March 31, 2020
What is Albion Online?

What is Albion Online?

Albion online is a Sandbox MMORPG in which you get to write your own story instead of just following a laid-out path Explore a vast, open world, consisting of different unique biomes Everything you do has an impact on the world, as in our player-driven economy every piece of equipment is crafted by players from resources gathered by players The equipment you wear defines what you are Switching from knight to magician is as easy as swapping your armor and weapon or be a combination of the two Venture out into the world or into dungeons and face Albion’s inhabitants and wildlife Go on expeditions to encounter even more challenges Fight other players in open world clashes Fight over territory- or city control in tactical group battles Relax by retreating to your personal island Build a home. Grow crops. Raise animals. Join a guild! Everything is more fun when you work together Leave your mark in the world In Albion, everybody matters

88 thoughts on “What is Albion Online?

  1. hope Albion finds a good igm sink. otherwise in 1year It will be impossible for new players to get into the game in. cause everything will cost sooo much

  2. please dont be p2w please dont be p2w please dont be p2w please dont be p2w please dont be p2w please dont be p2w please dont be p2w please dont be p2w please dont be p2w please dont be p2w please dont be p2w please dont be p2w please dont be p2w

  3. Is this game buy once to use on all platforms?

    If I have 2 different computers and a tablet, would I have to buy this game 3 separate times or only once?

    If it is not once for all platforms, than no thanks.

  4. 0:03
    Come on… With that video clip I can't be the only one who heard "… in which you get to ride your own hor- Oh, write your own story!"

  5. lies lies lies u have to pay to win and pay to play i can play a way better game for free online and no money needed so uh nice advertising my boi cuz u aint gonna get a lot of money of this ur just trying to copy World of Warcraft besides i rather play that

  6. 3 Things:

    The moment I saw it, it looked like something new and decent with a good overall gameplay.

    The moment I read the comments and saw "P2W" (Pay to Win; Basically to get the best stuff, you pay to be the best) my eyes went onto a new video right away.

    The moment I saw people asking do we have to pay and such, if so your player base won't even make it. World of Warcraft, Runescape, Minecraft, Black Desert Online is already enough to steal your players. You make it free, you bring in a crowd.

  7. stop saying "oMG iTs pAy 2 wIN" it costs money to get, no developer with a brain would make a non free game pay2win

  8. This game isn't pay to win in the sense that you lose everything when you die. Everything in this game is disposable

  9. you know this discription has been given for sand boxish games for a long time i have as yet to see this scenario play out though, since most of the time its turns into none stop troll and harasment

  10. reminds me of oldschool runescape with better graphics but simplistic. But all this pay to win shit turns me away.

  11. Open world sandbox MMORPG? why are they saying the same thing 3 times?

    ALSO, how can you write your "Own story" in an MMORPG? What are they going to do what Guild Wars 2 did? I miss single player games. At least with them, you can trust the phrase "write your own story" to an extent.

  12. sounds great, but the graphics are way to wow-comic'y and there are actual other games like eve online where you have an economy system like that

  13. Seeing the Albion part, I was under the impression that this might be another new game about Fable.
    Nope, we're just stuck with the shitty Hearthstone clone.
    Why can't we just have a new Fable game akin to Fable II? Why did Lionhead have to die? Where do babies come from?
    Excuse me. Completely unrelated to this generic looking game (in the top-down formula I personally despise).

  14. Isn't there a simular game like this one in MMORPG, that's free to download and play?
    That you can also join a guild with other players online ad a different network.

  15. If I was younger/had the time I would be ALL OVER THIS. It gives me Fable crossed with early Galaxies vibes, and that seems incredible.


    -I'm not playing it any longer
    -It's nothing like Ultima Online
    -There are quests, it's not without story or direction, but you can go wherever you want and ignore the quests (it'll cost you some gear and special stuff though)
    -You can only build on islands that you buy, not in the open world
    -The world is not actually open. It's not open-world. The world is in sections with loading screens between them. And the sections are not big enough, IMHO, to be called open-world.
    -Buildings are not customizable whatsoever
    -The crafting becomes ridiculous with materials making no sense and requiring insane quantities
    -Only select things are gatherable, and respawn after a while
    -It is not sandbox in the least
    -Their servers are awful

    All this game ACTUALLY is, is a PVP game with extremely basic crafting. It is NOT a sandbox RPG make-your-own-story kind of deal. Terrible advertising and rude Developers.
    The game isn't terrible at all, but I'm very disappointed compared to what I was thoroughly advertised.

  17. Is this game free now ? Because it let me download the game withouth buying anything. When i click get Albion now, it just shows me some packs, which are just extra i guess ?

  18. I'm very disappointed, this looked so promising. I hope nobody is dumb enough to pay money to these devs. no Pay2Win game [aka – game that offers unfair advantage to extra-paying customers], should be making any money at all. it's a ridiculous monetisation scheme and a disgrace to gaming.

  19. Original "Every piece of equipment is crafted by players from resources gathered by players"
    Steam Version "Almost every piece of equipment is crafted by players from resources gathered by players"

  20. Dont buy into the "P2W" bullshit, completely enjoyable game, and i can guarantee that 90% of the game is unaffected by people who spend money on this game, and the people who spend money are under at least 2% of the games population. Everybody sees the gold system, but nobody wants to play through the actual game and experience it. I have 200+ hrs and can confirm i havent run into one instance where "P2W" has effected me at all.

  21. I bought it when it came out, because I loved the Fable games… sadly this has nothing to do with it and was just a great disappointment to me :/

  22. This reminds me so mush of the game Silver ! anybody played this back in the day

  23. At least its not a vr mmorpg…. if your not a weeb you wont understand this…. and tbh sao isnt even a good anime xD

  24. Este video yo lo vi doblado al español como publicidad en YouTube, pero no lo encuentro ahora que quiero buscarlo

  25. O JOGO TEM UM BUG,após jogar por alguns minutos os efeitos de magia do meu personagem somem e os efeitos nas configuracoes estao ativos e mesmo assim não sai efeito nenhum nem o efeito do ataque basico das armas da pra ver.

  26. THANK YOU. The first ad in my life that actually does try to sell the produkt with information about the produkt. This is the only ad i am not going to skip.

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