April 5, 2020
What is Remarketing? :: GMM Quick Question

What is Remarketing? :: GMM Quick Question

JP KRAINZ: Hello, and welcome
to Good Morning Marketer’s Quick Question. My name is JP Krainz, and I’m
an account manager and media specialist here at Thunder Tech. So today’s quick question
is, what is remarketing? So I’m sure you’ve
heard the term before. It is an online
advertising term that’s been referred to as
retargeting or remarketing in certain circles. Now, the one thing no
matter what it’s called, it can do these five things. It can show ads. It can let the ads
follow the users. It can increase frequency. It can increase
desired response. And in the end, it can actually
stop once the user has actually converted or you’ve
chosen the action that you need them to do. Let me show you an example. So I’m on the Wall
Street Journal site, and I’m looking at a product
and reading about it, and it looks pretty interesting. So from there I look
up their website. I look at their products. They have a lot of good reviews
and galleries, and the like. And then say, I get busy
with something else. About a couple hours later,
I go to USA Today looking at the day’s news, and I find
an Autographer banner ad, and I’m reminded of
the product and say, you know what, maybe I should
go back and take a look. At that point, I
have been remarketed. So later on in the day, I
saw the ad again, went back, selected a product, add it to
my cart, and made a purchase. When considering adding
remarketing to a media budget, it’s important to make
sure that you stretch the dollar as far as possible. We’ve seen studies
that remarketing can be 50% cheaper in conversion
driving than standard display advertising. So you know that there’s
a lot of economies to scale in value
when using remarketing to promote a
conversion or a sale. For more information,
visit ThunderTech.com, or tweet us your quick
question at Thunder Tech. Thanks.

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