April 7, 2020
What Is the 2nd Key to Growth?

What Is the 2nd Key to Growth?

What is the second key to
growth in your business? Hi I’m Brian Pombo welcome back to Brian
J Pombo Live brought to you every day from Grants Pass, Oregon. Today we are discussing
the second key to growth. The first key to growth was yesterday and
you can go back and rewatch that video if you want, but it had to do
with determining your destination. So where are you looking
at taking your business? And the second key to growth I
will go through in just a moment, but first I wanted to remind
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of where you’re watching or listening to this. Now, the second key to growth has to do
with we’ve determined our destiny. So our destination, I should say, where you’re going to go. You’ve got where you’re starting
and you’ve got where you’re going. Now the next step is to
define your obstacles, to really identify your obstacles. What are the obstacles that are
standing in your way of getting there? Especially if you have a concept of how
long it’s going to take to get to that step. So let’s say this is a year long plan
and we’re looking at going from where we’re at and we’re looking at growing. Let’s say we’re looking at doubling just
for an example, doubling our revenue. If you’re looking at
doubling your revenue, what are the obstacles standing in your
way of getting there within a year or sooner? Because if there
aren’t any obstacles, if your growth plan is already moving
that direction and there’s no real foreseen obstacles, then why
can’t we make it go faster? Why not do the same thing in six
months? There’s always obstacles. That’s why I’m almost certain
there has to be obstacles. If there aren’t, then you need to shorten the amount of
time and see what you can do about making it go faster. The obstacle
is the time itself. But beyond that, there’s
going to be other obstacles. There’s going to be obstacles
in terms of, you know, how quickly you can grow. So being able to scale
at that type of level, if you to double your business
tomorrow. If you can double it tomorrow, would you be able to handle that type
of influx of either new customers, new clients, or possibly maybe just handling
the delivery of the whole thing. So maybe you don’t even
end up with new customers. What if the same customers came back and
were buying twice as much in inventory in amounts? Would you
be able to handle that? Depending on your business and depending
on whether you’re handling a physical product or in terms of service, do you have the manpower to be able
to deliver that type of service on, in that period of time. These are all logistics. The scaling logistics of
it. The ability to say, do we have the material, do
we have the physical material? There’s many, many, many things, but it needs to be all drawn out. Now it seems real simple. It’s like, of course we’re going to have a plan
to go from point A to point B. Every business does. No they don’t. That’s the problem is most of the time
we’re floating along and we don’t have a very clear understanding of where
we’re going to be in a year. And because of that, when that happens, you don’t really have a clear
understanding of what everyone’s role is. Not everyone is focused on the same thing. Everyone in your whole organization has
different goals because a goal is always going to come in whether
you want it to or not. A goal is always going to take
the place where a goal isn’t it? It’s kind of like a vacuum,
a leadership vacuum. If there’s no leadership leadership
with it will arrive in some form. It may not be a form
that you like, you know, the janitor is going to
start bossing people around. If the boss isn’t taking control and
leading the way someone is going to fill the void, something will
always fill the void of a goal. It’s just the fact of the
matter. You have an organization, you have a place that people are coming
to or a reason that people are all coming together. If you have that, there’s gotta be something
that pulls them all together. Otherwise everyone’s going to keep doing
their own thing and no one’s there. You’re not going to have anybody on
the same track and nothing ever gets accomplished in your terms. And the believe it or not whether you
set a goal or not in your mind you have a goal. I know this has spent a
lot of time on the first step, but the first step
determines the second step. If you can see that you need
to define your destination, then after you’ve
defined your destination, you’ve got to lay out what the obstacles
are. The obstacles are obvious. Yeah, they might be obvious to you, but they’re not obvious to everybody
else and you need to think a little bit further than tomorrow, in-terms of if we’re able to
get a partial way to our goal. What are the new obstacles
that show up there? What can we do to keep those obstacles
from showing themselves or to keep them from being obstacles at all? These are all things that all need to
be taken into account when setting up a strategy which is a plan. Even just a strategy for one year’s worth. Where are we going with this and how
are we going to keep this stuff from all falling apart so that we can actually
get from point A to point B. Now, there’s seven steps in this process
that I call The Worthington Method. The Worthington Method has a seven
step process we’ve gone over to. Tomorrow we’re going to go over the third
step. These seem extremely simplistic, but if you have someone that understands
how to take a person through this process, it can be a game
changer for your business. There’s nothing you can’t do when it’s
organized correctly and you have the proper strategy behind it. Hopefully
you found that interesting. Hopefully you can use this
in your business or in your
organization or whatever you’re looking to accomplish in
life. If you’d love to talk about it, hey,leave a comment or
go to BrianJPombo.com and check out some of my
other offerings there. Perhaps we can talk and go through
specifics on your business. That’s BrianJPombo.com. Also don’t
forget about DreamBizChat.com. If you are in the self-reliance field
and you’re looking to really achieve that dream business, which is what The
Worthington Method is all about. Hey, you have a great night. We’re going to be back here tomorrow
night and we’re going to talk some more out. You can see I’m starting to put up a
little bit of Christmas decorations here and there. Here I have the
ultimate reward right here. If you’re familiar with the
movie, A Christmas Story. And I’ll add in things as we go
along, but we’ll see it tomorrow. Hey, you have a great night. Get out
there and let the magic happen.

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