April 3, 2020
What to Sell Online: 8 Strategies for Finding Product Ideas Part 1

What to Sell Online: 8 Strategies for Finding Product Ideas Part 1

It’s no secret that having a great product
to sell is a critical component of any e-commerce business but coming up
with product ideas can be challenging and it sometimes feels like everything has
already been done. However there are still plenty of product opportunities
out there if you just know where to look. In this two part video series we’ll show you 8
opportunities and strategies that you can use to help you start generating
product ideas today. Tip number one find opportunities in key words:
creating a business around keyword opportunities is all
about strategically finding search phrases that are high in volume and low to medium in competition. In
other words instead of building a business around
something you’re passionate about you build one based on what people are
searching for in Google. To get started looking for product
opportunities based on keywords you’ll want to head over to Google’s free
keyword planner tool. which allows you to determine how many
searches are being made for particular term how much competition there is and
related terms. So if you’ve got a handful of product ideas
or areas of interest type them into Google’s keyword planner
to see which keywords offer the most favorable opportunity from a search volume and competition
standpoint. If you’re not familiar with Google’s keyword planner and how to determine what makes a viable
keyword opportunity take a look at the beginner’s guide to
keyword research for e-commerce which is linked below this video. Tip
number two is all about taking a brand-building opportunity approach which is very different from an SEO
approach. This involves developing a superior understanding of your customer crafting unique brand and carving out a
special spot in your customer’s mind. Now a big party building a compelling
brand is being able to position your products in a new our unique way. An example of a retailer
that has done this is DODOcase an iPad case manufacturer. They operate in an extremely crowded and
competitive space however they’re able to differentiate
their brand by creating cases that are handcrafted using traditional artisan
book binding techniques and if that’s something you want you can
only buy from them Tip number three identifying customer
pain points. Taking a minute to think about pain
points and little annoyances in your own everyday life could be just what you need to come up
with the next great product idea. Active Hound is a great example of a
brand that solved a customer pain point. After talking to other dog owners at
their local park they found out that a major gripe among
pet owners are that dog toys are too expensive and they don’t last. Understanding this
inspired them to create a line of ultra durable dog toys that can take
some serious chewing. Tip number four is all about customer
passions and when customers are passionate about
something they’ll likely spend more money. Golfers are notorious for spending
thousands of dollars to lower the score by even one stroke. Take Black Milk clothing for example which was created after the community of
the founders blog “too many tights” exploded. Noticing the passion and opportunity
around women’s tights he created Black Milk clothing. Today Black Milk is a multi-million
dollar company that’s grown to over 150 employees and distributes its products globally.
They do a great job of piggy backing on pop culture with their designs which allows them to tap into passionate
audiences and customers from a range of different areas. Keep these
strategies in mind when thinking of your first product or niche and you’ll be well on your way thanks
for watching and be sure to check out part 2 of this video where we’ll outline four more
strategies for finding your first product coming up with procter these can be
challenging but there are no shortage of
opportunities part 2 in this video will show you: for more strategies and opportunities
that you can use help you start generating product that is today

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