April 4, 2020
What Is Influencer Affiliate Marketing?

What Is Influencer Affiliate Marketing?

hey guys Rachel Leslie here and in this
video I’m going to talk about what influencer affiliate marketing is and
how it is different than regular influencer marketing and regular
affiliate marketing and also how you can get started so be sure to subscribe to
my channel and turn on the notifications so you know when more videos about this
come out so what is influencer affiliate marketing well to know what that is we
need to know what affiliate marketing is and that is in my words when you make
Commission’s off of what you promote so you can promote a software you can
promote a course you can promote products and since you promoted it with
your affiliate link which is your tracking link then you get the
Commission’s if someone buys and then what is influencer marketing we hear
that a lot to companies spending less of their marketing budget on paid
advertising and more on influencer marketing and like brand endorsements
that is when someone has a big following usually on to social media and they have
a lot of influence over their following so if they tell their following hey
check out this weight loss product or check out this makeup that I used or
check out this outfit that I put on or check out this hotel that I went to they
have such a strong fan base and influence and persuasion over that
audience that it has oftentimes a better return on the investment then
traditional advertising would have so influencer affiliate marketing is
combining those together is you as the affiliate marketer becoming also an
influencer and growing your social media following growing your YouTube audience
growing your Facebook audience your Instagram audience and even LinkedIn and
also more traditionally an affiliate marketing your email list growing your
email list and it’s not just having a big audience on that in a lot of
followers you can have a lot of followers people buy followers all the
time you are engaged followers true fans that know you and like you and trust you
and how do you get these people to know you and like you and trust you
well you’ve got to put out good content like educational content or entertaining
content it doesn’t have to be perfect but just putting stuff out there also
you might be asking yourself well what am I gonna be an affiliate I’m not a
makeup artist or a professional travel blogger vlogger I like to promote online
marketing tools that I have to use anyway to be online like landing page
software or email autoresponder and different courses a bunch of different
tools and software’s I use them anyway my audience will need to use them anyway
so I might as well talk about that kind of stuff and put out educational content
on how to use it and also try to be entertaining while I can and it’s just
the best way I could do that is by being myself and sometimes I’m like crazy and
and yelling at my audience and giving them tough love and coaching them and
sometimes I’m more chill but just putting out content being yourself
that’s what people are really gonna be connected to and it doesn’t even mean
that they like relate to you or that they’re like you it just means that they
like you and they and they like your message so while you’re putting out
educational or entertaining content it’s good it’s like just be super real and
give some like meaningful inspirational motivational content out to your
audience too so they stay on using a certain software or eventually get
motivated enough to invest in an online course or an event that you’re promoting
so how do you get started let’s say you want to get started with this well on
the influencer sign definitely look into creating a Facebook page and Instagram
page or a Facebook group and and clean up your Facebook page and an Instagram
page and clean that up and a YouTube channel and just start putting out
little tutorial videos or just talking to people it doesn’t have to be perfect
and then as far as what are you gonna promote what are you gonna be an
affiliate for I don’t worry I got you okay I got you you could just take what
I’m doing and I I’ve been doing this for long enough
that I know like what are good products and what are not good products what are
good courses what are not good courses I don’t want to fall for no scam like I
try to keep that stuff far away from me so if you guys are like me and you don’t
believe in get-rich-quick schemes then I think we will get along so I have a
system called affiliate business in a box comm it’s just a free duplicatable
system it sets you up with how to get started collecting emails landing page
software how to grow your email list how to drive traffic I give you a bunch of
affiliate offers to promote in there so follow those instructions that’s a great
way to get started and once you’re there I mean I have just so much more free
stuff for you guys ton of YouTube videos on this channel I’m a free Facebook
group where I do coaching and there I have private coaching groups I have paid
courses but there’s also a lot of free content out there that you guys can get
to started on before you’re ready to take your business to the next level I
think a lot of people procrastinate because they’re scared well if I do
what’s right in front of me I know what I need to do next and it’s right in
front of me that I’m not gonna know what to do
after that but trust me that the next steps will show itself the first thing
to do if you want to get in this influencer affiliate marketing industry
is to just get started just do what you need to do to really focus and get
started or get an accountability buddy or join us in the facebook group that
will help motivate you okay so I’m gonna be putting out 10 more videos and I this
one was really general and I would like to also make specific educational videos
for you guys so if there’s anything in specific you want to learn about or know
about or ask me leave it in the comments and I’ll get back to you or make a video
about it and also be sure to subscribe to the channel Thanks

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