March 30, 2020
What to Read, Eat, and Explore in 2020 | #NextList2020 | J.P. Morgan

What to Read, Eat, and Explore in 2020 | #NextList2020 | J.P. Morgan

Embark on the new year with
a glimpse into the undiscovered. Introducing the J.P. Morgan
NextList 2020. A globally curated collection
of books and experiences that will challenge
your perceptions and ignite your imagination. Go ahead. See what’s next as
you step through “The Twist.” The latest addition to
Northern Europe’s largest sculpture park
in Norway. Discover “What It Takes: Lessons
in the Pursuit of Excellence.” An inspiring book by global
business leader Stephen Schwarzman. Explore the magic of
The Momentary. A magnetic new art and culture
center in Bentonville, Arkansas. Get to know some of the greatest
female architects of the past century
with Jane Hall’s “Breaking Ground: Architecture
by Women.” Transport yourself with
“Hop, Skip, Go: “How the Mobility Revolution
is Transforming Our Lives.” Narrator: Enter a world
of splendor and romance with the Broadway musical
“Moulin Rouge!” Stimulate your other senses with
“The Whole Fish Cookbook: “New Ways to Cook, Eat
and Think.” Josh Niland’s refreshingly
eco-conscious perspective to elevate taste while
minimizing waste. Immerse yourself in the legacy
of “The Cartiers: “The Untold Story of the Family
Behind the Jewelry Empire.” Escape to Sundance Ranch
in Napa Valley. The 22-acre home to
Tamber Bey Vineyards and equestrian facility. Whatever you do, take advantage of these thought-provoking
texts, experiences and more when you explore the
NextList 2020 at, and ignite your imagination.

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