October 17, 2019
When Should You Start Planning for Christmas for your eCommerce?

When Should You Start Planning for Christmas for your eCommerce?

– Hi there, I’m David
Gregoire, Mr. Ecommerce, the founder of snapshop.camera,
the app that makes product photography easy. And, today, I’m answering Vince’s question about planning for Christmas. Is it too soon? We’re in September right now. So, you know what, I’m going
to tell you about a story in one of my preceding jobs. I’ve been working with a huge, well for, I was an employee, a Vice
President at that time. I was working with a huge company. We were selling $100
million per year in Quebec, online only. And, we used to always
last minute when it comes to planning for holidays
in advance and sales. I don’t recommend doing that
because when you have a team, everybody’s gonna have to
stop working on what they were working, they’re losing time. So, as soon as you can implement
and plan for the holiday and for the other sales that
you want to do during the year, do it. Take a sheet of paper right now. Write down every single
sale that you want to do in the next 12 months and
start planning right away. It is never too soon to plan for that. This is the advice I
want to give you because, obviously, you don’t
want to lose your time and you don’t want to
miss any opportunity. If you start earlier in
the year to plan, organize, implement your things, then you won’t miss anything and you will not
leave money on the table. So, thanks for watching. Please share this video with other people that have an ecommerce website. David Gregoire, Mr. Ecommerce. The founder of snapshop.camera. Have a great day.

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