April 2, 2020
What is Shopify? – E-commerce solution to create your online store

What is Shopify? – E-commerce solution to create your online store

What is Shopify? Do you have products
that you’d like to sell online but you don’t know how to get started. Today we
have many e-commerce solutions. With modern technology, it become quite easy
to create an online store. Even large department stores acknowledge that
having a bricks and mortar store simply isn’t enough for today shopping trend.
Because for a number of reasons, the modern shopper is choosing to shop
online. You need an online presence in order to
reach your potential customers and without this your business could well
fail. One of the bonuses of online shopping is that wherever your customers
may be in the world they can visit your online store 24 hours a day, seven days a
week. Perhaps you’ve heard of Shopify but
you’re not really sure what it is and how it can help your business. This short video will explain the
concept of Shopify. So let’s get started. Before we discuss Shopify, let’s take a
quick look at the difference between Amazon eBay wordpress (with WooCommerce) and Shopify. And why Shopify is the great choice for anyone with products to sell,
this includes solo entrepreneurs, small entrepreneurs and established
entrepreneurs. The Shopify platform is ideal for anyone looking to set up their
online store in a short period of time. And for the budding entrepreneur, you don’t even need products on hand to
sell. You can make money from Shopify by using the concept of dropshipping.
Comparing Shopify with Amazon and eBay: So let’s compare Shopify with today’s
well-known e-commerce platforms; Amazon and eBay. When talking about
e-commerce most people think the big brand websites of Amazon and eBay which
appear to dominate the world of online shopping. So, if you’re a solo or small
entrepreneur and you’re looking to make money out of this commercial ecommerce
trend that’s certainly an option for you. You can jump into the eBay or Amazon
marketplace and become a seller on their platforms. In favor of this approach is
the fact that both Amazon and eBay have millions of potential buyers searching
for their sites looking to buy anything that can be sold on the market. The downside is that these are both huge
marketplaces and you will face a lot of competition and there are many sellers
out there trying to sell the very same product that you want to add to the
market. The disadvantage of these marketplaces
is that your buyers information stays in the hands of eBay and Amazon so you
don’t have access to that information. Because you’re renting someone else’s
property and you only have partial control over your own store. If you’re an entrepreneur who prefers to
have total control over your own store and you need to set up your own
e-commerce website where you can deliver great products and offer your customers
great customer service. So, the first advantage of this concept
is that now you’ll have your customers information which means you can resell
to these customers over and over again. There are many well-known e-commerce
solutions to help you set up your own e-commerce store such as WooCommerce
(with WordPress), Shopify, Bigcommerce Volusion and others but we’ll talk here
about WooCommerce and Shopify as they’ve become a very popular platform.
What is Woo Commerce? WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin for WordPress which
allows you to create your online store. It’s free to use but it does require
some technical skills. Note that you will have to pay for
hosting to get your website on to the Internet plus there will be continuous technical
stuff to deal with because you will need to keep your WordPress website updated
with the latest version and ensure that it’s secure and properly functional. On the other hand, if this all sounds too
technical and you’d prefer to focus on marketing and selling your products then
Shopify is the perfect solution for you. A Shopify: Shopify was created by
Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake back in 2004. These guys wanted to sell snow boards online and they couldn’t
find a platform that suited their specific requirements so they’d rather
cleverly created their own solution which eventually became Shopify brand in
2006. Today, many many store owners are using
Shopify. Perhaps the main downside of Shopify is that in order to use this
platform you need to pay a monthly subscription.
However, the benefits far outweigh the negatives of using Shopify There’s no
complicated technical stuff to deal with because Shopify is a hosted platform and
they take care of updating the software. Shopify deals with all security issues
because Shopify is an online shopping store, it’s vitally important that customers
know their information is safe and secure with you. Shopify proudly boasts one of the
highest rated security features of any e-commerce platform today. Shopify is very easy to use and if
you’re familiar with WordPress, it won’t be long at all before your
online store is up and running. Comparing Shopify with WordPress:
WordPress offers countless things to help you create your website. Shopify also offers many fantastic
themes that optimize with e-commerce in mind and while wordpress provides many
plugins to create your website the way you’d like it. Shopify have provided many apps in their
Shopify app store for both free and paid options. These apps are designed to add more
functionality to your ecommerce store, offering greater performance in terms of
selling, marketing and good customer relationships. Who can gain by using Shopify? Shopify is
ideal for people who already have the bricks and mortar store yet wish to
expand to an online presence. It’s also perfect for people who have
products to sell and wish to have an online store. And thirdly it’s important to remember
that you don’t need to have a product or service to sell. You can make money
online using the drop shipping concept. What types of goods and services can you
sell with Shopify? Physical products that you own or you can sell using the drop
shipping concept, digital products such as software, ebooks, online courses, music and so on. Shopify can also be used
to sell membership services and other services. However creating your Shopify store is
just the beginning of the whole process. The challenge of creating a standalone
website is that now you have to attract potential customers to your site. Below,
we have listed some effective ways of driving traffic to your website where
prospect can view your products. AdWords: Every day people perform billions of
searches via google and among these people are your potential customers who
are looking to buy your products right now but you need these people to find
your store not your competitors and that’s where
google adwords comes in. Google AdWords is a great way of advertising your
online store. Facebook advertising: Most people go on Facebook on a daily
basis and even those social media was not designed as a marketplace, there are people very successfully
selling their goods on Facebook. These people took the time to create a
Facebook page for their business and learn how to communicate effectively
with their customers and fans. Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram: There’s
an enormous amount of traffic on these social media platforms, so why not use these platforms to
connect with your customers? You can either promote your website for
free or use their advertising methods for expanding your reach to potential
customers. Blogging and SEO: Apart from advertising your products in
your online store with Shopify you can use their blog section to create great
content and communicate with your readers and customers. Blogging does take time to bring your store to the forefront of search engine results but
it is free and blogging provides the effective method of gaining your
customers trust. Video Marketing: People on the internets love watching videos. So
create videos that will draw traffic to your site. You might choose to make a
tutorial video on how to use your products and start with the unboxing of
your best-selling line, customers video reviews and testimonials about your
product are always well received online or consider a behind-the-scenes video of
your store or your products are produced. There are plenty of options for creating
videos so consider what you believe would be best to entertain and inform
your customers about your brand then create an interesting funny informative
video for your online store. Email Marketing: Because you own your
store, you have access to your customers
information. With this information you can continue selling to customers who
have previously bought from you. Consider offering birthday discounts or
promotions to loyal customers. When people already know and love your
products these small gestures are always very well received. It’s much easier to sell to a customer
who already knows and trusts you than it is to a first time customer. Other
Methods: There are many methods to attract and retain online customers and
you’ve probably got some great ideas of your own basically throw everything at
your marketplace and see what works best for you. In conclusion, if you’re looking to have
an online store that looks beautiful and is optimized
for e-commerce purpose then Shopify is definitely your best choice. Your potential customers are hanging out
online now. How long will it be before you’re ready
to welcome them to your online store?

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