April 7, 2020
What you receive as a member of The Day Traders Fast Track Program

What you receive as a member of The Day Traders Fast Track Program

hello traders it’s Samurai trader here
welcome to this video the purpose of this video is to show you visually
exactly what you receive when you join the day traders fast-track program as
I’ll make a very bold statement at the top of this slide you’ll search ends
here master the are today in swing trading but the question may go through
your mind okay it’s a big statement it’s a big claim what exactly do I get on
what basis can I make such a clan so let me show you exactly what you receive in
the day traders fast track program first of all I do need to put up the risk
disclaimer there is of course a risk in trading if you haven’t read one of my
risk disclaimers on one of my videos previously please pause the video and
read the risk disclaimer so a little bit about me very quickly for over 24 years
I’ve been seeking a better way to trade every day I seek a better way to trade
to improve my skill set one man even say I’ve been searching for the Holy Grail
over that time during this journey which most day in swing traders travel I’ve
spent an absolute fortune I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in my
journey this is I’m in my board room here and here’s just a small display of
some of the trading systems and books and courses that I’ve purchased over the
years I’ve traveled the world attending programs and what I say is there’s no
need for you to do this I’ve done for you save yourself time money energy and
frustration because as I’m about to show you
perhaps I will actually build some credibility with you when I show you
what I’ve already done for you and I’m going to give you the best of the best
now this is my good self sitting here in my office and what you’ll see in the
background there is dozens of books and this is the only part of my library I
have hundreds of CDs DVDs back in the old days you can see some up there are
video cassettes courses and software programs indicators you name it I’ve
been there I’ve purchased it or I’ve designed it or I’ve had people code it
for me or I’ve employed people to do it for me and so my big thing here is
ah this is a journey I’ve been down this is a road I’ve gone down for many many
years and this is what I do daily now an important point here is this is actually
a training slide out of one of my videos and this is what I have before me when I
trade I’ve got three folders ever there spiral binders there with trading
patterns my trading rules etc but a very important one I want you to take notice
of is my spiral bound notebook on my right over the years 20 ideas every
single day I take comprehensive notes as I trade as I test the system as a
researcher that is what I do and so I have dozens of these folders with
comprehensive notes in because really can you remember exactly
perhaps a book you read everything can detail five years ago or if you are a
researcher what you did ten years ago of course not we forget so I’ve put this
down in writing and what this has enabled me to do is to a mess just some
great insight to trading overall and this is some of the things that I bring
to the table to you as a trader I have dozens of these folders and this is only
one of my shells where if you read them trading strategies two or four trading
strategies one or four Renko chart trading that’s a four inch binder wolf
wave advance get Trend Pro and there’s price action trading is and there you
can see there is more books and they’re too thick by the way that is there is
two layers of book is not layer behind it now I’m not telling you this to
impress you but what I am trying to impress upon you is this is what I’ve
been doing some many many years and this is what I deliver in the day traders
fast track program now quickly let’s quickly talk about the truth about
indicators I’ve invested well over two hundred thousand dollars in the purchase
and development of indicators not to mention automated indicators now let me
just pull this slideshow down for a moment and I just want to show you
something here now I use tradestation the TradeStation platform and by the way
this is the today’s the 21st of a six 2017 so we can see here my live trading last
nights and trades was executed comments I’d then marked up I won’t go into those
now but what I do want to show you here is indicators I have hundreds of them
many of these I had to buy and many of these if you go and look them up cost
thousands there are three or four thousand dollar set of indicators I have
them if it’s out there and if I believe it’s got merits or some potential I’ll
buy it I’ve been in unfortunately I’ve been in
a fortunate position where I’ve been able to do that what does this mean to
you once again I’ve done the research and I
do the research for you every day I’ve got show Me’s I’ve got paint bars
so my point I really want to impress upon you here is if there is a better
way I would talk to you about it and I would show you it if there was a trading
system or a methodology that was better than what I’m about to show you I would
have either bought it from the person that owned it or done something very
very similar so I just want you to realize it and perhaps you can by
getting a quick background you can just see this now in the end I have what I
call an edge just like a casino has an edge we or the best traders have an edge
now Mark Douglas the great Mark Douglas unfortunately passed away only a year or
so ago he wrote two excellent books one called trading in the in the zone the
other one the disciplined trader and as he states here the best traders have
developed an edge and more importantly they trust their edge now what gives me
my edge well it’s my patterns my the trading strategies that I have but I
teach you set up sort of occur in the market each and every day the market has
a memory traders the geometric patterns they’re easy to learn and I want to say
easy let me just quickly say this you need some screen time and you need to
focus and we’ll talk about that very quickly I don’t want to make this great
big long video but the patterns are very teachable they’re over ninety percent
mechanical in their nature I have my indicators their tools now that’s all
they are all indicators are a derivative of price well 99% of them are at least
very derivative of a price what that means is something’s going to happen
before they plot before we’re set up yes I know we can have displace moving
averages and things like that project in the future where price may go but
they’re all still derivatives of price and some of the very best indicators
that are used are the most common indicators yes I might have tailored
them with my indicator settings so it doesn’t matter what charting package you
have you can replicate what I do you don’t have to go and buy any charting
package my trading rules and of course my money management and it comes down if
we look at trading overall traders 100 percent is 90 percent out of 100
percent in psychology its head stuff that’s what makes a difference you need
to work harder harder on yourself every day mental even what you do on your
trading strategies but then I got my trading rules and my patterns which is
5% of trading let’s just call that your strategies and 5% of trading is money
management now one more thing before we move on and I’ve got to mention this
because this is so it’s so relevant to what I teach you as a trader in one of
Marc’s other books the disciplined trader and by the way in my opinion mark
was the was the most recognized and perhaps the very best trading
psychologist I mean his he’s the number one it truly is
God blessing and he released a book called the disciplined trader and what I
wanted to point out some it could says in his book which is so important to you as
a trader with your new trader or with your experience and by the way seventy
percent of the traders that are members I have over 1400 members now my goal is
10,000 within the next two years I now have 1400 is seventy percent our
experienced traders and 30 percent a brand-new so this is important for all
traders and here’s what he says let me quote him you need to start as small as
possible then gradually allow yourself to grow into greater and greater amounts
of market information what you want to do is become an expert at one particular
type of market behavior that repeats itself with some degree of frequency to
become an expert choose one simple trading system that
identifies a pattern preferably one that is mechanical instead of mathematical so
that you’ll be working with a visual representation of market behavior
traders that is exactly what I teach you visual setups patterns that you can
learn that anyone can learn to recognize over a period of time so you may be
thinking okay right you nearly ten minutes into this I get it what is in
the program so let’s go to the website because some going to my website will be
the best way to show you exactly what I have so first of all we’ve logged in
already I’m in the members area and so with the
day traders fast-track program the original program was I would email it
out to members and there were 19 emails so what I’ve done is embedded those
emails in my website so you get an introduction so when you
join you’ll get a password to login to my website you then watch the
introduction video and then on each email you click you’ll find and let me
just pull this down for you you’ll find then of course some dialogue and write
down a bottom every one there are downloadable PDFs and virtually every
single email that I have there that’s embedded you’ll find PDFs at the end so
there’s many many resources ok so you’ve got study these results are these
strategies first for an example here one of the first questions you’re going to
have ok right I see on the website and I’m going to quickly show you these in a
moment you’ve got over 12 strategies where do I start or what I do is I go
through the best of the best with you which the ones that are recommend that
you focus on to begin with okay so there’s 19 emails like this now
it’s also very very easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of
information that particularly when I’m about to show you what I’m about to show
you but try to take it in a stride invest some time each day going through
the material and if you don’t understand a strategy or a methodology or a
terminology this is what happens you’ll find that in a week or
two you start to have what I call our high moments aha
that’s what it means or that’s what this means oh now I see it now I get it now
it’s just so important that you approach this with an eagerness what can I learn
from this how can I use this and very very important I’ve got to say this very
quickly for the experienced traders that come on board you don’t put aside
everything you already know what you say as you go through my materials you say
to yourself okay how can I use what rate teaches to improve what I’m currently
doing how can I use what rate teaches to improve what I’m already doing use your
past knowledge as a springboard and that’s just so important traders that
you actually do that so there’s 19 emails with just tons of these
attachments now the next thing is there’s I do weekly Q&A sessions and I’m
about to show you where they’re kept but there’s a ton of weekly Q&A sessions as
recorded training sessions there’s training modules stacking materials but
what I want to do is go to my Google Drive now all of this by the way is just
about to be installed in the back end of the my website at the moment it’s on my
Google Drive you click one button and you’re there but what I want to show you
traders is this the amount of resources that I have so first of all let’s start
with the cheat sheets so what I have for my top strategies I have principle
downloadable or downloadable principle cheat sheets where I go through each one
in detail and embedded in each teacher is a link to a retraining video on each
one so you can go back and play a video where I explain the setup in a to z
okay that’s the first thing then we have new member downloads is another tab you
can click on so these are all folders so as a new member here are all of the
resources that are attached emails I showed you so they’re of the resources
they’re all attached in another file let’s have a look here let’s see we’ve
got folder there on trading psychology you’ve got one there on Renko
charts if you like Renko here’s a good one for 34b 34b is one of my most
popular strategies it’s up there with the top three extremely profitable and
what I have is a number of folders where members have done their own research by
the way and we’ll look at quickly at a couple of research reports in a moment
where those two ran and said hey ray I’ve tested it here are the results of
that strategy all these strategies so members are now contributing and that’s
what I’m building here I’m developing a community of traders that are
contributing for the benefit of other traders here we’ve got downloadable and
I think there’s I want to what is that twelve – we think is 12 downloadable
printable powerpoints now these powerpoints where I go into each of the
strategies in detail step-by-step and there are training videos but are also
applicable to these so therefore you can watch training videos so a you’ve got
cheat sheets secondly for 12 different methodologies
strategies and techniques I have comprehensive powerpoints as well which
you can download the next thing is trading ebooks so over a period of time
I’ve amassed dozens of ebooks and many of these have been sent in by members by
the way so and these were books that are freely available on the internet so it
haven’t been purchased and plagiarized and put on there they’re all freely
available so I haven’t gone and stolen someone’s ebook but there’s dozens of
ebooks now what we’ve also got then is videos now with training videos I won’t
pull this down but there are now over 300 training videos for an example there
are four webinar videos that I’ve recorded for brand new members we’re
brand new members have attended asked questions about the setup we’ve answered
them and we’ve gone through the powerpoints in detail so there are over
300 in my program now so extremely comprehensive and I add to the program
and this is why I wanted to do a short video for you traders because I’m adding
the program is growing now one may say there’s too much information well I
don’t get too many people say that well sometimes I do because perhaps I feel a
little lost but I’ve got the videos there that show you where to start and
once again you chunk it down so I’m coaching you as I go what you also see
here in front of you are uploads to my Google Drive but I upload so as I
sometimes will save charts and make a comment I will have a new video or some
are more send something in and what I’ll then do is I’ll upload it on my Google
Drive so there are dozens of these as well so
what you’re seeing here traders is truly the world’s most comprehensive trading
program for stock traders futures traders and forex traders now as far as
the stock traders go oh don’t go so much into stock trading itself in my program
okay but the setups and the strategies work exactly the same they work on the
geometric patterns they work on all markets and all timeframes be careful of
somebody that says to you I’ve got one strategy that works on this market and
this one time frame it’s usually what we call curve fitted so very important and
so I suppose you’d say 95% of my members are futures and forex traders 5% the
stock traders but you can apply what I teach to all markets we talk about euro
linguistic programming and I took a lot about NLP
as far as hard coding in your brain the right trading habits etc so get it so I
think you can see there there’s a ton of stuff in the program so moving right
along they are very important here there is no upsell there’s nothing else
to buy look this crap flying around that’s I’m going to try to ring you up
and sell you a ten thousand dollar program or I might try to sell you
indicators traders this is it there is one program to buy there is no sell
upsell so there’s nothing else there’s no ongoing membership fees you pay a
once only you make a once only investment $197 that is it forever
I’m building a community of 10,000 traders around the world whereby it
gives me math civil leveraging dealing with brokers
and software developers and some other things I want to do within the industry
that is what is in it for me and as you probably tell I have a couple
of hundred videos now on YouTube public videos about 300 private ones a couple
of hundred 50 ml public I love what I do as I mentioned in the program there are
dozens of videos is now 300 trading psychology most of these were done by me
trading psychology let’s call it head stuff your trading plan indicators I use
trading at t1 to t2 so there’s hundreds of videos there once again you start
with the cool ones and you build out from there I mentioned there are dozens
of ebooks on my site some of those are worth 150 plus dollars
there’s tons of uploads on my Google Drive but it Venter of course there are
the strategies themselves and let me give you a very quick overview on the
strategies for following strategies are some of the best strategies and
techniques you will ever learn traders if it’s out there I’ve probably
researched it or looked at it or even purchased it what I present to you are a
result of years of extensive research back testing and trading in real time
there are a combination of geometric trend following trend continuation
counter trend and trend reversal now I know that’s really quite a mouthful
there and some also look why do you need so many strategies well you don’t need
that many for example what Mark Douglas said if you want to really become an
expert to begin with start with one and build there as your knowledge bank grows
what I say is when you master one strategy move on to the next one but
wait until you own it until you master it now very important nearly all the
strategies are simple and easy to learn now let me see if you’re qualified with
screen time there is one thing well–perhaps is a couple of things that
I can’t give you trades I can’t give you patience discipline or focus and there’s
one other thing I can’t give you is screen time you need to spend time
applying what I teach on the screen it’s a little bit like learning how to swim
by reading a book or playing a piano by reading of all because it’s
impossible you’ve got to go and do it you’ve got to watch the screen so you’ve
got to gain screen time now as I think it was Richard Branson said any fool can
make something look complicated the real the thing is to keep it simple trading
is easy when you keep it simple so there are twelve plus strategies in the
program now I have that lull to quickly go through these over t1 t2 the what are
we got there T18 t25 or 34b 89B and 200B there all trend-following strategies and as a brand new trader and
as an experienced trader that is not consistently profitable that is must you
must start with trend following strategies and there are a number of
those is really only two or three but I’ll get you to focus on initially and
the point I really make here is become a specialist
so the 34b for an example the t1 t2 and 34b
and the 89 the 34 and 89 are closely related very easy to learn very easy to
visually recognize and you start with those and you build and as I state state
here focus on one two three until you are consistently profitable your t10
your t9 you t10 and your t20 and by the way you can see I’ve coded them all just
makes it easier putting codes on the chart as I mark
them up in training videos for members and of course I run live webinars and so
I put them all on the screen so just makes it easy and you pick these up in
no time look in 30 days you’ll pick up these
codes and you’ll understand it just getting yourself a bit of time so you’ve
got your counter trend trades which you’re um what do we got there you got your t89
you’ve got your 2Ds you’ve got your EC and AC combos right they’re all they can
be both a counter trend and of trend following but look you pick them up but
I just wanted to show you it’s very comprehensive and what you receive with
the training on the strategies now how do I get this to flip over here we go
okay so strategy powerpoints so what I’ve done is create a very
comprehensive powerpoints and a cheat sheet so you’ve got cheat sheets for my
top six strategies the other ones you’ve got a comprehensive videos well and most
of them have got two or three videos where I give real-life examples so you
got the t1 the t2 or t3 double tops bottoms and by the way if you like
divergence trading the DD or I also call it the 2d is just at it just as a
brilliant strategy for counter trend trading if you like tops and bottoms or
picking tops and bottoms and and for some reason as some of the good all
traders want to do but DD is a brilliant way of doing it how to set up and trade
with your anchor charts is just a ton of training materials in all of those areas
now very quickly just wanted to show you one strategy now the 34b is perhaps the
most popular one and for me it’s in the top three this is where I have had
members go back and do back testing and pride and provide me their results and
this is our comment at the top here from a member and a screenshot a semi well
row I’ve just completed doing back testing on the 34b for the month of
March pretty impressive performs majority knew that this
particular for the month had an 82% win rate profit factor of three point six
three and what did he went and applied the strategy over a number of months
with different profit targets on different markets and he’s got them and
I think this was on sale the black gold on oil target 5 ticks stop-loss 5 ticks
profit factor 4.5 one winning the loss winning ratio of 85 percent at a comet
another trader made is what he discovered the best way to really milk
the strategy itself the best way is to trade like a monkey that is to take
everyone without thinking now there are some rules to them okay so there are
some rules but they’re simple to obey well you’ve got to obey this okay but
they’re easy to recognize and the rules are simple
but here you’ve got here if you just took everyone 100% mechanical according
to the rules 84 percent profit
so traders this is all included in this program for one only investment once
only there’s some 197 dollars I just yeah I have to show you all of this for
you to really see this so another big bonus I’ve put in to make it easier and
it makes it easier for me because having now in the thousands of members and
really every day I’ve got new members around the world joining is this is
making it easier for me as well I’m now running two bonus 90-minute live
training webinars which I put a value of these are 497 dollars I’m fairly
expensive if you want to hire me as a one-to-one coach and by the way I’m
totally booked out four months ahead I’m coaching so I just really provide
coaching of my members except for some private clients I’ve got so this is the
best way to get your coaching it’s included in the program two sessions 90
minutes where I discuss my strategies my trading techniques in detail and I
answer any questions you may have now if you are unable to attend these
live 90-minute sessions they’re recorded so or if you wish to replay them at a
later stage the sessions are recorded and they’re posted in the members area
for viewing at your own leisure now remember you have lifetime access to the
members area so you’ll already see there’s probably three of each of the
sessions already recorded in there so if you say decide to invest in the program
today I would a really fast track today I’ve already done these sessions and
I’ve had a number of traders at work for me and they’ve recorded them and they’re
already in the members area now the two sessions are held every two weeks and I
cover in detail step-by-step my top strategies and techniques I discuss
trading platforms the best indicators to use in their settings the best markets
chart types recommended time frames when day in swing trading and much much more
I’m really asking questions from members what else can I help you with and let me
give you four to 90-minute sessions really fly very important here I’m not
going to do a big testimonial so I’m not even gonna refer you to one yeah I don’t
ask for testimonials but you’ll see it testimonials tab on my website where
I’ve taken a parts out of emails out of many emails I’ll receive each week where
you’ll see members are saying how outstanding its trade that it’s changed
their trading life etc it’s not written and you’ll see they’re not written as
testimonial so tasks for them but you can read what other members have to say
on my website so just last slide to finish here your one-time investment to
purchase a day traders fast-track program is only $197
there’s no upsell there’s no indicators to buy there’s no programs there’s no
coaching to buy that’s it you’ve got lifetime access to the
members area you get free indicators for tradestation ninja 7,8 think or swim or
Mt4 traders the indicators if your platforms up there a common indicators
that have been tailored I only have one specific coded program or indicator
called the super scalper that I use occasionally ok but don’t get caught up
with the indicators but oh there’s no indicators the body or in anywhere else
I’ll give you full email support any of these strategies or in improvements to
the strategies of product upgrades or ongoing research and information
provided by the members you receive all of that it’s all in the members area I
also record weekly question and answer sessions there’s dozens of those we can
go and listen to those where I’ll discuss forex trading using the setups
sometimes they’re the same questions but we go through it so you can go back and
or you can even email the inner question and just on that point sometimes I get a
question and really the best thing to do is to show you on the chance and and so
I’ll record that plus you get your two 90-minute live training webinars so
traders there we have it we’re 29 minutes in I’ve given you a very
hopefully a very comprehensive overview of what is in the day traders fast-track
program there is no other program globally like this it’s constantly
growing it’s improving we’ve just got incredible resources in
the program so hopefully you join as a member and I
look forward to seeing you in my live webinars
thank you traders you

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