April 7, 2020
What is AirPOS?

What is AirPOS?

hi there I’m Kate from airpos and
today we’ll be showing you how to set up your airpos account and also all your
point-of-sale hardware like your receipt printer barcode scanner and payment
devices at AirPOS we make point-of-sale and ecommerce software for
independent retailers that helps them to sell in their shop and also online
whilst managing their inventory and a whole lot more besides setting up
purpose is a very simple process but if you need help we’re always available to
support you thousands of retailers have set up AirPOS themselves and we’re
sure you can – to start with we’re going to create an airpos account which you
can do at any time through our website at airpointofsale.com simply enter
your details in our signup form to get started with your free trial follow the
steps through the signup process creating your employees locations and
devices as you go you’ll also create your first category and product for sale
during signup which will help us in setting up everything else after the airpos back office is your management portal where you add products change
prices and view reports the airpos app access your till screen to process sales
to your customers when you make changes in the airpos’s back-office like
changing a products name for example those changes get automatically updated
in the airpos app when you make a sale in the airpos app the sale gets
automatically recorded in the earth Post back office so you can see it in your
reports so next we’re going to get the air pass up from the app store on our
iPad this is as simple as clicking on a link on the air Post website or
searching in the App Store for our paws for Android users this process is
exactly the same except you’ll search through Google Play instead install the
app and then login using the CM details you use to create your air plus a kite
night at the Alfa’s set up and connected to your air cost back-office we’re going
to set off our point-of-sale hardware again this is a simple
and one that we’ve helped thousands of retailers to do over the years don’t
worry if you’re not technical you’ll get there we promise to start
once we have a lovely bright yellow iPad stand and cash drawer cover we’re going
to put our iPad in the holder on our cash drawer and it’s cover now we’re going to set up our estate
printer in this case we’re using the star TSP 143 III u printer but there are
also other options available such as bluetooth and network printers we know
this printer as we can simply plug it into our iPod and get set up quickly and
it will also charge our tablets which is great one less annoying wire right now
we’re going to plug our cash drawer into the printer as the cash drawer uses the
printer to automatically open after each transaction
neither the printer and cash drawer are plugged in we’re going to tell the air
pass at which printer were using so that we can print receipts we’re going to use barcodes to help us
sell more quickly and to manage our inventory better to do this we’re going
to set up a Bluetooth barcode scanner the socket move eyes 7ci
the socket mobile scanner is portable and also takes batteries so you have no
need to worry about charging it constantly to start with let’s turn on
our scanner and let’s get it ready to purr with the iPod it’s a Bluetooth
scanner so there is no need for wires or plugs pressing down on the power button
for a few seconds we’ll get our scanner ready to pair night at the scanner is
ready we’re going to open the setting up on our iPad and switch on Bluetooth if
we need to the socket mobile scanner is Nayan our device list so we’ll select
that now that the scanner is perd with the iPad we’re going to tell the air
force up that we want to use the socket mobile scanner to scan barcodes to do
this we open the air cross up go to the settings in the app and press on the
button that says add socket mobile scanner lastly we need to set the socket
mobile scanner to iPad mode this is as simple as scanning a barcode in the air
Plaza an eye we’re ready to use our barcode scanner our pulse allows us to
take credit card debit card contactless and mobile phone payments from right
inside the airport through our partners at PayPal and I settle this makes
payments fast and eliminates mistakes such as entering cash payments as card
and vice versa making life a lot easier for staff especially at busy times

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