April 7, 2020
Where can I find the best email provider? (part 1 of 2) – J.R. Fisher

Where can I find the best email provider? (part 1 of 2) – J.R. Fisher

where can I find the best email provider
hey you’ve come to the right place are you looking for an email provider that
can grow with your business that has some extra bells and whistles and that
has affordable pricing well if so you’re gonna want to watch this video and we’re
starting right now look you’ve come to the right place in the past 10 years
I’ve tried all kinds of email providers I’ve tried Constant Contact I’ve tried a
weber I’ve tried MailChimp I’ve tried Infusionsoft and I got so many of them
over the years but I finally found the solution to my email problems and it has
eight pieces of software rolled into one and it costs less than anything that’s
out there now in this video I’m gonna tell you exactly what it is
and how you can get a trial for only $1 let’s get started this is part one of a
two-part series hey I’m J.R. Fisher and I’ve been online since 2009 actually
selling products and over that period of time we’ve sold millions of dollars of
both digital and physical products now on this channel I share with you some of
those tips tricks and techniques that I’ve used to generate millions of
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now let’s get going could the days of trying to find API keys and trying to
remember dozens of logins and having all these software’s integrate finally be
over I think it is for the past couple of years I’ve used a program that I’m
gonna share with you that helped me eliminate eight pieces of software that
I was paying for okay I’ll share with you what it is it’s called Kartra now Kartra
is kind of the new kid on the block but the people behind it are not it was
started by Andy Jenkins and might feel same who are marketers for decades and
they really know what’s needed in a piece of software they along with Frank
Erne came up with a software called Kartra Danny it is amazing so what
I’m gonna do in this video is go through some of the things it does so you can
see for yourself that you’re gonna want to get Kartra ok so Kartra had an
advantage let’s face it they got to see all these other software’s that came out
before them and they got to pick and choose all the good parts and add them
to their software that’s exactly what they’ve done now Frank Kern was
initially involved in the beginning and he really added to Kartra by
installing some of his templates for his pages emails all sorts of things they’re
all included in Kartra he actually included some of his done-for-you
campaigns so you can actually just use his campaigns and plug in the
information from your business number one let’s look at Kartra page and
builder now Kartra is in direct competition with both click funnels and
leadpages but it offers so much more than both of those programs do Kartra
gives you what you see is what you get type of building process which is super
easy to use from day one they actually included over 100 templates for you to
pick and choose from the overall experience once you learn it in
Kartra is simple easy to follow and very intuitive now I want to show you
one of the templates that Kartra provides within the
actual system itself now one cool thing that Kartra added is the ability to
split tests you can add a split test to any page if you want to change an image
if you want to change the headline the color whatever you want to do you can
instantly do this within Kartra without having to spend a lot of time
building a whole nother page now this is really cool because most of the programs
out there only allow you to split test a single module at a time but with Kartra
you can split test anything you want instantly there’s so many added things
in Kartra – they have a photo library that you can pull from so you don’t have
to go out and buy images if you don’t want to there’s also thousands of icons
included you don’t have to go looking for icons they’re built into the
software they also use a very logical system because they use sections rows
and modules which makes it super easy to build almost anything you can think of
once you build some of these you can actually save these into your own
library so you can use them later on for future use you can actually organize all
your pages into folders so that you can find them later on very easily and reuse
them number two email campaigns oh my god
they’re awesome this is one of those features that you
really wouldn’t expect a company a new company to be able to pull off but
they’ve done it they have a full-fledged email marketing campaign and a CRM built
directly into the system okay so I’m in Kartra right now
now Kartra’s email marketing is combined into three different parts you’ve got a
broadcasting tool right here you’ve got a sequence tool right here then you’ve
got automations right here let’s look at the broadcast first the main measure of
success for email marketing tool is it’s a liver ability okay so if your emails
don’t get to the people then of course they don’t do you any good how often
they get there we’ll give you actually a deliverability score so check out this
post I found here it says your email send reputation with Kartra is
impaired when last week reported we had 15 days
of glorious green with a tiniest slack of gold to show you delivering just
under 100 percent high reputation from Google that entire time that in itself
is enough for you to feel really really good about and running your email
campaigns with Kartra ok so that’s pretty cool I got to tell you I feel the
same way when I was with some other providers the deliverability was just
terrible so after testing several different email services everything from
active campaign to mailer light to drip I was constantly getting my Kartra
emails to deliver in the primary email box where emails from other providers
often would go to the updates or promotion tab so good job for that Kartra you can create a variety of email types also with Kartra you can do
plain text you can do really beautifully design stuff you can build email
campaigns with Kartra in general I prefer to keep my emails simple and
text-based but every now and then I’ll stick a
picture in there and I’ll put a link in the pitcher so people can click one yeah
if you look at this screenshot I’m showing you right now you see that
orange countdown timer my god that’s a killer feature it really is Kartra has
an incredibly tight integration throughout the platform and this allows
them to do something extremely powerful here you can set up a scenario where you
can offer a limited time bonus to recent customers and that deadline can be
displayed dynamically between your emails the sales pages and any other
part of your Kartra campaigns automatically now this is really cool
and they always stay in sync with each other I don’t know how they do this have
you ever been on a website and there’s this countdown timer but as soon as you
hit it refresh and the timer just resets yeah okay that’s not an instant deal
breaker for me but you’ll never find that happening on Kartra the next part
I really like is the automations now a lot of nations are one of those things
if you’re if you’re new to email marketing they can be a little bit
intimidating but you know once you’ve got them figured out I mean they’re
amazing and they’re really an essential part of your strategy so you can
automate this whole system Kartra provides this automation system
that’s called advanced forking logic so you could actually see what’s going on
as you build it you can add a number of elements here to your automation adding
and removing subscribers from tags sequences list even memberships giving
or taking away lead points to your subscribers you can unsubscribe cold
subscribers automatically you can create sub sequences within your automations to
create complex paths that they can take while keeping it visually simple to
manage Solid Analytics to show how each email and each step in your automation
is performing under the campaign area in Kartra you can actually drill down
and manage your leads in a really deep sense so you can actually see what’s
going on with each and every one you can view their tags and information you can
actually look at the history of every single customer and every single touch
point there was you can see what pages they opted in on you can see what pages
they viewed you can look at helpdesk tickets everything is available to you
within the Kartra panel I mean seriously there’s a ton you can
do in this area but the point I want to make is that there’s so much information
right there at your fingertips every time there’s any type of contact with a
customer whether it’s viewing pages whether it’s been buying your products
whatever this gives you all that data so you can make real decisions to help you
improve your funnels now check this out imagine getting an email from a customer
and then saying I want you to drop the price for me but before you say no you
could just click on them and see what their purchase history was and if
they’re a big customer you may want to take care of them and the cool thing you
can do is you can offer them that product at a cheaper price but you can
also add an upsell to it automatically and recoup anything that you’ve lost now
let’s look at some of the pros of this section it’s got a fantastic email
deliverability it’s got deep integration between emails
and pages to allow you to put countdown timers directly into your emails you
could also build highly styled newsletters or simple plain text mess
you could also do that if this then that functionality on emails
automations and pageviews and don’t forget you also have a visual automation
builder with sequences triggers delays and forking logic and on top of all that
you’ve got the complete customer journey that you could look at and see exactly
what’s happened with each and every customer now before you can send emails
you’ve got to have people to send emails to so let’s talk about number three the
email opt-in forms builder it is freaking amazing
let’s look at some of the key benefits and features right now okay let’s look
at some of the things they could do first off with Kartra you can design
several types of opt-in forms so let’s look at each individual one the first
one is in-line forms click pop forms link to buttons slide in forms pop-ups
on exit intent banners at the top and bottom of pages and then of course naked
HTML forms without design to integrate with other tools if you want Kartra
continues to make things easier by providing templates for all of these
forms it’s really as simple as once you’ve picked your form your template
all you have to do is fill in the blanks and boom you’ve got that form and you’re
ready to go Kartra actually has smart opt-in forms
okay let’s check this out Kartra can preload your information into their
forms so I’m not sure if you realize how important this is but let me explain to
you smart opt-in forms as a managed solution Kartra has clients
everywhere in every vertical because of this they are able to semi share cookie
data for their opt-in forms okay so this is really crazy what this means is that
if a reader opts into a different Kartra users form alright somebody else
using Kartra and later on comes across to your form that is automatically
populated into your form that’s crazy right so it’s like his information or
her information is loaded directly into your form so all they have to do is
click that is cool remember every single thing they have to do extra like add an
email at a name we’ll drive down your
conversion so that’s one more thing that’s gonna up your conversions by
using Kartra the next thing is embedding forms now it’s cool that you
can make all these forms and what if you prefer to use your WordPress site
Kartra got you covered there too all you have to do is embed a single line of
code into your HTML and your WordPress site and boom that form is also gonna be
on your WordPress site super easy you don’t need any technical background to
do this what’s even better for you is if you do its hypo and you change it in
your form or you change your form up a little bit that line of code
automatically changes and also changes it on your website for you so you don’t
have to embed that code again okay so let’s recap and look at all the things
it does it has a great selection of opt-in designs simple drag-and-drop
editing you can add automations directly into the opt-in and signup forms it
syncs readers names and emails across any Kartra users form so they don’t
even have to enter it in you can embed forms into your blog or other web sites
you can quickly plug in forms to your existing landing pages without having to
do any design work on the form itself let’s look at number four Kartra
host a’somethin that no other software does that I know of they just don’t
exist when you’re doing email marketing generally what you’re going to have to
do for your sales pages you’re gonna have to embed something from Wistia or
YouTube or some other provider like Vimeo
but in Contra you can actually upload the video to Kartra and it plays within
Kartra now let’s check out how this is really
really beneficial to you you can tell how much of a video somebody’s watched
and you could set up a sequence to go out to them based on their watch so for
example let’s say somebody is watching your video sales letter and your offer
is at five minutes and they leave in four minutes you could actually set up a
sequence to everybody who watched less than five minutes of that video to
actually send that offer out to them again
capture more sales now let’s look at all the pros that Kartra has in this area
the first thing you can do is you can embed videos directly into the platform
and you know how good that’s gonna be for you how much that’s gonna help you
you can get access to detailed analytics like average watch time at what point
people are dropping off you can see every video watched by your subscribers
in their customer journey you can also do in video actions you can require your
viewers to social share subscribe or perform any other action to continue
watching the video you can organize your videos into folders for easy access you
can quickly embed your videos into Kartra pages without hunting down URLs
or anything like that number 5 Kartra product area I love love love their
product area the product area is really cool it’s very intuitive and you can not
only sell digital products but you can also sell physical products in there now
a lot of these other sales platforms these page builders when you have a
product it’s attached to that page so anytime you want to sell that product
again you’re gonna have to add that product to that page
not with Kartra the product is actually in Kartra so let’s say you want to
have one page and you want to sell a widget at $10 then you want to sell that
same widget on another page all you have to do is set a different price point
forward and you could actually pull that product up and have it on the other page
you don’t have to enter it two three four times
the other cool thing you can do is you can make these products different kinds
of products so for example is it a download or is it a membership you can
change that on your product you can also change it to be an upsell a damn sell
across cell you can also make it available to other affiliates within the
Kartra mark at place they can sell it and they can make money and you can
increase your sales and with these products of course you can tag people
that bought the product you can add coupons to it I mean the possibilities
are really endless in Kartra products the other cool thing you can do is
actually host your files in Kartra if you don’t want to use a third party
thing like Amazon s3 or if you don’t want to use Dropbox you can actually
upload your products to Kartra customers can access them right on the
platform the next thing Kartra will allow you to do is customize your
checkout page this used to drive me crazy on a lot of platforms because you
were stuck with their checkout page not with Kartra you can customize it in
any form you want and make it match your overall branding and as far as payment
methods Kartra is there too they accept stripe they accept paypal and many
others so no matter what payment option you’re using it is probably going to
work fine with Kartra in addition to that you can also set up special
tracking links for any of the pages that people visited or anything they clicked
on so you can follow up with other email sequences to sell them other products or
upsells downsells whatever you want to do now let’s just recap everything that
we’ve covered in this section you can host all your products directly on
Kartra servers that’s really different from a lot of software’s that
are out there you can offer upsells downsells and bump offers like the most
common ones available out there right now you can customize checkout pages
with templates to choose from to get you started you can also track links to help
you monitor your product sales it’s got an easy dashboard on the home page of
Kartra to show you how your sales are going and you can take one-time payments
monthly payments trials or anything else that you could imagine okay so that
completes this first video there’s another video that completes this series
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on to number two in this series of videos

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