April 4, 2020
Which Is The BEST Platform To Sell Online? Shopify vs WooCommerce!

Which Is The BEST Platform To Sell Online? Shopify vs WooCommerce!

So is it WooCommerce or Shopify? Keep
watching to hear my honest opinion on which platform you should start using to
begin selling products online I could legitimately talk about the
differences between we commerce and shop five for a full hour but I’m not gonna
do that because I’m not gonna waste your time I’m gonna keep this video short and
simple and go over the points that’s most going to affect you in your
decision I believe the right choice depends on your scenario but making the
right choice is extremely important in creating your first passive income
stream if you watched my previous two videos and you would already know that
within six months on a wheeeeel commerce I made almost seventy five thousand
dollars in gross sales so WooCommerce is definitely not a platform to rule that
when it comes to your decision there are definitely pros and cons with both
WooCommerce and Shopify that you really need to nuts out and really consider
carefully in order to make the right decision to maximize your chance of
succeeding with dropshipping to give you some context on how I sub dropshipping
in which platform that I initially used I started off with WooCommerce simply
because I already had a wordpress website and WooCommerce is a very simple
plugin it’s completely free that you can tack on to your WordPress website and
that’s how I started with e-commerce I believe roughly two years ago now I
started Shopify drop shipping in 2017 and although my first couple of stores
were a flop in failure by the end of 2017 I had opened the store and within a
week I made five digits in gross revenue it was pretty insane if you’re
interested in that video and how I did it check out my first ever video on this
channel I’m gonna link it somewhere here so you can check it out if you’re
interested because that was a pretty awesome period where I made five digits
with my Shopify dropshipping store now that you understand a bit of my context
and how I’ve experienced both platforms you understand that I
have a particular bias to one of the platforms or either other platforms
really because I basically build passive income streams on both platforms so I
like them both for different reasons so here is my honest opinion on both these
platforms that I have seen success through if you want to start drop
shipping on your laptop through the comfort of your home but if you’re
interested in drop shipping today then be sure to check out the free trial
links in the description box below where you get started with either WooCommerce
or Shopify and start selling your products to the world so without further
ado let’s start off with shop fire shall fight is a beast of an e-commerce
platform Shopify currently holds 600 thousand active merchants on the
platform and of that lots they’ve made fifty five billion dollars in gross
revenue all together now that is a huge huge chunk of the pie that you could
take a piece from you don’t even need to make a billion dollars you didn’t even
need to make a million dollars a hundred thousand dollars I know for myself I’d
be very very happy with when I first moved over to shop fire back in 2017
like I said I was just surprised at how intuitive the platform was and how quick
and responsive the entire user interface was like I mentioned in my first video
on this channel I was able to set that shop I saw live within a week simply
because it was so easy to use and on top of that Shopify gives you all the tools
that you need especially as a beginner to get everything live really quickly
now another big incentive to use Shopify is it’s awesome partner application Oh
below which is essentially a order fulfillment application that allows you
to import automatically products from Aliexpress and fills those orders send
me automatically of course via WooCommerce and WordPress
there are applications that are similar to or below but at the time of this
video I believe in my opinion that Oh blow is by far the best automation
application that you can use with a drop shipping reason being the user interface
again is so simple with Oh blow it’s so cleaner
Abell from my experience in comparison to a lead dropship for example it is a
great tool it’s just simple to use you can get it up and running within a few
clicks and it just works speaking of reliability and support shop
fire support team is one of the best if not the best support team ever period
I’m not talking about within the e-commerce space I am talking about as a
company their support team is second to none most of the time they go above and
beyond to solve your issue even if that means it’s a cost to the company for
example my personal case a while ago I bought a professional theme off Shopify
and I had a few issues with that theme where it required liquid coding okay so
I reached out to the support support team and said hey I’ve got this issue I
can’t fix it what can you guys do for me I need a bit of support what they did
instead of palming me off because you know they could have done that if they
really wanted to instead of doing that they sent a specific dev a developer to
this store and fix that issue for me by coding you themselves now that’s a
cluster the company and that is what I call service but it is not all rainbows
and candy with Shopify okay with simplicity does come restraints it’s
just not as customizable as WooCommerce it’s plain and simple because unless you
know how to code out via the liquid platform on Shopify you know how to
customize and code out the website then your Shopify store is going to look like
a Shopify store if you know what I mean you don’t want your Shopify store to
look like any other Shopify store out there you don’t want it to look like a
drop shipping store because that goes against your goals of branding that
store the reason why we commerce is not as popular as shop fighters is quite
simple it is much more advanced and complicated than Shopify shop flag gives
you a very neat packaged experience for beginners and it is very simple to use
Shopify and it is also very effective WooCommerce however is not a stand-alone
solution you need to understand that it is a word press add-on
okay so what I mean by this is you’re basically creating a wordpress website
and tacking on WooCommerce on top of that so that is a pro in itself and also
kind the pro is that’s you can make that still look like anything you want you
can make it look like any website on the net and that is how customizable your
commerce is but the con is it’s very complicated it can be very technical
very finicky very advanced if that’s confusing look at it like this Shopify
is essentially using someone else’s platform whereas WooCommerce you’re
building it from the ground up so in other words it’s like WooCommerce is
where you basically get a flat land and you build your store up front whereas
Shopify you’re using or renting someone else’s space in a shopping mall
so with WooCommerce you are able to deck it out from the ground up you’re able to
design your store however the way you want it to look like with Shopify it’s
sort of like you know this restraints there’s rules you need to adhere by so
what commerce sounds really great doesn’t it but hang on it is really
great if you know what you’re doing you need a wordpress website you need
hosting you need a CMS you need to be quite technical in order to build out
your website right so if you don’t have the technical know-how then you won’t be
able to customize your store so if you do have the technical know-how and you
do have the time to invest because time is very important as well if you’ve got
a WooCommerce store you do need the time setup everything it is you could argue
that is infinitely more time consuming than a Shopify store but with that comes
reward because if you do have the time if you do have the knowledge if you do
have the money then you know go ahead and use WooCommerce now if you’re
interested in creating that WooCommerce store and that website in general I’ve
got off completely free tutorial on this channel where you can follow on step by
step on how to create your own website and your own work on the store I’ll put
a link somewhere here on the other hand though if you want to get up and running
ASAP and I mean really really quickly but still want an effective store then
go ahead and use Shopify now let’s quickly talk about pricing I’ve seen
some videos out there that say WooCommerce is completely free but
really in real it is not completely free I believe
pricing models will be changing in the future so let’s start with Shopify shop
fire is a very basic simple to read business model okay it’s $29 reoccurring
month-to-month for the basic package and really if you’re just staying out that’s
all you need again I’ve made a video on this pricing model so if you’re
interested check out this other video if you’ve already established a brand or
you seen a lot of orders come through for your Shopify store then you
definitely want to consider the other plans the more expensive plans with
WooCommerce yes it is a completely free plugin that you can download for your
WordPress website however in order to get that wordpress website there are
fees involved for example getting your web host getting that plug-in to start
wordpress for example with these costs are all gonna add up together so in
reality you can actually expect to spend roughly 20 to 30 dollars every month
anyway so the cost are sort of similar and I would personally say that the cost
of mitigator ball and you know you don’t really need to consider costs because
they’re quite similar if anything if you know what you’re doing with WordPress it
is going to be more expensive because there’s more options and tools that you
can use and purchase on wordpress whereas Shopify keys are very simple the
basic plan will give you anything that you need but of course there’s apps on
the app store on Shopify as well which will bump up the cost every month the
playground is at WordPress WordPress gives you an infinite amount of plugins
that you can download for almost anything that you need the great thing
about this is that there’s a lot of third-party integration and support for
WordPress and most of it is free although again there are a lot of paid
plugins that you might want to purchase which will bump up the monthly cost the
simplicity of shopper apps does counteract the technicality of WordPress
plugins because more often than not installing WordPress plug-in is a lot
harder than clicking a button to install a Shopify app so on that note and in
that sense you are limited with shop fire as an e-commerce platform what I
mean by that is if you want to branch out and create a blog website for
example or if you want to create a website
is outside of just purely ecommerce you sort of limited with Shopify right with
WordPress you literally have a blank canvas you’ve got a website that you can
create anything you want and you can add ecommerce abilities onto that website
where a shop flier that’s just an e-commerce platform and
that’s not a bad thing though so without rambling on too much I am going to give
you the bottom line depends who you are right so if you’re someone who is new to
the world of e-commerce you’re new to the world of website making then I
highly recommend Shopify is literally all you need to start selling online and
you can start selling quite quickly now there still is a learning curve to
search shop fire but that learning curve is infinitely easier than WordPress and
WooCommerce if you know what you’re doing and this isn’t your first
ecommerce store this isn’t the first website that you’re making
I do recommend WooCommerce simply because it is more customizable and you
can create a killer website and a killer store that looks nothing like a Shopify
store especially if you already have a brand that you created WooCommerce can
take your e-commerce game to the next level
a lot of you guys a lot of you shop by drop shipping our users are sleeping on
WooCommerce WooCommerce has the ability to take your drop shipping game to the
next level but only if you know what you’re doing and if you have the time
and that’s not to say that you can’t scale your Shopify store you definitely
can’t scale your Shopify store but at that point if you’re bringing in five
digits of months through your Shopify drop shipping store which is very
realistic you need to start looking at different alternatives you need to bring
in a developer and start customizing your store you don’t want it to look
like a drop shipping store forever as with costs I would disregard costs
because at the end of the day it is very similar in terms of pricing shock like
$29 plan you’re gonna get basically everything you need with WooCommerce you
probably be spending anyway 30 to 40 dollars roughly around that range to get
started with WooCommerce to start at running at an optimal pace okay so like
pricing sort of mitigates itself until you get to the upper echelon of drop
shipping and that Elite drop shipping game where you’ll be spending 100
if not thousands of dollars maintaining your website there we have it guys that
is the summary in essence if you’re absolutely beginner go with Shopify if
you’re an intermediate to advanced user of dropshipping then go with WooCommerce
that’s how you’re gonna step up your game to the next level if you’re just
starting out you want to get up a store quite quickly go with Shopify drop
shipping their support team is amazing their interface is amazing the
WooCommerce however gives you the advanced functionalities to basically
take your game to the next level as always I hope this video helped you if
you liked it give it a thumbs up always chat to me on Instagram I am always
replying to messages the best that I can I’m catching up with its gravity ants as
usual but as always guys thanks for watching and keep on hustling

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