March 29, 2020
What is SkuVault?

What is SkuVault?

>>ANDY: SkuVault is a warehouse management
technology platorm built for B2B and B2C retailers. In the old days, warehouse management platforms
were really just used in house. Now today, with the advent of eCommerce and
all the growth there, anything thats happenening in the warehouse needs to reflect online on all of your different
sales channels in real-time. SkuVault is different because we place a huge
emphasis on ease-of-use so all the warehouse pages specifically are very simple to use,
very self explanatory. A warehouse worker can go in and be trained
in two minutes to do a specfic function. So we have a lot of functionality in the eCommerce
space. And, when companies are either growing in
eCommerce or starting to do eCommerce from a more retail
or wholesale background, we can really come in and help them succeed in those efforts.

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