April 6, 2020
What is Singularity University?

What is Singularity University?

We are predicting the future by creating it ourselves. It’s a magical time. Male Voiceover: A lot has happened in the last hundred years. -: Our intuition about the future is linear. -: But today the world is global and exponential. -: Your smartphone is actually billions of times more powerful per dollar than the computer I used when I went to college. -: Singularity University is a place that teaches about exponentially growing technologies. Those technologies doubling in power, year on year. Computation, centers, networks, artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing, virtual and augmented realities, synthetic biology. All of these are technologies that are riding on increasing computational power. And these are the technologies that are gonna be changing our world. (bright music) -: Allen Kay said, “The best way to predict the “future is to invent it.” -: If all you do is coast, eventually you slow down while others catch up and pass you by. Male Voiceover: We are living in the most extraordinary time ever in human history. Male Speaker: You have the ability as individuals and as small teams to literally do what only governments and large corporations could have done in decades past. -: I don’t care if you work at Coca-Cola, or you’re a start-up, policy maker, you work for the government, are you doing meaningful work. (bright music) Male Speaker: The more people solving problems, the better the world gets. It’s a mindset and a power that has never been possible before. (bright music) (group cheering) (whooshing)

15 thoughts on “What is Singularity University?

  1. I really appreciate everything Singularity University is doing and respect Ray Kurzweil tremendously….

    That being said, I'm curious if Singularity University is focused on transhumanist psychology?

    The prevention of power without enlightenment should be at the Forefront of all technological implementation….

    The way to do this is to produce scientific morality. A certain level of incorruptibility based on true understanding of certain axioms of our existence.

    It's time for a revolution in our perception of reality.

    The consciousness of the future is not a human one. It will be something else. It needs to be fostered and guided.

    I have answers if anybody cares.

  2. Awesome. It's truly awesome. If I were a multi-millionaire I'd attend, just to watch, listen and be entertained. But I'd never contribute in any meaningful manner, other that do a very modest bit of cheerleading. SingU is great, I walked in casually in 2012, and it's all super duper inspiring, but I am very very small compared to all this stuff. And lazy. Especially very very lazy.

  3. Einstein is regarded as a genius but uncovered the process for humans to dissolve the Earths atmosphere and decay current world eco systems. With the splitting of the Atom they released thousands of nuclear explosions and its fallout through out the Earth.After they stopped the last tests above ground in 1963 it was too late from my Teachers perspective. Since 1981 I have been studying generational social psychological sub conscious conditioning of the human species. Trying to understand if we can change  this evolutional process.

  4. Cognition enhancement, security and wisdom

    Cognition enhancement software needs to be so made as to ensure wisdom quality in impact. Wisdom quality level cognition enhancement will ensure security to the individual commanding from within himself and from without himself in the civilization at large.

    This is important as technology is exponentially advancing towards such possibility whereby will and implementation will be simultaneous. This state of achievement is as glorious as serious as risky for civilization and mankind. For, such empowerment of individual will be of sovereignty level in nature and magnitude. It needs to be balanced against misuse. Otherwise, civilization and mankind will be vulnerable to total annihilation in a sweeping and radical manner.

    Wisdom is the best safeguard of man against possible odds. For, it contains potential for all dimensional consideration in regard to any context or issue. Wisdom is capable of absorbing all kinds possible conflicts for a higher level inference.It can be the best security of civilization and mankind in the absence of , or necessity for, any institutional mechanism.

    * *


    Prof. Dr.Mokhdum Mushrafi

  5. I deleted all of my social media, except YouTube, which I use 99% for learning, and my Telegram Singularity.net account. Now I can focus on learning. 🙂

  6. This video does not really explain what is Singularity University. It only creates questions. Less hype. More substance, please.

  7. I found Singularity University today and was hoping to find more about the singularity of the Universe, i.e., Unified Field Theory, the Holographic Universe. I found many very interesting and inspiring videos on other topics, but…

  8. Unity in Diversity is already at our feet; if we choose so; the use of Creative Intelligence which comes of development of consciousness should be our process. It is already accessible and in balance with The Multiverse.
    Beware of pledging super-intelligence without emotional/ ethical reference. If we believe we can control a networked AI, we will perish.
    We need to let development of higher states of consciousness go hand in hand as Unity in singularity. Singularity alone is at least misleading. The goal here is hive-minded AI and that will be the end of biological life. It has happened before… let's stay off that road..

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