April 3, 2020
What you need to know about retargeting

What you need to know about retargeting

So what do you need to know specifically
about retargeting. We’re going to have an entire presentation dedicated to
advanced retargeting and sequencing campaigns tomorrow morning after you’reall really hungover and tired. So it’s a perfect time to talk about really
complex subjects. But for now we’re gonna go over a higher level view of what you
need to know. Retargeting now initiates the sales
cycle in the content sequence. In the promotional sequence. Retargeting ads are the ones that get the click. They get the click to the offer or the lead
page. Retargeting ad does not sell. All its job is is to inspire the click. Create
the click so that they come over and take the action that you want them to take.
Retargeting is an owned media source, just like an email list. How many of you guys have ever sent
direct traffic through retargeting ad just cause? Not many. It’s honestly the
most powerful and cheapest most highly converting traffic source you could ever
leverage for traffic. Just like an email list. you send an email to your list, right?
That’s instant traffic. You turn on a retargeting campaign, even for a product
that you’re not retargeting for, to a list you built. That instant traffic, its own
media. It’s a captive on-demand traffic source that you can use at any time. You
can segment your list just like an email list. You can have multiple retargeting
list. And you should. We have hundreds of retargeting list broken down by segment,
sub-segments, niche, different categories, buyers, non buyers, prospects, all kinds of
things like that. Retargeting account for over fifty
percent of our sales in all in all niches. Ok there’s two key metrics
when it comes retargeting that you need to be aware of. CPP cost per pixel Ok which is the media cost divided by the
number of pixels placed. Why pixels are actually worth money you need to start
understanding and leveraging pixels as a revenue source. Just like people count
one of my email subscribers worth. They want to know how many… what percentage or dollar value their email subscribers are worth. Pixels are the same way. That leads us to value per pixel. Which is the income generated divided by the number of
pixels. Ok how much money are the pixels you’re dropping making you. Believe or
not these numbers can be very… rather large. Ok we’ll show you some examples of some of the case studies in a second. Start thinking of retargeting more than
just a one-and-done or a thing i should think about. This is a traffic source
that you can leverage and nobody else can take away from you. Ok very, very
powerful. So the important thing is to focus your king on your queen. Usually
relationships are better when that happens right. So the media budget should be focused on driving traffic to… targeted traffic for one, to the content The content should be targeted,
content should be targeted but not about the offer. What does that mean? If you are selling a
cupcake whatever the wrapper, mold thing for
cooking a cupcakes, silicon cupcake mold. you do not want to make your content
about that product. You would rather make your content about a… how to make a
devil’s food cake or something like that. And then guess what, the pictures may
have pictures of your product but you’re not talking about it. The retarding adam says hey this person
like the devil’s food cupcakes article let’s show them our cupcake mold or
cupcake wrapper thingy. Cool? When a user visits your site drop a target
pixel. And don’t just drop one, we drop usually five, different networks. Use
retargeting ads to show your offer or lead capture page. Okay depending upon
your niche, your sales cycle, how your funnel works. You may retarget them straight to an
offer, a tripwire. Maybe you might try to retarget them to a higher
ticket offer, or you retarget them straight to a optin form where you’re going to capture
the email and then put them into your sales cycle. It’s all dependent upon how
your funnel, how your niche, how your demographic reacts. Testing is required.
But that is the way you do it. The retargeting ad always drives the offer. here’s the basic example; this is Joy Bauer, she has the eight energy-boosting breakfasts right. So that’s a blog post,
the content piece, talking about eight energy boosting breakfast. That can get
approved on any network, anywhere, anytime, ok you can even go viral. Then the
retargeting ad displays the seven energizing breakfasts that tastes better
than dessert. I call BS on that, but it’s probably
going to get a lot of people to opt-in. Especially people suffering from
low energy who love desserts, which are usually the same people. ok then the opt-in turns it back
to an offer. Alright, this is a very simplistic off…
model but it works. This is a prime example the content flow content promotion
flow in action, alright.

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