March 30, 2020
What is Dell Boomi & How Does it Work? | The Cloud GURU Explains Middleware

What is Dell Boomi & How Does it Work? | The Cloud GURU Explains Middleware

hi my name is Martin McNichol CEO of
gurus and today I’ll talk about Boomi. So what are the signs that you
might need to automate moving data from one system to the other
hence needing a middleware? So, if you’re in a situation where you have people
that are dedicated on extracting data from one system and re-entering it in
another one to a point where they’re overflowed with work and that your
operations are affected, this calls for an intervention. A lot of time these
situations occur when the company’s growing – large number of orders that are
overflowing from their webstore and now they need to put them in their
accounting system to invoice and produce the goods. I used to call this and I
still call it swivel swivel chair integration, when you got an individual
in the middle swiveling from one system moving to the next transferring data, and
this is a recipe for disaster. Dell Boomi being a cloud-based
application really allows our customers that are in that situation to automate
the whole process transform the data in the middle to input it in the other in a
way that can scale with your operations some of our customers started with you
know not even you know a person full-time doing these operations they
decided to put Dell Boomi into their operations the investment was well worth
it from the beginning to make sure that the operations flowed properly thank you
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