March 30, 2020
What is the Best Way to Grow & Enhance a Business? #AskAnything

What is the Best Way to Grow & Enhance a Business? #AskAnything

Hey everybody,
Scott Bintz here And I’m in the car with Caleb We are returning from a
speaking event When you kick out a new book You get lots of road time
going to speaking events
and book signings I’m catching up on
#AskAnything questions One of the questions I get asked
a lot is You know I always talk about,
if you want to try to… Be really really good in your space
on a few things Rather than being mediocre
at a bunch of things And a question I get asked is, “How do you get really
really good at a few things?” The best way is start the process Is to start getting your team,
company, everybody in your company Asking and creating “Stop Doing” lists What are some things we should
stop doing? One or two or three And pile them all together You might discover some things When you do this, “Stop Doing” list
that you’re like, “Oh wow, it’s so obvious
we should stop doing this” What you’ll discover is
a lot of times is In the book, “Good to Great”
it talks about it In a factual sense That great companies tend to have
“Stop Doing” lists More so than they have start doing lists And so thats my answer And I’m sticking to it Any other words of wisdom to that, Caleb? Ask the right questions Ask people’s imput on it Your employees will tell you
a lot of things you may not realize There it is You heard it from Caleb Until next time, smile

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