January 25, 2020
WhiteMask e-commerce website

WhiteMask e-commerce website

hello everyone this is noor Alansari
and in this video I’ll take you through the website which is which I have
created the website ah I have created is called white mask the idea of starting a
business that focuses on face masks came as a result of understanding the
interests of the current generation when it comes to skincare
the current generation is highly interested in face masks as they do not
require a lot of effort and provide quick results for a skincare website I
decided to create a website that as minimal simple and elegant at the
homepage we can see a quote which says pamper your skin which is the main goal
of the products being sold on our website then we answer the question why
apply face masks we answer it by say by explaining the benefits of applying
those masks for example face masks can be can bring moisture and hydration to
dry and dehydrated skin types and the next section we wanted to gain the trust
of the customer so we provided YouTube videos where youtubers talk about their
experience with our products finally the new collection is shown at the bottom of
the page and a button is provided so that the user can click here or at the
top to go to the shop in this page all the products being sold on our website
are provided hovering over the product shows the name the price and more
explanation about the about the product so if I click on shop it takes me to the
other page which only talks about that certain product which I clicked on and chose the ADIZ the details on the
right in the about page we have a paragraph that talks about the nature of
this business and at the bottom of the page we have social media accounts that
are provided so that the customer gets to know what’s new and every season so
if I click on Twitter that will take me to another page which shows the account
of the website going back we finally have the contact us page this page gives
customers the ability to provide feedback suggestions or even send
complaints about the company this is beneficial for the company to further
enhance their services and products provided to the consumers in addition
staying in touch with the customers also shows that the company cares about the
customers so a person can write their first name last name and the email and
send this feedback to the company at the bottom of the page we have the map it
shows the location of our shop so to see if the feedback has been received by the
company to the company we go to our website and check our mail so the feedback has been received that’s
the end of the video thank you all for watching

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