April 7, 2020
Wholesale Ted | RECOMMENDATION ALGORITHMS | Best of e-commerce

Wholesale Ted | RECOMMENDATION ALGORITHMS | Best of e-commerce

what’s up welcome guys welcome to my
channel today is my first video of this channel algorithms versus algorithms so
basically every single minutes there are three hundreds of hours videos are
uploaded to YouTubes and there’s approximately 280 new websites are
created every single minute wow that’s a lot so you only have thousand four
hundred and forty minutes per day and livings but not to worry about it what
if I say we do all this job for you, yes our team will do all this all on your
behalf we spend tons of time to reviewing all the videos website
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like and share if let’s say you like our videos so we are the algorithms we provide
you the best quality info content that you ever ever need to actually earn
money online our opinions our reviews are not final as there are lots of good
content published daily we only choose the one that we think the best we will
never ever provide fake data only genuine data’s we don’t give fake data
we give you the real and genuine reviews let’s jump into the video now so today
we’re gonna recommend the first YouTube videos
Wholesale Ted so this is the lady the owner of this channel Sarah, she has over 427K subscribers and 131 YouTube videos basically she started her YouTube
channel on the 3rd November 2014 and her first video was published somewhere
around May 2015 on this channel she’ll basically discuss all topics for
e-commerce business owner and she will give case studies on
successful e-commerce stores tutorials for apps and online tools the low cost
beginner-friendly product sourcing methods print on demand and drop
shipping she discussed on more advanced product sourcing strategies such as
Wholesale combined and fulfillment centers sales psychology tactics to increase
conversions and get customers to buy from you and to click on your ads videos
to help you the legal staff creating refunds policies and setting up taxes
etc etc let’s jump into her website right now she has her own website wholesaleted.com so she will give away her ebooks for every successful six-figure
store that had to follow these six steps on her website she would talk about
learn to sell online with e-commerce so you can go and run through her webpage
you can go about what is Wholesale Ted and what Sarah all these and you can even go
through her blogs as well every single YouTube video that she did she will have
a blog post for it let me just show you this ten websites to make money online
for free in 2020 no credit card required so this is the YouTube video that you
have it and you can just click on it this is the latest video that she has
so she published this on a 2nd of January and if let’s say you’re a person
who like to read instead of watching videos then you can go through her blog
post every single video with blog post she did this consistently and I will
show you that let’s jump to page 23 do not drop ship high ticket products
through about high-ticket dropshipping as you
can see this is a YouTube video with a blog post she’ll explain it in details
on her blog post or you can go through her YouTube channel if let’s say you’re
a person who prefer to watch video instead of tons of words that makes you
feel boring okay you can go through either way to learn drop shipping or
e-commerce or how to sell products online by her blog post or you can go
through the videos that you publish on her websites you go hundred overs of
videos she constantly post videos every week you can go through her playlist
mindset for successful having realistic goals and experienced tips for dealing
with the legal stuff in e-commerce Wholesale Ted most popular videos creating a
profitable print-on-demand store how to build a profitable dropshipping store
and animated video with Sarah, Oh yeah one good things to mention about it
Wholesale Ted creates educational videos that helps online store owners. Her program
the Ecomm Clubhouse is the Shopify education partner approved course so
basically you can go ahead and set up for a course because this is a Shopify
education partner approved course and you can scroll to the bottom look for
resources and there’s a couple of platforms or the tools that she herself
recommends you to use it especially this Shopify store Oberlo and she will have
AliDropship plug-ins for WooCommerce and she recommends Amazon products
research tool jungle scout as well and if you are interested to make money
online with e-commerce store Wholesale Ted has a premium video training series
the ecomm Clubhouse it is an online course design
to help beginners who are launching their first stores and who want to
curated tutorials from Wholesale Ted to help them so it is also a Shopify
approved education partners course as what I said so click on the join Eomm
house then she will just explain more in details what are the course that she
provides what are the videos that she has you can go through all these hundred
percent absolutely you will not regrets signing up this
this is all the details that you have step one step two step three the
courses that she provides how to create Shopify account which theme you should use
how to install Oberlo the Chrome extension add products with Oberlo
Create Printify account and etc etc and come to the bottom add shipping create your own logo live chat and choose a domain names so or step number four they have upselling to big orders step 5 how to get traffic’s and buyers to your store and
how to create a facebook business account fanpage and Facebook pixel
low-budget Facebook ads and free SEO traffic at the same time how to optimize
your page products everything basically there are tons of informations and
step-by-step how you can build your ecommerce store and drive traffic to
your success step number six how to run and manage your store, how to fulfill
orders with Oberlo how to fulfill order with Printify, The daily store Management and Growth Plan. And BONUS limited videos how to skill by hiring a virtual
assistant and just join for now for $67 per month and you just have to pay $1
for the first seven days, you will have this 7 day refund policy you are nothing
to lose because they backed you up by 7 day refund policy at
any point for whatever reason you have seven days to refund any membership fee
you can go through a testimony at the same time then a note from Sarah as well
running a business it wasn’t an overnight success
it’s not MLM it’s not make money quick but then you need efforts you need to do
something and get the correct person to guide you in order to success in your
own business so I personally do recommend Sarah’s for her Wholesale Ted
YouTube channel as well if let’s say you’re not sure whether to sign up for her
course you can go through her YouTube videos or you can go through her blog
post at the same time about and you just click on her blog you can go around a
blog post she got twenty five over pages that you can run through and
definitely I believe if you’re not signing up for her course, all this
information would be very good as a beginner to start a business online as
e-commerce and one last thing I will leave five recommended videos that I
personally think is the best among her channel I’ll leave the link below at
my description, remember to go through the videos if you like our reviews if you
like our recommendations please give us thumbs up do let me know what do you
think at the comment below if you are fans of Wholesale Ted do let me know at the
bottom as well more videos to come stay tuned and we will see you on a next

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