April 6, 2020
Which Social Media Platforms should I use for my business?

Which Social Media Platforms should I use for my business?

(light electronic music) – [Steve] Hi Colin, how are you? – Very good, thanks. – Thanks for your time this morning. Now can you do a bit of
jargon busting for me? There are a plethora of
social platforms out there, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube,
Facebook, and the list goes on. Today’s real estate agent
should be using what? – Yeah, look, LinkedIn would
be number one off the bat, number two, I love Facebook
for what they’re doing, for that connexion, big fan of YouTube, Twitter has its role, and I’d probably throw in Instagram as well. – Okay, so let’s just
go through all of them. So LinkedIn was covered in
a video that we recorded earlier on today, so we
can move on from that. So when would an agent use Instagram to build their brand or
to profile themselves as a good real estate agent? – There’s really two
main avenues I’d look at for Instagram, so for
those who aren’t using it, it’s very much about
photos and lovely philtres, and very personal, it’s
a quite connected piece. What I love seeing from real estate agents is those beautiful stories of families. So the families that have sold,
families that have bought, the journey, the experience,
where they’ve gone above and beyond to give
a beautiful experience for their customers, I love on Instagram. And the second one is, it’s quite unknown, but real estate agents
do a phenomenal amount of conferences, training, events, extracurricular things in the community, plus in real estate. Add depth to your character by showing what else you do in the community, and definitely those family
pics or those nice ones, Instagram is filled with
foods, pets and kids. But as long as you’re comfortable, those kind of things really
add depth to you as a person, so that’s how I’d be
thinking about Instagram. – Excellent, what about Twitter? So when would an agent use Twitter? – In my opinion, Twitter is a
bit of a tough nut to crack. So for real estate agents
there’s one primary reason I’d be using it, and for
those real estate agents who are really reaching for the stars, it’s actually to attract media. And so if I’ve got a beautiful property that I think is gonna break
a property record in my area, if I wanted to actually
get it in the local news or national news, I’d be talking
directly to the reporters, talking to the editors of newspapers, actually picking out some fun facts, interesting things, like
whose home it might have been in the past, these types
of things to attract media. So I find things like
listings or other updates will struggle on Twitter,
they won’t live for too long. And potentially some
of the education stuff, if they find amazing white papers to talk about trends or
statistics, possibly, but to really develop their business I’d be focused on that
media angle for Twitter. – Okay, so let’s just dive
into that a little bit more. So if you’re an agent
operating in The Courier Mail area of southeast
Queensland, you’re saying that you should use Twitter
to connect with the property editor, to connect with the
business editor to entice them about something that they
might want to pick up and run with as a story,
is that what you’re saying? – Absolutely, yeah, and even
the lifestyle area as well. So if I’ve got a beautiful
property that could be of appeal, I’d have to have a great story behind it, and so if an auction or a
moment or a timely event was coming up, I would
definitely tweet them and say, check this out, love to chat. – And so if you were to send that tweet, check this
out, would you then connect the editor, the property editor back to the photographs on Instagram? Is that your recommendation, or would you actually have the photographs on Twitter? – Look, I’d probably send
them a link to the best place, so probably to a real
estate .com that I link, and I’d look to get
contact with that editor, so actually get them to
come out to the property and tee up a time and that kind of thing. So getting directly in contact with a real estate agent
would be my primary focus. – So that’s Instagram, what about YouTube? There are millions of videos on YouTube. How do you cut through? – That’s the best
question, is cut-through. So in the world of video, YouTube is the one to get cut-through. I really recommend, instead of doing 20 videos, do one amazing one. So as in, give a great guide
to how to sell your property, give a great insight into
how to renovate a kitchen, give a great insight
onto the sales process. So I’m really big on that education piece, and really teaching people things, because it’s quite selfless and
you’re giving something away and expecting nothing in return. And once a beautiful video is on YouTube, and they can be done just with your iPhone or a simple camera,
distributing that through each of the other social channels,
and definitely on my website. – So a great video would
be selling your home for the first time, or selling your home for the first time in a
long time, here’s a video on the sort or preparation,
stuff that you need to be aware of, that’s
what you’re talking about. – Yeah, absolutely, and just
like you’ve been saying, I would get hyper-local with it. So, how to sell your
home in South Brisbane, and you can talk about how
to reference the schools and the butchers and the bakers, and talk about the trend,
– The candlestick makers. – Beautiful, yeah, and
transporting that kind of stuff. So if they really want cut-through, ’cause agents are hyper local, right, they focus on an area generally, I would be going that way for sure. – That’s good, that’s really good. So we’ve talked about Twitter,
we’ve talked about Instagram, we’ve covered LinkedIn,
we’ve talked about Facebook. Are there any other platforms that today’s real estate agents should be using? – Yeah, we’ve only just
touched on Facebook quickly. That’s probably one of the biggest ones for real estate agents, and
that is right now on the planet, that is the biggest and brightest one. And on Facebook, having
a Facebook business page, and definitely sharing beautiful content. And it’s really around those
stories or those moments about the families and about the places and about the properties you’ve got, ’cause you’ve got options
to do Facebook Live, do beautiful videos
and that kind of thing, and that’s where I’ve
seen, after LinkedIn, Facebook is the one that’s had the kind of biggest success for real estate agents. – Okay, Cole, in 45 seconds, three golden tips to
get started on Facebook. – Three golden tips, number one is definitely build
your Facebook business page. So you just need two images,
and write the About section. So that’s number one for sure, is build a beautiful profile. Number two is really start
working on your content. So get some beautiful posts about housing, about your area, about
what’s happening in the area, so be focused in that
space, and number three, an absolute personal favourite of mine is something called
Facebook Boosted Posts. And so kind of, for around that $50 mark, you can hit about 5,000
people of a targeted audience, it’s just wonderful for hitting the people you’re after in a certain area. So that’s definitely where
I’d be focusing my attention. – Yeah, great stuff. Really interesting talking to you. I know your company specialise
in all of these platforms, and offer some great advice. Really appreciate you giving
your time up for us today, thank you very much. – Yeah, absolute pleasure, thanks so much. – [Steve] Cheers. (ambient electronic music)

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  1. Well there are divided opinions for this but what works for me is instagram paired with a social media marketing platform called phlanx works really great.

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