April 8, 2020
Where to Share your Videos for the Most Views

Where to Share your Videos for the Most Views

Today, let’s talk about
which social media networks are worth your time
and sharing your video content there in hopes
of growing your exposure and getting more
subscribers here on YouTube. Talk about that coming
up right after this. Hey guys, my name is Tim
Schmoyer and it’s Thursday, which means it’s time to do
some YouTube Q&A with you guys like we do every week
here at Video Creators. JessaJay wrote and
asked this, “Hey Tim. So lately, I’ve been
really overwhelmed with all the different social media
sites that people are using to promote their videos. I mean there’s Facebook,
Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and more. I simply can’t keep
up with it all. Maybe you can answer this
in one of your Q&A videos or just here, but how
do you balance out and use all of these
different social medias to promote your
channel effectively?” Excellent question. So here’s what I’ve done. I’m sure people in
the comments below will give you plenty of
other feedback as well. But for what I did,
I actually did post to pretty much all the different
social networking sites out there for all
really long time. But I don’t do that anymore
because what I did is I went into the traffic sources in my
YouTube Analytics to see which social media networking
sites are actually sending me traffic, which ones
are worth the time, that even takes a post in
there, which ones aren’t. And what I found
was there’s a couple that do send
traffic to my videos and there’s some that I
have got maybe three views from over the course
of like a year. And those social
platforms, I actually stopped posting to at all. And what I found is usually,
that the ones that I’m not really getting much traffic from
are the sites where I’m just kind of posting there, and I’m
not actually engaging there, I actually have no
intention of even just like learning how to use that
platform for the way it’s intended to be used. Because every social media
like platform kind of has like a unwritten
rules of like etiquette of how people on that
platform want to be treated, and how they consume content,
and how different content performs. So you kind of take
one cookie cutters, one size fits all type video and
try posting it and blasting it to all the different–
it doesn’t really gain traction equally. And so I found that the ones
that work best for me are Facebook, Twitter, and
Google+, those work the best. Sometimes LinkedIn
works OK for me, but usually, like
most of the traffic comes from those big sites. So I have I’ve stopped
posting the Tumblr, I’ve stopped making little
15 second versions of it for Instagram. And I don’t really think there’s
anything wrong with that. Like you are just one person. I’m just one person. I only have so much
time in the day and I could spend an
enormous amount of time figuring out some of
the social platforms and making them work for my
channel and for my content or I could just say
this is already working, I already understand this one. Let me just really optimize
as best as I can for this one and really do a good job at
this rather than just kind of spreading my time thin. I would rather spend my time
making better, more videos for you guys and putting in
places that I know it can work rather than figuring out what’s
all this other stuff over here. So that’s how I
approach it anyway. I would love to hear from you
guys in the comments below how you approached this question. And as always, if you are trying
to figure this out right now, read the comments other
people are leaving. I know you’ll learn
a lot from them. And if you want to learn more
about how to grow your YouTube channel, to convert all those
new viewers into subscribers, and convert those subscribers
into an active and engaged community, I would
love for you guys to check out my eBook It’s
called “30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel”
and it will give you a step-by-step process for
designing and optimizing your channel to do exactly that. So I’ll give you a teaching,
I give you resources, I give you tasks
every day for you to do in step-by-step process. So if that’s something
you’re interested in, click the annotation,
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can be changed as a result. So thank you for letting
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you guys again next week. Bye.

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