April 8, 2020
Where Do I Send Traffic To? My eCommerce Store or Amazon?

Where Do I Send Traffic To? My eCommerce Store or Amazon?

well hey what’s up it’s Scott and in
today’s a Scott video session we’re going to be talking about creating a
second brand and in doing this should we just focus on Amazon should we
focus on Shopify should we build a blog like what should we do and also where
should I send the traffic should I send it to my Shopify store should I send it
to Amazon where should I send the traffic so those are some things that
we’re gonna be talking about here in today’s Escott video session so if
you’re interested in that stick around because that’s what we’re gonna cover
all right cool so Before we jump into today’s first question let me just
remind you if you have a question of your own that you want me to answer on
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video session alright so let’s go ahead and let’s read today’s question and I’ll
go ahead and I’ll give you my answer so today’s first question comes in from Ben
and Ben says hey Scott firstly thank you so much for all your hard work and
knowledge I have a product that I’ve been selling on Amazon for around six
months it’s doing pretty well but I want to start a brand and something else that
I’m passionate about I know that you suggest launching the brand on Amazon
and I understand about gathering audiences an email list in social media
etc I guess what I’m asking is should I be setting up a Shopify store alongside
Amazon fulfilling orders myself or having them fulfilled and should I be
driving email traffic to Amazon or my Shopify store ideally I would like both
to be running alongside each other without me having to spend hours and
hours and cue at the post office alright well then thank you so much for the
question and this is a great question and congratulations on number one
launching a successful product already but then also going into something now
that you might be more passionate about may be something that you will have a
little bit more energy you know with and I always tell people like when they’re
stuck and they’re not sure what to do do something and it sounds like you’ve
learned the process now and now you’re ready to build a
and all right and I love that all right so you know thumbs up to you and anyone
else that’s doing that all right so let’s let’s address the first thing
and that is you know should we be launching our products on Amazon and the
answer is yes why wouldn’t we write Amazon is the biggest right now
ecommerce platform search engine of products that people are searching for
right so why wouldn’t we want to launch there they take out all of the heavy
lifting for us in the beginning now does that mean that we don’t want to build
our own website our own our own store our own funnels our own email lists no
we want to do all of that but the first step is launching there all right and I
would say even in the first year probably I would direct most of my
traffic there all right now there’s certain things that we do to capture an
email in place of that so we’re not directly sending people to our listings
and stuff because we don’t want to have a conversion rate suffer because we send
a whole bunch of traffic there and it doesn’t convert we want to do things
differently there but we won’t talk about that in this Ascot video what I do
want to do though is I want to talk about like how we’ve set it up and you
guys can model it or you can do things differently I’m just gonna let you guys
know what we’ve done all right in the beginning all we did was launched the
products on Amazon and then we built an email list and then we took those email
addresses and we sent messages to them to educate them but then also let them
know about deals about our brand all right I think that’s really important
that you do that and then what we would do is we would direct that traffic
directly to our listings or our store if we had a if we had a site-wide code then
we would do it to our store if we had a product that we were going to reduce the
price or give a discount on then we would just send them directly there
remember these people have already raised their hand so we know that
they’re qualified okay now if this was called traffic meaning coming from a
facebook ad I would intercept that with an email capture where I could get their
email address and then on a Thank You page I would then direct them to my
listing this way here I’m giving them one hoop to jump through but also
getting them to raise their hand and it qualifies them as being a little bit
more targeted all right so that’s what I would do and that’s why I’m taking my
email list and directing them there and we’re driving traffic to
our listing because we want to be able to spike the algorithm right in Amazon
we want to start ranking we gotta get that flywheel going all right now
alongside that we did set up a blog it’s just a simple WordPress blog and we
hosted it on Hostgator I believe and and we basically just did a standard theme
and we built out an about me page and then from there we did a Contact Us page
and then from there did a little bit of story about the brand and then we
started publishing content on a weekly basis that blog right now gets over
30,000 unique visitors every single month all right but we had no way really
of even making a sale there other than directing them from our blog over to
over to Amazon okay but now what we’ve done is we’ve taken Shopify and we’ve
created a store because Shopify does some really cool things that we can also
use to either use our fulfillment from Amazon to fulfill those orders so we
don’t have to spend time at the post office right all of our inventory can go
to Amazon and then if we get an order over on Shopify it’ll go pick it from
Amazon they’ll ship it to our customer all right so that’s kind of how that
works but what we’ve done is we’ve we created the blog as its own platform or
its own its own entity its own asset right and then from there we created the
Shopify but what we did is we created a sub domain alright so it could be store
dot you know xyz.com right and your your site might be XYZ
com so store XYZ comm that’s the Shopify part of it right and in the in the in
the nav bar the navigation bar you can have store that store is gonna connect
over to your Shopify store okay so that’s how we did it not saying it’s the
best way to do it but that’s the way that we did it it seems to be working
pretty good alright so I just think that you have to create something outside of
Amazon that is your asset a blog a website right and then from there you do
have to have a way especially you have more than three to five products for you
to be able to control the buyers experience we also use click funnels so
if we’re going to do something where we’re going to offer a free plus
shipping offer and then from there we’re going to have them buy that one thing
and then that leads in another thing those orders can be
fulfilled through our clickfunnels by using some fancy extensions and stuff
that Chris Shaffer knows how to install right but if you’re using Shopify you
can connect that with a plugin that basically allows it to go over put in
pick and pack all right but I don’t want to complicate the process and I don’t
want you to complicate the process if you’re just starting a brand launching
on Amazon building the email list driving sales through Amazon all right
then blog content store connect and then you
start to work on that area all right so that’s the process on how we’ve done it
that’s how I would recommend you do it or anyone else that’s watching this I
think it’s easy or easier to do it that way because you get some momentum going
and get that flywheel going on Amazon first to start fueling the business and
then the other stuff that takes a little bit more time and also takes a little
bit more time to get ranked on Google or even search traffic or any of that stuff
that will take time this here’s a little bit faster when we launch it on Amazon
all right so hopefully that answered your question
or anyone else that’s watching this right now about creating a second brand
and really what should come first and win all right so if you guys have any
questions on that drop them in the comments down below or any other
questions for that matter and I’ll do my best to answer on an upcoming ask out
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remember take care and take action we’ll see you guys soon

7 thoughts on “Where Do I Send Traffic To? My eCommerce Store or Amazon?

  1. Scott, as always thanks so much for your content. What is your opinion on using Shopify vs Woocommerce? What have you found as pros and cons of each?

  2. Hi Scott,
    Everyone is talking about building a brand and collecting emails, which make sense if you have a product line.
    My niche is wedding and birthday supplies, so I don’t see the point of collecting emails and building an email list.
    I can’t up-sell to the same customers nor to create a “buzz” by sending discount coupon codes before launching a new product.

    Am I wrong? What are your thought about this case?


  3. Hi Scott love your videos. My question is do you think it's a good idea for me to get started with skin care ? And besides a seller's permit and the products being made in the USA and fda approved do I have to have another license? Thank you so much.

  4. Hey, Scott, I have bought the giveaway boost plugin I was wondering if you have any paid training with follow up templates to use I know it comes with free training A min course with Chris on how to set it up but I am looking for a more step by step.

    I'm not looking for an entire course. Do you have anything like this? It's hard to find email follow up templates.

  5. I am giving away a 1 year supply of my product so 12 units retail is about $323.00 I am hoping this is good enough as far as led magnets go.
    Keep up the work building your channel once more people discover you it's going to take off 🙂

  6. Hi Scott!
    What giveaway style do you recommend (after starting creating your email list) when launching new product on Amazon ?
    Should I give products 50% off and then target the potential people on Facebook + give them those 50 off codes ?

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