April 8, 2020

What is Storestash.com?

What do you need to grow your business? An Online store? Advertising? Networking? How about all of these… Introducing Storestash.com www.storestash.com What is Storestash? Storestash is a unique online marketplace and business directory… that is designed to bring shoppers, businesses, investors and charities all together in one place. How can it help you? Create a free online store to advertise your business or charity and sell products & services online. You can also shop at thousands of unique stores and donate directly to your favourite charities. Join for free today! Mobile Compatiable, Secure Payments & 24/7 Support! What do you get when you signup with Storestash? Create a Free online store, easy setup – mobile integration – free product listings. Advertise your business, improve your reach – targeted ads – affordable packages. Support & Donate to Charities, direct donations – free profiles – lower fees. Shop for unique products, social shopping – product sharing – stash your favourites. Not enough? See what our clients say. Powerkote, SA – “Previously we were only a service business, StoreStash helped us expand into online sales” Janine Tenner, SA – “The Stashing feature is great! Finding and sharing my favourite products has never been easier” Techline Coatings, US – “A very unique concept with huge potential” San Salvador Home, SA – “As an NPO being able to accept donations online has helped us change lives” What are you waiting for? Visit us today! www.storestash.com

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