April 1, 2020
What Is Drop Shipping Part 1

What Is Drop Shipping Part 1

this video I’m gonna be explaining what
is dropshipping I mean this is probably something that you’ve been hearing all
over the Internet and in this video wanted me breaking down the methods for
you to follow along with me as we discuss what is dropshipping how can you
get started with drop shipping its drop shipping a profitable module business
module for you to follow and what you can expect from shopping what you can
expect from drop shipping just in general bear with me here some reason my
screen has gone all black I’ll try and fix that real fast and it erased my
drawing stay tuned up I’ll let this distract you
from the fact that I’m gonna be breaking it down for you in the set of the steps
for you to start it’s okay I don’t mind starting off the scratch so I want to
draw you a picture but I feel like visualization visuals is the best way
for people to learn that’s your audio learn it and just put your headphones in
and listen to the sound of my voice so what is dropshipping let’s draw the
first circle okay so this this is the wholesaler of where we will need to draw
w he wholesale now wholesale this is where we come in is going to be me and
you right here that’s why I can’t draw don’t let that distract you from what
I’m trying to teach you it’s very important so that’s us right here
that’s us as the wholesaler and what we’re gonna do is we’re going to come
over here we’re going to spend pretend that’s a dollar sign it’s another dollar sign it’s another
dollar sir so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
come over here we wanna spend money with this wholesaler and then when we get a
product that someone wants to buy we’re gonna come over here I’ll sell this for
retail price now the difference between wholesale and retail is wholesale is the
price that we buy it for me buy it 5-0 now once we buy it for a low price we
get in and draw another person so this person here is going to be our customer
and when a customer sees something that we that we want to buy and they’re
interested in it we’re going to sell it at retail price meaning that we’re going
to double possibly triple our money depending on the preference of what
we’re selling and once we do that we’ll want to get the customer let me draw see
here so you don’t get the fees the customer will buy it a retail price for
the money that we made for sounded at retail and then once we get this money
we’re going to go back in and we’re gonna rinse and repeat so the module is
us right here we spend money for a product that we buy at wholesale price
remember that is the lower price we put it out for the retail price right here
we double the profit margin normally a customer sees it they’re interested in
it they buy that retail price we get the money we keep that money and then down
here I’ll call this I’ll put an S stands for shipping my
shit shipping and we’re gonna use this money just a little bit not too much
money if you saw it at the right retail price this should cover the balance so
that you have enough money to buy it at wholesale price and also have enough
money to ship it but you also want to keep enough money where you remain
profitable then once we’re going to ship it to the customer and the customer will
be happy we’ll be happy everybody wins and we continue this business business
module for however long we decide so now you’re thinking well all this sounds
good but where do I get started how do I get started let me show you two websites
that you probably hear about a lot now the first website I’m going to show
you is one that we all know if you’re living in the United States or if you
live in across the world Amazon Amazon OH

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