March 30, 2020

What is Marketing? | Digital Marketing Explained | (Bonus: How to Sell ANYTHING)

Hey guys I’m Alexander and I’m Head of
Copy here at Search It Local. Now in my role I help businesses all over
Australia to communicate with their audience in a more powerful, meaningful
and effective way. And I want to help YOU do the same. So if you want to learn how
to grow your business, how to tap into the secret of sales, and how to apply
marketing skills yourself, stay tuned. So, what is marketing? Well a marketer is
really just a ‘salesman in print’. Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re
thinking “oh I hate salesmen”…and so do I! But here’s the catch…a marketer isn’t
selling products and services. No, what a marketer sells…is a feeling. When you
read an ad on Facebook – or an email in your inbox – or scroll through a website
homepage, it’s the marketers job to make you feel
*something*. Amusement. Excitement. Fear. Jealousy. Maybe even a little bit
inspired. Because the truth is you don’t buy products or services on price,
ratings, or reviews alone. Sure the impact your purchasing decisions. But what it
really comes down to is how a product makes you feel. Think about it. What shoes are you wearing right now? Were they the cheapest? Were they the closest to the
register the day you went to buy them? Or, do they make you feel something before
you ever went into the store to try them on? Strong. Powerful. Professional. Athletic. You might not realize it, but a marketer was behind all of those feelings. Maybe
you read a product description about the shoes online? A marketer was behind that. Maybe you opened an email advertising the shoes? A marketer was behind that. Or maybe you watched an ad on TV or YouTube? Well a marketer was behind that too. At
some point between realizing you needed new shoes and walking out of the store
holding new shoes, the brand behind those shoes made you feel *something*. And the marketer…he held your hand the entire time. That’s what marketing is.
Now that you know what marketing is and how it impacts every purchasing decision,
what next? Well at Search It Local we want to empower you to grow your business and to do that we’re continuously putting out premium
marketing content designed for Australian businesses just like yours. So
whether you want a little marketing help or just a little inspiration to push
yourself that tiny bit further, this channel is designed to make things
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