April 6, 2020
What is The TIPO?

What is The TIPO?

Welcome to Tipo, the first and only e-commerce platform that provides a closed supply chain cycle containing five most important roles in the market : Merchant Affiliate Sale, Advertiser, Shipper and Buyer Traditional E-Commerce platforms have yet to harness the potential and solved problems faced by these roles, which are: Merchant: Extra fees such as booth renting, marketing and trading cost. Affiliate Sales: starting capital and warehouse limits
Shippers: Fake orders. Buyers: Product origin and price comparison. One notable problem faced by every market roles including advertisers is LACK OF MARKET INFORMATION TIPO provides an ecosystem bringing technological solutions to problems faced by E-Commerce users Blockchain technology,
+ TIPO Token is created in order to terminate bank transaction fee when users use Tipo wallet.
Therefore, payments takes effect immediately without any disturbance or extra fee on, anytime and anywhere Users can make payments using Tipo Token or traditional money If transaction fails, money would be refunded immediately.
+ With Blockchain, TIPO would make QR code available for origin check. By this, BUYERS could then easily track product’s origin
Data mining. TIPO is also the only e-commerce platform providing market consultancy services for user. With our Data mining technology, Tipo’s shared DATA storage is created to give market trend recommendations and suggestions.. Realtime market data and potential customer list would help Merchants make more effective and efficient business plan; Advertisers determine potential targets of marketing strategies, choose Publisher, Kols based on appropriate influencer list provided by TIPO.
Sales Affiliate and Collaborator also take advantage of DATA storage to track trends and product seasons to contact Merchant for further purchase
On the other hand, TIPO is also the only e-commerce platform which does not charge any extra transaction fee.
Merchant, Affiliate sales, Advertiser, Shipper do not have to pay any commission fee for TIPO like other platforms. One of the top features of TIPO is 3-BUY service: Buying in the future would become a means for buyers to acquire products with the best price despite any price fluctuation
When interested in a product and accept payment without immediate delivery, buyer has the chance to buy the product with the lowest price from the purchasing point until the receipt of the product. By this, the Merchant can have an overview of customers’ demands to make appropriate selling plans and prices Shipper can set up best delivery schedules. Bargaining is a win – win, where the buyers offer the price they are willing to pay. The transaction only takes effect when product price matches offered price. Immediate delivery purchase: Right after an order is made, a delivery order is set and notified to shipper via TIPO mobile app. Products will be delivered within 24 hours the forms of the 3 buy service would be able to deliver smart transactions to satisfy any need and demand of both buyers and producers economically whilst contributing to market stability. Last but not least, the most amazing feature of TIPO is that any user can play different roles in the ecosystem with our Multi Role Stakeholder business Model.
Merchants can reduce fee for human resources thanks to Advertiser, Affiliate Sales, Collaborator and Shipper in the TIPO ecosystem. Other users can be Advertiser, Affiliate Sales, Collaborator or Shipper. They can also send cooperative invitation to any Merchant.
With Tipo, any boundary to members like operating cost and time are minimized. Furthermore, we strive to build trust by accountability and transparency. TIPO – The Tipping Point of Blockchain-backed E-Commerce

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