April 4, 2020
What Is the 7th Key to Growth?

What Is the 7th Key to Growth?

What is the 7th key to growth? Hi, I’m Brian Pombo welcome
back to Brian J. Pombo Live. Coming to you live every day
today from Grants Pass, Oregon. Here in the main headquarters
for BrianJPombo.com and today we are going to hit
the seventh key to growth, which we’ve been discussing all the other
keys one through six up until now in all previous videos. If you
haven’t seen those videos, go to BrianJPombo.com and
you can check them out there. They’re over in the media section.
Today though, the seventh key, it’s not the most exciting one. It’s the one that is the most obvious. I would say the seventh key to growth in
the process of what we refer to as the Worthington Method. The seventh key to go growth is
to review results and then reload. So all the other keys
that we talked about, all the other steps in the process,
once you’ve gone through that, the final step is just to
review what you’ve done. So for those of you who have
been watching us for a while, you may have seen the video that
was plan, do, check, adjust. You could also go back
and rewatch that one. It’s the same process only it’s spread
out a little longer and a little bit more specific to business owners. So the main section of that is check, adjust. That’s what the
seventh key is all about. It’s sitting back
looking what you’ve done, readjust where you need to, and then
reload. Get right back on it again. Even if you have to start at the very
beginning and reassess your destination. Sometimes that’s necessary so you find
out more about that by going back and rewatching those videos. But it’s important to understand that
growth is absolutely possible when you’ve been taken through a process, anything even similar to the
Worthington Method with anyone, with any real concept of how to do
this type of strategic planning. Then at the end of this seventh step,
you’re going to sit back and go, well, that was simple. That was easy and I feel really
good about what just happened. It must be a fluke. This
can’t happen all the time. There’s no reason why we can
keep something like this going, but that’s where you’re wrong. Something like this can be put into place
and systemized and done over and over and over and over again
to where productivity and
working toward an absolute dream business, honestly, is possible. But it’s only from taking that first step, going through the first seven keys, going through those initially, having a feel for it, and then realizing how close success has
been at your doorstep and not that you haven’t been successful up until now. I know you’ve had a successful
business up until now, but the but to really reach that height
that you’ve been after this whole time, to really get your business
to that dream business level, to where there’s no turning back,
for you to be able to do that, it really, it’s so much more
simpler than you realize. It’s not the tough things. It’s the simple little things that
you haven’t been doing that’s standing between you and your dream business. So if you’re a business owner or an
executive that happens to be in the self-reliance space, meaning you’ve got products and services
that help people to become more self reliant, go to DreamBizChat.com.
At Dreambizchat.com we have a little process called the Dream
Business Transformation where we kind of go through a prelude
to the Worthington Method. The Worthington method isn’t
what we go through initially, but we kind of lay out
what the possibilities are, what might be possible by
taking you through the world. It takes 30 to 60 minutes. It’s normally charge up to $600 and above for taking someone
through a strategy session, like the Dream Business Transformation. But if you are in the self-reliance
field and if you qualify, you might just be able to get one for
free. So go check out DreamBizChat.com. There’s a video there that you can watch
that will help you kind of decide and decipher whether you qualify and
whether it’s the right thing for you. So go check that out. DreamBizChat.com the link
is in the description and
we are going to be back here tomorrow. We come back day
after day with another tip. Maybe a little insight, maybe
something to think about. Maybe just something for
fun, but come back tomorrow. We’ll see ya get out there
and let the magic happen.

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