April 7, 2020
What Is Conversion Rate Optimization? [ CRO ]

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization? [ CRO ]

Are you wondering have you been searching what the heck is cro? If we’re talking about conversion rate optimisation, then hey, you know what time it is. Are you a hub spot user looking for fun? and interactive education that helps you be better at HubSpot then welcome to Sprockets. Ah, that’s right. It’s your boy George B Thomas from sprockets on comm bring you yet another hub spot Educational video make sure you hit that subscribe button and the bell as well for instant notifications now Let’s get in to the good stuff in this video I’m gonna explain exactly what CRO is and why conversion rate optimisation is important for your company Make sure you stick around to the very end because I’m going to help you understand how to get into a CRO strategy mindset So today’s topic conversion rate optimisation. What is it? great question conversion rate optimization or CRO is the systematic process of increasing the percentage of visitors to your site Who take the desired? Action or actions you have in place for them to take pretty simple CRO is simply a focus on finding the ways you can increase conversions with the audience that is already visiting your website now Conversions could be clicking a call-to-action filling out a form Downloading an asset or engaging with your chat box. So how do you get more of those visitors to take those actions? That’s where a conversion rate optimisation strategy comes into play. Why is it important for your company? Well, you know that producing online traffic through SEO Referral links social media and paid search as an investment in time and money But those efforts can be wasted if your site isn’t converting visitors into leads and customers rather than focusing on content for content sake turning your attention to creating what your customers need and what will get them to convert means your marketing team is more efficient news or a Vanity metric that doesn’t matter if those viewers aren’t taking the next steps those actions that you need them to take So how can you use conversion rate optimisation for your marketing and sales efforts great question Let’s dive into that today rather than offering you an example or two of CRO in this video I’m gonna lay out a method to help you get into the conversion rate optimization mindset now This might feel a little bit like a scientific process. You probably learned way back in high school or college You’re making observations and predictions conducting tests Examining the results and revising your approach accordingly So the first step is the preliminary research you’ll want to decide which online actions are significant to you to establish your KPIs Based on those desired actions, of course it’s critical that your team understands your buyer personas ideal client profiles and the individual goals of your Company then use your KPIs for key performance indicators to calculate your conversion rate That’s the total of number conversions divided by the total number of site sessions next create your hypothesis You’re going to want to develop a testable Hypothesis to focus your potential CRO marketing techniques on which tweaks to your website will result in major Increases in your conversion rates which will be incremental remember to be specific and realistic marketing is all about testing and iterating which brings me and us to the next step put your Hypothesis to the test take benchmark measurements so You know where you’re starting set your significance level sample size and test duration then create a B tests focus on one variable at a time a B not ABCD efg Anyway, you get it once you understand this portion. Consider multivariate testing That’s where you make more than one change at a time now for the next step analyze your results figure out if your hypothesis was right or off the mark what went well and What fell short then make the changes dependent on those answers? Here’s an encouragement a failed test is as valuable of a learning experience as a successful one No, really it is Why is that because you know? What doesn’t work so don’t see a failed hypothesis as a failure see it as a step forward finally revise Rinse repeat find a new hypothesis find two new variables re-examine your KPIs Whatever you need to do to continue improving your conversion rates that my friends is the backbone of a conversion rate Optimisation strategy now that you know what conversion rate optimization is and why CRO is important to your business Make sure you’re implementing it for your company’s success Don’t forget to subscribe and hit that bell before you go and I have to ask Did you like this video want to get more actionable sales? marketing and service tutorials updates interviews and more Are you ready to be part of the fastest growing community of HubSpot users on the planet then head over to sprocket talk Comm pick the package that is right for you and keep on learning and last but certainly not least Make sure you’re being a happy helpful humble human and along the way make sure you’re doing some happy hub spotting Oh

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