February 23, 2020
What is Online Advertising?

What is Online Advertising?

Online Advertising is delivering promotional content
through the internet into people’s browsers or email. There’s a lot of different kinds. There are
text ads, image or display ads, video, native content in certain apps like
Facebook or Twitter and email marketing like I said. Online advertising drives a
ton of content throughout the internet. It drives the major search engines,
two-thirds or so Google’s business. Online advertising is a easier thing to
get into than traditional media. You can start with a small budget. You can also
spend a lot more efficiently because add channels like Facebook or AdWords and
YouTube allow you to segment users and your audiences into very relevant pieces
and also you can reach users at the right time that they’re going to be interested
in purchasing your product or viewing your video. Visibility for your product
or service. It allows you to reach people that you
may not be able to organically in places you may not be able to organically.

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  2. Thank you for the informative video. Could you tell me how a Graphic Designer can learn online advertising to gain skills and experience for job search? In other words, where do graphic designers learn "online advertising"? I appreciate your answer.

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