March 29, 2020

100 thoughts on “What Is Blue Ocean Strategy?

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  2. The most successful people is the one who is a pit with 1 mile Depth who knows a lot about 1 thing) not who is a ocean with 1 inch depth(who knows little things about everything)
    Thank you

  3. I’m mentally done with working for others I agree with the brutal truth you speak. Watching your videos showed me motivational vids are not the key for motivation.

  4. Entrepreneurs want to compete with everyone in a saturated market, following the same plans, processes and approach. Why compete when one can create? Because it is more time consuming? Efforts? Capital? How can one face the challenges of the competition when they cant even face the challenges of opportunities? My two cents. 😊

  5. Your team is excellent! Get to see very creative videos, at cool spots along with golden pieces of wisdom from you Dan!

  6. Last night, the book I read mentioned 'blue ocean strategy'. And now you have recently uploaded a video about it. This is a sign that I have to learn about this.

  7. The strength of a Red Ocean Strategy is familiarity. I've made strides mixing a Red Ocean (award-winning venues) and Blue Ocean (custom transport, meal, entertainment in 1 evening).

  8. Thanks Dan. Can you please talk about how you applied the Blue Ocean strategy to your coaching, consulting and information product businesses?

    Love your content!

  9. So many comments but who is actually attempting to swim in the blue ocean? Do more than know what it means, stop swimming with the sharks 😎

  10. Bro you are KILLING IT! I watch every single video of yours and you make me believe in myself the way i have never believed. Thanks for the amazing content and information you are providing us with. Keep it up my man!!!

  11. The way I try to be different is that when I talk to customers I don't get them to say "yes". I work towards getting them to a point where they don't have the chance to say "no". The only answer then is "yes".

  12. Dan reduced my journey to success by 5 years. I haven't quite had a big success yet, but I am moving forward and get pass some entry levels and accelerating very very fast. Can't be done all by myself. You'll have a picture on my wall, very soon. My Great Mentor.

  13. I'm 16 and you are my role model so badass yet so professional I hope one day I can be like you love from South Africa

  14. I see everything as a point in a series of steps when a particular method should be tested, invested and applied. So when someone inexperienced start to think:
    -hey I have to try the blue ocean strategy…
     and lets say that someone build an online service for companies that does something nobody else do or there is someone that does this but they take a huge fee for a company to use it. Then you have the issue with that people don't know that they can use this service and that it would help their company and make things easier for their customers. Lets say you have this service and invest your money for programmers to develop it. It is finally finished and hurray it works. Now you try sell it to everyone and you quickly start to realize that your blue ocean startegy is really hard to sell.
    So with the point in a series of steps for someone to jump ahead to a point they're not ready for yet is illogical to me. Learn to market first and then jump on any attempt on blue ocean strategy. The number one thing to start with is just model what most youtube marketer does and that is create value, create value, create value. Create videos and build your brand as yourself and you can make your subscribers do anything if they trust you.

  15. Another best sharing idea from you Dan,. Thank you very for this as always.,.
    Your explanation about blue ocean strategy really stuns me,.

  16. Is there any different between copywriter and content writer Dan? It's kinda blurry concept. Thank you for all the values you provided!!!

  17. Hi Dan. I’ve been following you and watching some of your videos, last months videos, last year video, last 2/3 years videos. Yet, I’ve never seen your video in this condition. I know you’re trying to improve your video presentation but it provides noice which kinda interrupted. Plus your video graphics and color are not so good. Sorry if my recommendation is too straight forward but it’s for the better us. Thanks.

  18. Damn, I just checked your sub count. I been here since top 1000. It’s amazing how fast you have blown your channel up. Amazing work bro 👊🏼

  19. You helped me a lot and I thank you for that
    I started watching your videos about three days ago and i can see the benefits of your advice about marketing and the video about body language thanks very much and I hope I can close a deal in this weekend
    Thanks 👌

  20. Liking these scenic directions. This was quite the creative way to introducing a profound lesson. Takeaway: So basically, don't compare yourself. Be yourself, only, and dominate. Thanks, Sifu!

  21. Sifu, is the 'Me Only' similar or even the same as a High Income Skill in regards to a person being the only one to offer a service that is high in demand?

  22. Hey Dan .I recon you should make a app with your motivational quotes on it.Close to a mill subs, thats alot of active users.

  23. I love the blue ocean strategy! 🦈 Thing is, THAT’S where people are scared to go! To go blue, you have to have balls!

  24. Nice Strategy, but whats about with all these Tenders which we have to fill out? There is no room to be different on the tender except the price. Here in Austria or in Germany all big companies love to sent out tenders filled out with all there needs. Therefore it's very diffcult to use another strategy instead of to be the cheapest one with the same service as everybody can offer.

  25. sir i have a question, if i invested my money for some products, but it havent been sold till now, should i invest my last money for another products that will sold faster than the first one?

  26. Now I can see where all these online guys are getting their sauce from. They call him Don Lok cause He got tha Master Key.♦️🔥♦️ thank you.

  27. @dan what rout is good for one who is in school but is totally undecided on what to do after graduation , actually i am studying a courses that has less than 60% chance i would likely not get a job but really always feel at disadvantage since i started this five year program at college

  28. I remember I've read way back 5 yrs ago the book called Blue Ocean Strategy Techniques which is considered as very technical book in marketing..but you've discussed in a simple and clear way..thanks sifu

  29. Hey Dan. I like what you do and you are a great role model to me. Keep up the good work. I love to close. I am a good closer and I've been working in retail. My next step is real estate. I want to invest in real estate but before that I want to get my license. I also sell online. Is this a good start of entrepreneurship? What do you think?

  30. you all can skip the log drawn out blowhard book now. he taught you in 4 minutes what took me a workdays worth of reading. I like the concept, but seriously, that book should have been 90 pages max.

  31. I wrote my bachelor thesis many years ago about how the real estate market in Sweden could implement a blue ocean strategy in their market approach. Your video probably summed up blue oceans and red oceans.

  32. Excellent video. Exactly my thoughts. It is far from easy being a "Me only" business though. Either your concept is unique or you put a completely new spin on something that already exists.

  33. Dan, we like you so much. But watching this video was shocking .. you forgot to give complete credit to this content's authors. That is so unethical, you sounded like you owned those words.. Thanks for your videos, much of them are awesome.

  34. You should really acknowledge the founders of Blue Ocean Strategy rather than just make it looks like come out from you!

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