April 7, 2020
What is Emotional Intelligence?

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is the quality that
enables us to confront with patience, insight and imagination the many problems that we
face in our affective relationship with ourselves and with others.
The term may sound odd. We are used to referring to intelligence as a general quality, without
unpicking a particular variety a person might possess – and therefore we do not tend to
highlight the value of a distinctive sort of intelligence which currently does not enjoy
the prestige it should. Every sort of intelligence signals an ability
to navigate well around a particular set of challenges: mathematical, linguistic, technical,
commercial… When we say that someone is clever but add that they have made a mess
of their personal lives; or that they have acquired a fortune but are restless and sad
or that they are powerful but intolerant and unimaginative, we are pointing to a deficit
in what deserves to be called Emotional Intelligence. In social life, we can feel the presence of
Emotional Intelligence in a sensitivity to the moods of others and in a readiness to
grasp the surprising things that may be going on for them beneath the surface. Emotional
Intelligence recognises a role for interpretation and knows that a fiery outburst might be a
disguised plea for help, that a political rant may be provoked by hunger and that concealed
within a forceful jolliness may be a sorrow that has been sentimentally disavowed.
In relation to ourselves, Emotional Intelligence shows up in a scepticism around our emotions,
especially those of love, desire, anger, envy, anxiety and professional ambition. The Emotionally
Intelligent refuse to trust their first impulses or the wisdom of their feelings. They know
that hatred may mask love, that anger may be a cover for sadness and that we are prone
to huge and costly inaccuracies in whom we desire and what we seek.
Emotional Intelligence is also what distinguishes those who are crushed by failure from those
who know how to greet the troubles of existence with a melancholy and at points darkly humorous
resilience. The Emotionally Intelligent appreciate the role of well-handled pessimism within
the overall economy of a good life. Emotional Intelligence isn’t an inborn talent.
It’s the result of education, specifically in how to interpret ourselves, where our emotions
arise from, how our childhoods influence us and how we might best navigate our fears and
wishes. In the utopia, it would be routine to be taught Emotional Intelligence from the
youngest age, before we had had the opportunity to make too many mistakes.
It is because we have – until now – not taken Emotional Education seriously enough that
our species has grown ever more technically adept while retaining the level of wisdom
of our earliest days; with catastrophic results. We are evolved monkeys with nuclear weapons.
It appears that the fate of civilisation now depends on our capacity to master the mechanisms
of Emotional Education before it is too late. Emotional Education extends far beyond formal
education as we have conceived of it to date. Though it should ideally include specialised
courses in every year of school or college, Emotional Education is more than something
that should take place in classrooms at the hands of teachers and come to a halt around
the age of twenty-one. The central vehicle for the transfer of Emotional
Intelligence is culture, from its highest to its most popular level. Culture is the
field that can ritualise and consistently promote the absorption of wisdom. The ‘lessons’
of culture might be embedded in a tragedy or a TV series, a pop song or a novel, a work
of architecture or a YouTube film. We can envisage the entire apparatus of culture as
a subtle mechanism designed to point us towards greater emotional intelligence.
We will never progress as a species, and will indeed grow into ever greater technologically-armed
menaces to ourselves, until we have accepted the challenges and opportunities of properly educating our selves in Emotional Intelligence. Our Technical Intelligence is great of course. It’s led us to tame
nature and conquer this planet. But a wiser, saner future for the race must depend on a capacity
to master and then seductively teach the rudiments of Emotional Intelligence – while there
is still time. Thank you for watching, liking and subscribing. If you want more why not visit us in person and attend a class? Or take a look at our shop at the link on your screen now?

100 thoughts on “What is Emotional Intelligence?

  1. The conversation here has taken a fascinating turn (fascinating for us at least): we see a lot of comments that want to suggest that emotional intelligence does not exist/has been made up/is not a thing. We assume that what people mean by this is that science, especially neuroscience, cannot clearly identify a separate part of the mind that can be referred to as Emotional Intelligence. This is perhaps very true. But it somewhat bypasses our point. We're not looking for scientific validation, we're simply pointing out certain emotional faculties which can be more or less developed in people – and can be fostered by a good surrounding culture. We're surprised too at the line of argument that suggests that the idea of Emotional Intelligence was invented by 'stupid' people to make themselves feel better about not having achieved anything. This seems unnecessarily harsh – because achievement comes in many forms and the ability to understand human nature is as valid a pursuit as the ability to (for example) play basketball or cook well.

  2. This is also maybe why many successful people suffer from depression. Despite having achieved their goal, once they know that they made it, then until they get the next goal, they feel emotionally hollow. I am myself feeling a sort of hollowness since the day I achieved my goal in college. Now that I don't have anything to motivate me to work hard, I have finally started to feel emotionally hollow, but I couldn't understand why I feel this way. Why am I not content with my life now. As I never regarded feelings as important, nowadays I wish I had not done so. But this video makes me realize that maybe my emotional intelligence is low. I need to work on it. This video would have been better if it suggested us how to become more emotionally intelligent. So that we can enjoy our lives to the fullest by living in the present, but not by disregarding our future and also our past.

  3. Just thought I’d share my experience with this subject. I was employed as a Correctional Deputy at an adult detention facility for 21years, for 18 of those years I trained many new and veteran deputies on the job and additionally, supervised three academies. The main area of my instruction focused on emotional training. It was a structured academy or training where we would put them under a stressful scenario then see how they deal with it and more importantly, how they recover. At the beginning of the video it defines emotional intelligence as the ability to patiently deal with situations using insight and imagination. This was very interesting to me especially the latter about imagination.

    One of the first subjects my training partners and I covered was empathy. Somewhere in my research I came across an individual who said empathy is imagination…the ability to put yourself in someone else’s position to better understand them. The deputies who were able to do this not only were better at conflict resolution when dealing with inmates and other staff, but also had their personal lives in order.

    Before I retired, I volunteered to work as a rehabilitation deputy. In this position i was able to work with inmate who were trying to complete the program in order to lessen their time and fulfill their probation obligation. I conducted many interviews and worked closely with many in-custody women and men and I can tell you most of the people were in custody because they were very impulsive and never thought of the consequences of their actions. So again were back to emotional intelligence (insight and patience) were ingredients they didn’t implemented in their thought process. Thats why when they came to the program, I would ask them to tell me their story of why they were in custody. The first most common answer was to blame it on this person named “I don’t know”. When I tell them they can’t progress beyond me until they explain to me why they drove a car at a hundred miles an hour in a thirty zone causing injury, burglarizing elderly homes or driving drunk fort he fifth or sixth time. Eventually, they acquiesce and tell me after much embarrassment and it always came down to they just didn’t think about the consequences. Great channel, thank you for sharing, I am now a subscriber.

  4. and this will be a must have trait for the prospective woman I choose to court. This is an indicator of a grounded, fully fleshed out, self aware, accountable, adult. If anyone is a "slave" to their emotions head for the hills, its just a bullyish rationalization for how they will make excuses, and scapegoat out of for being completely volatile without apology because they down own up for the behaviors they choose to react through. We as humans are greater than any animals because we reason with logic, but when someone selfish cons you into thinking "you left me no choice but to be a b*tch/pr*ck, be warned that person will use you as a frustration punching bag because they have never embraced any concept of hard work, discomfort, or delayed gratification. Deal with babies as babies, not as baby behaving adults, its just wrong to enable that crutch for them, most likely never to grow out of and mature into something really obnoxious and still blame everyone else for their tantrums.

  5. Super great video, my problem is that I AM emotionally intelligent, so I KNOW how I'm feeling and what I need, but people around me assume I'm like everyone else and DON'T know, so they interpret what I say through the same filter that we need to use with most people, but then we have severe miscommunication because when they won't accept my words at face value, they get stuck on continually misinterpreting what I'm saying because it doesn't fit the model lol

  6. I define emotional intelligence as it reflects using methodologies that resonate with oneself to process effectively, efficiently, and with self-discipline the nuances of emotions (visualize a rainbow) anger through rage, fear through terror, and sadness through grief and processing enough of those nuances to get clear in our thinking. We can therefore better access our flexible intelligence and think clearly. I teach Peer Counseling and "Animated Laughter with Feelings" (I created it) as two methods to achieve this result. In addition, I wrote three books with the theme "I Dare to Heal". When we are hurt or traumatized the anger, fear, and sadness are three emotions that we must address. Attempting to address them cognitively and with behavioral methods are difficult. I teach the use of different types of breath to connect and discharge the nuances of emotion by way of "Animated Laughter with Feelings". It works..

  7. It is frustrating when you try to better yourself by being more self-aware about what you do and how it affects people, BUT others aren’t self-aware with themselves and you try to be tolerable but you know if you told them what they’re doing is frustrating others they won’t change

    They’ll go on saying stuff like, “oh if they don’t like me for who I am then I’m fine with it,” In all honesty the problem is not others, it is the one in denial and you can’t take it but you know they’re having problems so you try to be tolerable

    BUT OMFG they’re just insufferable with their hypocrisy, nosiness and their inability to keep secrets

    Making everything I’ve worked for to be a better person waste for this brings out my inner demons

    I need advice and help

    Help me

  8. Good post about children’s emotional intelligence

    “Children’s Emotional Intelligence During Early School Years” https://ekidz.eu/en/emotional-intelligence-school-children/

  9. Your voice puts me to sleep like not even in a bad way If I can’t sleep I just bang on one of your videos and i feel calmed

  10. Emotions are temporary(some last longer) states we exist in and are a (warning)sign that an exterior stimulus has triggered/ stimulated a thought which led to a feeling…. this state, if habitual, can led is to behave in a certain, predictable way if, and can also be used to help us survive (freeze, fight, fight, faint)..
    Becoming aware of the emotion and feeling in the body is important to develop the intelligence part.. to notice it and DELAY or realize the mental interpretation may not be truth or fact but our belief(opinion) about those and the possible outcome(s).. both fortunate and unfortunate situations produce thoughts, feelings and emotional states that led us to interpret or misinterpret the situations possible outcome..
    i.e. the farmer's story..
    One day a farmer's horse ran away into the forest and he could not find it.. later his neighbors came by, he told them about his horse and they said 'that's horrible' to which the farmer replied ' maybe '
    The next day the horse returned with 3 other wild horses, again his neighbors came by, he updated the story and the neighbors said 'That's wonderful ' to which the farmer replied 'maybe '
    The next day, the farmer's 20 year old son was trying to tame one of the wild horses, was thrown off and broke his leg, the neighbors that evening, hearing the story claimed 'that's awful ', again the farmer replied 'maybe '
    The next day, the army came into the village and gathered up all the young men to go fight in the war, however with the freshly broken leg the farmer's son was left behind, the neighbors heard the news and said 'that's wonderful ', And you understand now the farmer's reply…'maybe '
    Emotional intelligence does not mean you cannot emote, it simply means that interpretation you give to it may be inaccurate and that the response(behavior) others display, there may be an underlying issue that happens so fast they have no idea or may realize it later.. funny thing is something called fundemental attribution error.. we see someone behave a certain way(cut is off in traffic) we think, interpert them as an a-hole, it's a character flaw… however when we do it to someone else accidentally, we did not mean it, we realize it was maybe the situation/ circumstance or a mistake, not a character flaw or defect… we attribute the error previously to the character(who they are) of the person, however when we made the error, it was the situation/ circumstance not our character.
    Now for those who will read into this and say I'm saying it's ok for people to behave poorly, no.. they might need help in developing their emotional intelligence, they may not notice their behavior or reaction to a situation, (communication is 7% what we say, 35% how we say it and 58% body language when physically present during communication – that's why text/ e-mails are so easily misunderstood, so we add our understanding as truth without asking for clarity first, jump to conclusions), so their brain reads a situation and jumps to a conclusion and they react rather than respond to a situation.. helping them gain clarity by asking open ended questions and building rapport and allowing them to notice and challenge their thoughts with critical thinking while helping them understand being gentle with themselves is crucial.. take their/ your self talk to a level of encouragement, as you would any child learning to do something or re-learning to do something.. be gentle, kind and loving to yourself with encouragement… image if you we as harsh to a child learning to walk or ride a bike…. you or the other person is learning/re-learning something to be more effective with interacting with life… developing emotional intelligence for themselves and others…
    Again, I truly understand, sometimes the state of others does not allow them to hear you in the moment, and you Maddy not have the energy, will, want or time to be helpful, your living life also, however planting the seed with a thought provoking question that might sprout up later or just being kind/ understanding may be enough to be helpful.. if you notice yourself being triggered/irked by others (or this long explanation, lol) that is a great opportunity to work on your emotional intelligence, it's a continuous, inside out, discovery of effective way to relate in the various paradigms of life we move through throughout the day (general population, co- workers/co- students, extended family, parents, siblings, children, significant others and ourselves) and integrate how we perceive our communications with them considering the history, unresolved issues, their personal states…
    Sometimes viewing something simply as an opportunity rather than a challenge can help us develop emotional intelligence..
    Being gentle with yourself as you discover how can I see this in my mind differently. Use curiosity, rather than defensiveness, to defuse yourself as you sense yourself escalating emotionally…
    Just my sense of this topic.. thanks for reading it…

  11. Using the witch from left for dead as the crying was effective, but faintly distracting. Interesting video as always, thank you!

  12. Everybody in the comments is talking about how everyone in the comments says EI doesn't exist. Yet I don't see anyone stating the latter..

  13. I mean honestly analysing all my emotions is not at all helpful in feeling like a normal human who actually feels emotions. I feel like a logic robot.

  14. I take a spiritual view on this matter. I've had an innate awareness since I was a child so as I've got older my analytical mind and awareness tunes into behaviours naturally which is why I am always aware of genuine souls but equally not genuine souls who exist on a different level. I can spot them a mile.
    I'm polite but keep my distance always and never go any further to encourage any connection which doesn't connect with my soul too. If I venture out of this protection I soon weed myself away for good . I don't find it difficult to do that!

  15. I've always wanna talk about emotional intelligence but my parents are too busy, my classmates are not interested.
    Edit: 😔

  16. Emotional Intelligence is an ability in a person to interact with the secure (in fact politically correct) side of the society for personal benefit.

  17. How is emotional intelligence measured? What if someone is empathetic and perceptive, but weak and unmotivated? Are they emotionally intelligent? Can bad people be emotionally intelligent? Could emotional intelligence be used maliciously against others? It seems very abstract. So emotional intelligence is the ability to be empathetic and understanding. Reliable, compassionate and caring. Intuitive, supportive and patient. Well, we already have words for all those things. By calling them all 'intelligence', just different types, then the meaning of intelligence just got lost in the muddied waters. Cognitive ability is most reliable measured using the IQ test. This produces a tangible measurement which is highly predictive and actually means something. It is possible to have a low IQ and be a good friend. It is possible to have a high IQ and be a selfish cunt. Emotional intelligence allows EVERYONE to be intelligent in some way or other, rendering the term meaningless.

  18. Do you think Social engineering is a good way to improve emotional intelligence via this is your brain on drugs and songs promoting to stamp out smoking?

  19. i was and still above average emotional intelligent but i changed a lot i must be angry and dont understand and fight a few kind of unsupportable&unkind people… of course there is a reason behind everything every act and behaviour but being emotional intelligent is hard with all types and kind of fellow people.. being emotional intelligent is you are high emotional TOO

  20. Half of these people only commented to publicly mention and praise themselves on their high emotional intelligence.

  21. Emotional intelligence teaches you to take responsibility for your feelings. Also that offense is taken and not given. You decide what hurts you just like you decide what makes you feel good. Emotional intelligence helps you to become more conscious of this. Instead of reacting impulsively. Then blaming others for your reactions to your own emotions.

  22. I liked very much that you told that it needs to be inculcated in the culture. Thanks for compiling this video!


  24. Red Pill 💊👌👀 love is an emotion and emotions change, Love changes!
    No narcissism supply for you assols

  25. The 3 Words Used By Highly Emotionally Intelligent People https://www.forbes.com/sites/palomacanterogomez/2019/05/02/the-3-words-used-by-highly-emotionally-intelligent-people/#69e089196d78

  26. Aristotle once wrote (paraphrase) to understand anything you have to start at their beginnings and follow them through to see why they are the way they are.

    I was working on my graduate degree in Psychology and this was some of what I found. Psychology is defined as the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context. Psychology is actually not a single idea or school of thoughts but instead a collection of Psychologies or in other words there were a group of different people, each with very different histories who each wrote, from their own life's experience, their own psychology (study of mind and behavior). This is why we see that psychology can be projected onto a continuum where on one end of the continuum is the feeling/humanistic/Gestalt/Existential perspective while on the other end would be the thinking/ behavioral perspective. You would have to actually read the biographies of each of the originators of each of the different psychologies to understand each person's experiences that influenced their perception of life and how they translated that into a psychology.

    Psychology is a science. In the beginnings of science three guys were getting together and they shared the frustration that they couldn't study those things considered to be meta-physical. From this they decided to study those things of the physical world. They never, ever said that the meta-physical wasn't real, science was only to be a form of study. Science intentionally chose to ignore what is considered to be a large portion of reality. It would be much like a person choosing to ignore or not sense anything with the color blue. Imagine how you would perceive your existence if everything blue was not a part of your reality.

    Then, there were very specific and very influential happenings that greatly affected the base knowledge of much of humanity. These events created certain distortions in how humanity perceives reality. One would be Newtonian Physics. Remembering that psychology falls under the heading of "Science"… science generalizes its understandings across the entire field of scientific studies. Newtonian Physics made certain statements that simplified, disconnected one living being from other living beings. Then there was Rene Descartes "I think therefor I am" which pushed human beings into their heads AND emotions took an immediate back seat. Since science chose to ignore the metaphysical which God would fall under, this is why it is a mistake for religion and science to get into an argument that God does or does not exist. Now, we are going in the direction of Quantum Physics and also the works of Antonio Damasio PhD, Portuguese-American neuroscientist, who wrote "Descartes Error" has forwarded "I feel therefor I am". The problem is that for most people, their reality, their foundation, is based on past or previous distortions.

    The problem for humanity is that Science has been "made" to be the measurement of reality. That reality has made us very materialistic separated from each other, separated from our meta-physical self, and makes us completely a bio-mechanical machine. It isn't that Science isn't a noble study, it is just that it has been misunderstood by many and has created huge distortions in humanities perspective of our reality.

    I have had personal experiences where I have queried thousands of people about being what today would be called sensitives or past would be called psychic, mediums, empathy about what is their position was on the subject. The simple answer is that a large majority speak to being a sensitive but won't say that they are for fear of being declared "crazy"… this response is based in the effects of science.

    I have also come to see early life programming has an effect on our connection to the meta-physical. For instance, we are taught that God is this big burly white dude who throws lightning bolts and sends you to hell, while Near Death Experiences tell us something surely different. Or Spirits that we, since childhood, are taught that they are very scary and dangerous… take a look at how even Casper the Ghost gets beat up by his mean family or The Amityville Horror creates a certain perspective of spirits, but people described as sensitives tell us a very different story.

    Since this is a YouTube channel, I'll forward this using YouTube.
    Review Past Lives 20/20 documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMfsjXiZGis&t=16s ,
    Paranormal Encounter Episode 3 Past Live Regression https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uedrRBG8yBY&t=170s ,
    Past Life Regression Therapy – Saving the Orphanage Children https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBPhLZHERpE&t=63s .

    You could also go to the web site "OurPsychicLives.com" and I would recommend the story called "God Enhance Music". Read it and try it.

    Einstein when talking to one of his peers while discussing "telepathy" he said that "it probably has something to do with physics". During Einsteins time the study of the Occult was common place and Einstein wasn't denying telepathy but instead was trying to present a possible process.

  27. Difference between IQ, EQ and SQ – the Social Intelligence, and why SQ is the future!

    What is IQ, EQ & SQ ?


  28. This video is brilliant. Thanks for this clear, concise description. I have linked it to my video about how Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy helps teach us emotional intelligence.

  29. Emotional Intelligence: The 8 Evolutionary Steps to Master Emotional Skills https://www.forbes.com/sites/palomacanterogomez/2019/05/21/emotional-intelligence-the-8-evolutionary-steps-to-master-emotional-skills/#636fce7a6190

  30. I want to list an example.
    My mother.
    In my childhood my mother cared about our landlord for she was of old age. My mother never really took anything from her.
    And the time came when our landlord, who too acted like a second grandmother to my sister and I, got sick. My mother cared about her til the end. Her name was Marianne.
    Marianne was grateful to my mother and died in this House silently in her sleep.
    She gave us her cat and her house.
    Two gifts that my family and I will never forget. She had some relatives but they never visited her.
    And still sometimes try to claim the house. It's sad that her relatives think the property was of more worth than Marianne who baked cookies for us every X-Mas,
    or gave us easter eggs and bunnies a women who always communicated with her cat (her/our cat lived till the age of 23 years) a human being just like ourselves.

    And my point is that you can achieve great things with EI.
    You can build a more lovable World around yourself. A world where we understand each other and won't just gosspi so lightly about someone we never even talked to. A World you and I want to actually like to go out and socialize without wanting to shut ourselves into a computer generated unreal World.

  31. I just read an article on emotional intelligence I found interesting: https://spendingiq.com/2019/05/15/how-do-i-become-more-emotionally-intelligent/

  32. The 8 Simple Steps To Master Emotional Skills https://www.forbes.com/sites/palomacanterogomez/2019/07/02/the-8-simple-steps-to-master-emotional-skills/#3625d1f32386

  33. If everyone was taught to be emotionally intelligent, so many conflicts wouldn’t exist in our world.
    Less cruel people would exist and everyone would be much happier.

  34. This is SO inspiring.
    This is exactly what I have to say.
    I love it. It's simple and it's on time.
    Thanks for sharing

  35. "What is Emotional Intelligence?"

    It's something that the Jews that control American media made up in order to make their feminist creations feel better about being a bunch of whack job emotional ninnies. Anything to venerate worthless Western bitches. Emotional intelligence is an oxymoron. If you're being emotional you're NOT displaying intelligence.

  36. All people who want to let illegal aliens to the US are emotinaly intelligent, because they understand why they bring crime, violence and drugs. In the fact they ar all "good" people… just not everybody understand what lead them to do all that crimes…

  37. For example EI is: if you understand why someone call you idiot, then you are in fact intellingent… emotionaly

  38. Why do we instruct our Children about taking care of their body by eating vegetables, their teeth by brushing and flossing, looks by brushing hair and education by doing homework but very little on the much more important subject emotional intelligence. Thank you for this!

  39. The true function of our "education"/indoctrination system is to socially engineer the emotional intelligence out of us. It creates a hole in us, a bottomless pit…which we spend our entire lives trying to fill with materialism. It also fills us with fears that leave us knee-jerk reactive and susceptible to governmental fear campaigns. Emotional intelligence is the basis of good decision making for individuals and the masses, therefore a threat to the elite, who design our tacky, empty culture, and laugh as they feed of us.

    Check out this video https://youtu.be/pFf6_0T2ZoI and TEACH YOUR KIDS EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE ABOVE ALL ELSE!!!

  40. WOW… Well put together School of Life. I appreciate everything you do. I am addicted to your videos. Growing up fatherless and caring for a schizophrenic brother as a child I made all my decisions based on the way I felt during the moment which led to many unfavourable decisions. However, by now working on my behaviours and attitudes your videos are a blast of relief and a well of education. Keep up the good work.

  41. WTF I didn't know I am emotionally intelligent. I can see through lies, I can judge real emotions, I can see through poker faces with the slightest of body language. Like what, I've had this just by reading books. I think it's because in novels, emotions are explained in greater detail that my brain learned how to implement it in reality.

  42. This may sound strange – but reading manga enhanced my emotional intelligence and sometimes made me realise things I would have never realised had I never read manga. Seeing other people live out their lives and make mistakes, or trying to gather emotions in a scene from pictures alone, I can understand why the saying ' A picture paints a 1000 words exist'.

    If there's only one tragedy about manga today, it's that the artform of manga, or at least story telling medium has been kicked to the curve in favour of shallow writing, relationships, and infallible and predictable mary su and gary stu characters who we can learn nothing new from.

  43. It's still amaze me just how many people don't know about Rotogenflux Methods although many people increase their IQ of 22 points with it. Thanks to my pal who told me about it. I have my IQ score increased over 15 points.

  44. EI has been debated a lot at work lately. Funny how my colleagues that claim having high EI are always the most selfish, intolerant and cruel in the company.
    They like to read books and watch videos about it, but just for virtue signaling..
    One partucular case, a colleague of mine was having trouble with an application for a promotion.
    One of those that boasts about how good he is with EI loked very interested in helping him, but all he did was manipulate the situation and sabotage the whole application. I know he puts EI as a skill on his CV. Now, should I expose him, or use my EI to understand that he wrecked somebody's life and job, because he probably had some problems in the past ( like the rest of us, mortals, by the way) ?

  45. Just because you have education about emotions and how to interpret them better, doesn't mean you are emotionally intelligent.

  46. In my experience, Emotional Intelligence was invented as a corporate buzzword in the service based economy following the dot com bubble burst. It is used in hiring people for customer service jobs which is pretty much all that's left. Don't be surprised if your E.I. is tested in your next job interview.

  47. That make believe term is garbage. Controlling your emotions doesn't require intellgence it requires discipline and wisdom. Intellgence is strictly solving complex problems. You could use intellgence to control other people's emotions no doubt there, and manipulate them to do what ever you want. Trump's some good proof of that. To say it takes intellgence to control emotions is downs warrior stupid .

    Your fasination with primitive instincts and chemical reactions in the brain and trying to use it to make others feel better is also boardline stupid. It's like saying the deers emotional intelligence made it stand in my car head light. Though now control your worthless instincts and stop being a saggy titted man baby hahahah.

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