April 7, 2020
What is Personalized One-to-One Sales Videos?

What is Personalized One-to-One Sales Videos?

In this video I’m going to explain exactly what personalized one-to-one video for sales and marketing and well your whole company is and Why personalized one-to-one video is important to your company? That’s right it’s your boy George B Thomas from impulse created back with another episode of What is like what you see then give us a big thumbs up want to keep learning more? Make sure you subscribe to our channel and hit that bell as well for instant notifications Hey Make sure you stick around to the very end of this video because I’m gonna share three ways that you can leverage personalized one-to-one video at your company today So today’s topic is personalized one-to-one sales videos, but make no mistake It can be for marketing HR and more. Oh, and by the way, this one’s for you Bill I mean Jane, I mean Suze or is it Jon Snow? Or is it nope? No spoilers here But that leads me to what is what is personalized one-to-one sales video or personalized one-to-one video? Personalized sales videos are video content Which you create that are tailored to a specific person in the sales or marketing process You might include the person’s name company name or message that is specific to them Why is this important for your company these videos aren’t new but they’re gaining popularity for sure marketing has actually used personalized video over the years in more of a One-to-many way now we’re seeing sales teams pick up the baton and run with it These one-to-one videos are important because in this world of more One-on-one communication and less mass media selling personalized videos for sales become a powerful connection tool personalizing your communication along the buyers journey Increases delight helping to close more deals and with solutions to help you create more personalized one-to-one sales videos available It’s time to jump on the bandwagon how can you use personalized videos in your sales strategy from initial messages to prospects all the way to proposal reviews and Thank-yous. You can personalize sales videos to really wow your audience Here are three ways your sales team can use personalized sales videos to make your prospects notice them by the way This is for sales but think HR think c-suite think everywhere with one-to-one videos number one add a Personal token like their first name video is a video marketing tool that does this or if you’re creating a truly One-to-one video use their name on a whiteboard iPad a piece of cardboard if you have it just use their name Thank you could even say their name in the video Bob Susie John snow it blows people away when you simply take a minute to create a video with their name number two team Introductions and meeting prep, whether you’re making a handoff to someone else introducing yourself or getting ready for a meeting You can record a 30-second video Instead of writing a few sentences get into the habit of video first and you’ll crank out these quick hellos all day long imagine for a minute you’re a prospect with the sales meeting and you get an email with a personalized sales video where the Representative simply takes 30 seconds to introduce herself or himself Remind you of the time and give you a heads up that the meeting is in zoom with video. Boom mind blown number 3 Finally, how about using? Personalized one-to-one sales videos for fun moments like holidays or special occasions whether you’re celebrating Summer or wishing your contacts a happy new year You can add personalization to it to take your content to the next level pro tip any way you can get your Prospect to engage with your brand is a win and video tees that up for you nicely now that you know what personalized one-to-one videos are and why personalized one-to-one sales videos are important make sure you’re Implementing them for your company’s success, by the way. Yes I said one-to-one video and sales one-to-one video. If you haven’t captured it, it can be across your entire company Don’t forget to subscribe and hit that bell as well before you go, you know You want instant notifications of the next episode of what is go start creating personalized videos and make sure you’re being a happy helpful human along the way

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