April 10, 2020
What Is The Difference Between Hestia & Hestia PRO?

What Is The Difference Between Hestia & Hestia PRO?

Are you using the free version of Hestia WordPress
theme and want to see what you would get in the PRO version or you are just considering
this theme for your website? Either way, you are in the right place! In this video, I am going to show you the
main difference between HESTIA FREE and the PRO version of the theme. Stick around until the end, and I will share
with you the main advantage of going PRO. With Hestia, you can easily customize the
way your site looks, and see the changes in real time in the WordPress Customizer. Let’s check how you can fine-tune your website: Hestia is now available with a site library. You get 3 pre-made websites in the free version
of the theme for niches such as Online Shop, Pet Center, and Energy Company. In Hestia PRO there are 4 more site demos:
Lawyers, Travel, Coffee Shops, and Gym salons. More demos coming up so keep your eyes on
the updates. Changing the style of your website has never
been easier. Hestia offers you advanced typography options
for customizing font family and font size for the front page and internal pages and
posts. Plus, in Hestia PRO you get the ability to
change all the typography options differentiated on the desktop, tablet, and mobile environments. One more thing you get in the pro version
is the Menu option in the Generic Options which allows you to change the size of the
text used in your menu. Cool, right? In the free version of Hestia, you can change
the Background and the Accent color. That’s it! With Hestia PRO you have extra options to
change the Secondary color of the theme as well as colors for the Body Text, Header Overlay,
Header/Slider text, and Navbar. Only Hestia PRO comes with fully-integrated
animations for all frontpage elements. This way, the front page becomes more interactive
and has a better visual appearance. For each post and page, you can select an
individual layout, like Full Width, Left Sidebar or Right Sidebar. There is also a generic control for the layout
of all pages. Want to have the option to control the width
of your sidebar and another option to control the width of the containers in all pages? Get Hestia PRO! Hestia FREE comes with a variety of frontpage
sections. On the other hand, the PRO version adds even
more sections including Pricing Plan Section, Portfolio Section, and you can add new sections
as well by using Hestia Pro Hooks. You can use codes here to add text, button,
etc. and you can use shortcodes as well. When using Hestia PRO you can set video background
in the big title section on your front page. You can upload a video from your computer
or you can use a video hosted on Youtube as well. Want to use the slider option instead? Sure, Hestia PRO offers an unlimited number
of slides. The Portfolio section comes with two possible
layouts and opens each portfolio in a lightbox. The Pricing Section has a fresh design with
two pricing tables that catch the attention of the customers making it easy for you to
showcase your products or services. One of the best features in the PRO version
of HESTIA is the ability to reorganize your Frontpage Sections, easily and quickly. Just drag-and-drop them in place. More of that, you can easily re-create the
front page, or part of it, on any other page of your site, by using the highlighted shortcodes
for each section. I definitely recommend getting the PRO version
because it comes with fully-integrated animations for all frontpage elements. This way, the front page becomes more interactive
and has a better visual appearance. Just take a look at the animations when you
scroll down on your homepage. Hestia FREE comes with a VERY Top Bar section
that can be used for social icons, contact address or phone number. In Hestia PRO the custom options are extended. You can change all the colors as well as the
alignment. Remember that only Hestia PRO comes with a
full-screen hamburger menu, and Mega Menu compatibility, for incredible looking menus. The free version of Hestia comes with a number
of layouts available for the header area. Hestia Pro enables you to switch between the transparent navigation and solid colored navigation as well. Moving down to the footer area, you can see
that with Hestia PRO you have the possibility to easily change the number of Footer Widgets
columns to better match your site requirements. If you get the PRO version of Hestia you will be able to edit the Footer credits and copyright information too. The footer credit information bar layout can be rearranged on the left, right or center. More of that, you have a new alternative layout
for the footer area. You can choose either the black footer or
the white one. Extra Authors Section & Subscribe Section
on the blog page available only for PRO users! You get additional layout options too, like
the ability to display posts in alternative positions, and other customizations like viewing
the post from a specific category in the Blog Section on your front page. With the masonry Blog Layout selected you
can choose between many grid layouts, from 1 to 4-columns. More of that, you have the possibility to
choose your desired posts category. With Hestia PRO, when using WooCommerce on
your site, you will get a nice looking cart icon in the primary menu. The cart is automatically updated with the
corresponding products and is an easy way for your users’ buying process. Also, Hestia PRO allows better management
of the Shop section on the front page. You can filter the products by category or
by publish date. You can even add a WooCommerce shortcode in
this section. Moreover, besides you can see a new section
called Shop Settings where you can choose between two different Product Styles and Product
Hover Style. Moving down you can set either pagination
or infinite scroll on the category/shop pages, and you can check this box to hide categories. Last but not least, you have the possibility
to disable the Order Note, Coupon and set a Distraction Free Checkout. Only Hestia Pro is fully compatible with WPML
and Polylang WordPress plugins. This means you can efficiently use them to
translate your website into multiple languages and get more potential customers and clients
for your business. This is the main advantage of getting the
PRO version of HESTIA I was telling you at the beginning of the video. On top of the security updates, you will also
access the fast and friendly support. Being up to date with the latest updates is
the best way to keep out those nasty hackers, and our Happiness Engineers are here to help. Check this video tutorial on how to customize Hestia to get started with your website. Also, if you have any questions about Hestia WordPress theme, please leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer it.

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  1. Hello! I have the free version and I have a problem with the "site library" "the looking flowers" (woocommerce demo) doesnt work for me , I let it matter for a whole day and I dont download it, I NEED HELP!. SOrry for my english , im from argentina and i need urgent help, my email is [email protected]

  2. How can I change the button's shadow in the home page slider? Because the shadow has the color of the text and not the color of the button background. Thanks

  3. I think about buying hestia pro, but need to know first, if there are more versions of the roboto-typo like roboto th, roboto bk & roboto lt? or is there a chance, to install it in the free version?

  4. Thank you, this was very helpful! I see there are different price structures. A 1year and life time, and also personal, business, vip.
    If I get personal with a 1 year support, what happens after the 1 year is over?
    Can I still get security updates for the site or other fixes?
    What will end?

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