50% of the job is done. Now you know what the product should look like,
what the description page should look like, what should be the ad credit, what you should talk about,
how you should talk to your customers, where there should be ad copied. Like literally 50% to 80% of the work is done right there,
so find your competitors, pick the right product. Pick the right product.
How do you find the right product? The easiest, easiest way is using Dropship Spy. This is a spy tool out there that just give
you a lot of products. There is a lot of them. I think a good one is
Dropship Hunter. I really like that one, they have really,
really unique products, so try either. I’ll leave the affiliated link in the description
if you guys want to use that. I don’t have an affiliated link for Dropship Hunter
and I would recommend Dropship Hunter because I feel like there’s a little bit more variety,
but Dropship Spy is still very, very good too. Another thing is there is much more products. You got to understand: one out of ten is a winner. One product out of ten is a winner,
so you got to test more products. Two or three products is just not enough. So if you look at it, each product obviously
cost about 220$ to test. So you’ll have to probably lose up to 3000$
just to find the right winner. So that’s some amount of money. Of course, no gurus
is going to tell you that or anybody because that kind of discourage you. It’s like
“Hey, you shouldn’t do that, but yeah I understand.” It’s just that’s the nature of business, you know. You can get lucky and start making money with 100$, but you can get — not unlucky — but you can be on the other side and it might cost you 4000$ to 5000$
to get started, you know. Another thing is they don’t properly test. Either its adders or influencers, what most people
— that’s what I did too in the beginning – I just ran some ads, watch some YouTube videos and
“Oh, it’s not working. Why is it not working?” I have no idea what I’m doing,
I just run some campaigns somewhere and then big random interest, throw some creatives
and why is it not working? And same with influencers. People just go to Instagram
to search for the first influencer, they find a cheap picture, a cheap ad copy and have
them put the picture on there at a random time or… “Why doesn’t it work? Because you didn’t do no research,
you didn’t do the right research. What’s the right influencers? What are the videos
that are going to work for this influencer? What are the offers I’m going to use under that?
Should I tell people 50% off today or am I going to tell buy one get one for free
or something like that? Make sure you have the links to buy all
that good stuff, you know. And then remember: there are two yellow things
I have right here. They are like the biggest points out of all the slides. Taking the right product and having a solid strategy. Having a solid strategy, what I mean by that
is like I said:

00:12:01,000 –>00:12:03,500
you got to know how exactly you run
a test product on Facebook Ads or how exactly you’re going to go about things
on the Instagram influencers side of things. I think the best way to get going is probably watch
some YouTube – you can watch some YouTube videos, I don’t think there’s a lot of good videos. You want to just… you know, make a map. I have a good video, it’s called
Facebook Targeting Method. Use that, that’s a really solid
strategy for Facebook and what you want to do is you want to consult with somebody. I think that’s the best money you can spend.
Consult with somebody to make sure it works. Remember: “somebody” right here I should have put “the best”, the person you think is the best Who is absolutely killing at drop shipping. If you know somebody in person, go ahead,
go to that person but if you don’t, I would go online and pay one
of the person to get on a call and show them your strategy and see if everything is up to par. But you want to pick the best person not the average
or not someone who’s kind of getting results. Best person can sell. Pick that person to make sure
it works and you want to stick with that strategy. Again, I opened some few sessions for
— I think it’s eight sessions — for strategy. So what you can do is first link in the description, you guys can book a call and I’ll go over your strategy for Facebook. And if you are going to use Instagram,
I can go over Instagram strategy, how you should pick influencers and all that stuff
and how to approach influencers to get the best results possible. And this is what you want to do. After you have a solid strategy, you want
to stick to that strategy right here. I say changing strategy every other day
— this is what a lot of people do, they try one product, one strategy
and it doesn’t work, there like “Oh, this strategie didn’t work,
I’m going to try something else.” No, no, no. You want to stick to that strategy,
don’t change your strategy for a cool minute. I would say like for 20-25 days, stick to one strategy.
You want to stick to that. Don’t mix and match. This is the worst
thing probably, I did too. I would watch 100 different youtubers
and mix and match their strategy. That just never gets usual. You want to stick to one advice and follow it
to the T exactly. Whoever you book a consulting session with, make sure
to follow that person advice for 20 to 25 days. If after 20 to 25 days it wouldn’t work
and you already tested 10 to 15 products, now I would change strategy. It doesn’t mean that person is a scammer
who would have given you the wrong strategy, it just says that that strategy doesn’t work for you. Now you want to try a different approach. So remember that: have a solid strategy,
consult with somebody that can tell you “This is right, this is right. Yeah, perfect. Everything
your doing is perfect, just repeat the process.” And I think that’s how I found success. I was just
changing strategy with every product but then I got a master and he just said to me: “No.
Stick to this, we’re going to do it over and over again.” And I did it for five or six times and I was like
“I’m not making money, this guy’s a scammer.” I was kind of skeptical but he said:
“Hey listen, just keep testing more products.” And I kept testing more products and eventually,
I found a winner, you know. So you want to stick to that. It’s so easy to say that
“Oh, it’s not working.” But stick to that and then don’t change your strategy
and really stick to it for 10 to 15 products. And after, if it still doesn’t work, then I would
think about changing my strategy. Another — I think this is the biggest thing –
is it’s usually a side project. “Oh, why are you starting a Shopify?” “I just want to see what it’s about. I just want to see
if I can make a million dollar real quick.” “Oh, I just want extra thousand dollars
in my bank from Shopify.” If this is a side project it’s never going
to bring visitors. First thing when you wake up should be Shopify. That’s how it was for me. First thing I would wake up
and I would see how I can improve my store, how I can make sales, what sort of new product
I am testing, how I’m going to make more money. So remember, it’s not a side project, it’s your life.
You got to take it seriously. It’s your life. If you look at the long run, 20 years
from now if you are financially free, do you think it should be your side project?
That financial freedom should be your side project? You tell me. Is financial freedom your side project?
No it’s not. So remember, it’s the main project. It’s not “Oh, I’m going to put one hour in
and I put ten hours in the work.” No. I would — I mean it’s probably the worst
advice I can give you – but I would probably shrink down my hours at work
and I’ll put more work with Shopify. Of course, if you have no money, I would focus on work.
Mix together some money, 2000$, 3000$, 4000$. I would save up and then I would focus
on Shopify side of things. Another thing is people just quit too early, you know. Three months is just not enough time,
believe me or not, you know. Most of the people I know they didn’t find any success
for five to eight months, you know. And that is the reality of thing, it takes longer. Like I said, it’s a marketing thing of course to tell you
you can get started with a hundred dollar and you can be successful in one month — which is
definitely, definitely, definitely possible but that’s just not going to be the case for most
of the people, you know. So that’s why you don’t want to quit too early. Remember: in the long run, if financial freedom
is your number one goal — traveling the world is one of your goal, just doing
whatever you want is your number one goal – 20 years down the road, three months is just not enough
for something you want to succeed. You should just put your whole life into it.
Why wouldn’t you put your whole life into it? Another thing is stick to one thing at a time.
So if you are doing Shopify, focus on Shopify. Don’t try and start Amazon FBA, don’t try and start
a social media marketing company Don’t try to start with Instagram influencers,
crazy stuff. Just stick to one thing at a time. If you’re going
to use Facebook ads, that’s what you’re got to do. Put it in your head: Facebook ads, that’s it. You don’t — this is just a formal thing.
A lot of influencers — I just think that that’s bad ethical marketing. What people do is tell you “Oh, drop shipping is that,
you should do this. Oh, this is that you should do this.” “You should do unicorn branding, IP marketing,
drop shipping. Do this, buy my course.” Crazy stuff like that. Don’t get sidetracked, stick to one thing and you want
to do that over and over and over and over again. Test 10 to 15 products, try it, stick to that strategy
for 20 to 25 days. And if it’s still not working and you put your best,
then I would change the strategy. I wouldn’t blame anyone, blame yourself.
Don’t ever blame any other person. It’s you who are responsible for your own success,
so stop blaming other people. It’s just a strategy that just doesn’t work for some people. It’s just like saying with… you know, let’s say I am a person
who helps people to quit smoking. 100 people go there, probably 50 to 60 people are going to quit smoking but the other 40 people will not quit smoking. And that is the reality of things, you know.
Not every strategy works for every single person. You are the one responsible for making you successful. Put that in your head, don’t blame any other person. Alright, so how personally I’ll go about things
— this is how personally I go about things whenever I approach new businesses
or new whatever I’m doing. So like I said I — let’s take an example: the gym. This is what I do, you know. I’ll go to gym two,
three, five times and then I see – I am telling myself I can do it on my own, perfect. And the next thing I would do is — of course I would
still at the same time keep going to gym, you know. I’m just using gym as example — and the next thing
I would do is find the best person mentor or coach, the best that there is and then I would ask that person
if they can coach me or if there’s a product they have which I can use to gain all the information,
if maybe they have a book, all that stuff. And then I would stick to that personal device
for a while and do it over and over again. Like I said, I have a coach for my gym and he kind
of tells me what to do and I kind of stick to that. And I would stick to his advice for a while in the gym,
probably like 6 to 10 months. So I would follow his advice to the T and see
if I get the results. And I would keep trying untill I get what
I want or what you want. That’s kind of how I go about every single business
and that’s how you should do it, you know. Run some ads, 2 or 3 ads to launch 2 or 3 products
and then — now, you are not a rookie, right? Now you can see what other people are doing,
now you are a little bit ahead and now you can find the best person,
mentor or coach, and ask if they can help you. Of course, buy their product. If they have a course
or something like that, anything they have. And even one more thing I would do is — why I say
do it yourself first 2 or 3 time is that now, you are not a rookie, you know. If you’re a rookie, usually people
don’t like to help rookies. That is the same with me. I kind of don’t like
helping people who are asking me how to connect pixel “Oh, how do I change this add creative? How do I
add video?” or simple stuff like that. You want to get the hang of things. You want to ask the person who’s best at it
the good questions, the solid points. There’s the 80/20 rule: your business is going
to be successful because of 20% of the work you do, so you want to ask your mentor about that 20%
you can get out of that person. Because of course I’m pretty sure if he’s the best
he’s probably going to charge a premium price. So for that reason, whatever the charge, you want
to ask that person the good quality questions, not the rookie questions. And that’s why I always like to do it
myself so I even know the lingo. You know like the gym. There is a lingo: carbs,
macros, track your stuff, bench press or whatever. You know, different lingos. They have different
names for exercises and all that stuff so you want to get to use their lingo and then
stick to that for a while, you know. Back to my point, I would do that over and over again,
test 10 to 15 products with that strategy and then I would change my strategy, you know,
keep trying until I get what I want. And that’s it for today’s video.
I hope you got some value. Subscribe if you got well and destroy the like button
and let’s get some Gucci shoes, you know. Once you put this in your head, once you put
this tips in your head, I would recommend watching this video one more time
because I think this is probably the best video I have for you to get it going. Remember: you are responsible for your
own success, you know. You just got to show up. Of course, there’s going
to be some days where you don’t want to do it but again, you have to show up. Today was the day
I didn’t kind of want to film, but it’s Wednesday and it’s time to upload, baby,
so I got to get here and shoot a video for you and make sure to provide the best quality content I can. So same with you, you show up, you know follow
my strategy like I said. Pick a great product, pick the right product and test some
— like you got a test 10 to 15 products and have a solid, solid, solid strategy. And that’s it for today, you know.
Subscribe, like, destroy the like button and boom! See you guys later.

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  21. Great content but I cringed at you calling people with debt idiots. Debt comes in many forms and warrants a flexible perspective on understanding that. Not saying you should feel sympathy for people with debt but calling them idiots? Come on Sagar…

  22. I cant search on facebook for products that have over 200000 veiws like you said on fb ads video as facebook search doesnt allows me to search as their setting have change it only lets me go far as 1 month any ideas?

  23. I'm a car salesmen. I work so many hours.. lol but he is right. you can make 5-10k a month. I just started and i made 5k last month.

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