November 19, 2019

What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work? 🤷‍♂️

boom hey what’s happening my friend
it’s Cameron Malcolmson here in this video I’m gonna show you how much money you can actually make with affiliate marketing and you can see here I actually
typed in questions to do with affiliate marketing and I came across this here
report and it was on Awin dot com Awin is an affiliate network based in
the UK and it’s a huge huge affiliate network so these are some of the
questions that they had and the answers that they had as well so and this is
what I wanted to show you because it kind of really got me excited and that
that’s why I wanted to share with you so you can see it says how much growth is
protected for the Affiliate industry now it says here data gathered in 2018
showed that affiliate marketing spend in the UK has increased by 15% while in the
u.s. it’s predicted to grow by 62% from 2015 to 2020
that’s a 10.1 percent annual growth on spend expected to continue now if I had a
graph to show you my friend it would start somewhere down here and for
me the graph would be going up it would be going up so that tells you that
this isn’t a dying industry it’s grown and more and more people are coming
online so it gives you the opportunity to get in front of these people here are
searching and spend the money on the internet because there gonna do anyway so why not you be there front of them so this is what this is sort of
explaining is that there is a 10.1% annual growth on
spend expected to continue now it says is affiliate marketing still expanding and well last year it says they expect the growth on spending
to increase affiliate marketing is certainly still expanding and growing
affiliate marketing an influencer marketing have been ruling the world of
Marketing so what does that tell you that it’s saying that out of the marketing online
and stuff like there compared to like you know businesses doing there own Marketing lets says eCommerce stores marketing their own stuff and things like this here now it says here that influencer an affiliate marketing
have been ruling in the world of marketing so this tells you that that these guys
are probably driving a lot of traffic between them and have a lot of control
and they’re what they’re doing so I’m saying that influencer marketing is a
good thing to get in on but I’m not telling you that we’re gonna be
influencers here we’re gonna be affiliate entrepreneurs you’re gonna be
an Affiliate entrepreneur if you feel like this is what you want do and like
it says here and that’s potent combination looks set to continue on the
growth curve by utilizing both methods and tangent expect to see affiliate
marketing go from strength to strength now what we cover on is everything affiliate marketing and that falls under Internet Marketing
an internet marketing comes down to two things
and that’s traffic and conversions now it says here says affiliate marketing
make sure that you get more conversions so this is what I’ve been honing in on
the past few days was the conversion blueprints and how we set that all up
now when it comes to influencer marketing that helps you get a wider
reach and target audience now a little bit later on I’m gonna let you
into this private influencer network now it’s a private only one and not many
people know about it but it’s run by a guy who Forbes ranked him
as number one influencer and that’s guy built his influencer agency from nothing
right up to a huge huge agency where loads of different accounts and all
different niches and you can go and ask him and
pay him some money and he’ll put your stuff and get you in front of a lot a
lot of people for pennies on the dollar so wouldn’t worry about you know becoming an influencer and stuff like that there but how much you can make it all
comes down to affiliate market and making sure that you get more
conversions and then when it becomes to making more money we’re gonna go you can go this private influencer Network and tap into thousands and thousands of
people like it says here reach a wider target audience so this is a later on
down the line we’re gonna be doing this type of thing but the whole video is all on
how much money you can actually make with Affiliate Marketing and like I’ve showed you here now that there’s a 10% annual growth expected to happen more
and more people are spending money affiliate marketing an influencer Marketing have been ruling the world of Marketing and with these two Potent combinations you can expect to see affiliate marketing go from strength to strength so you’re
pretty much hitting all the key areas here when we look at these two things
were in a booming industry it’s on the upraise so it’s not going down the drain more and more people are coming online it’s a big thing
that’s happening you can see here we’re covering conversions which is the the
key part of affiliate marketing is conversions then later on I’m going to
let you tap into as private influencer Network which is a huge huge network
that when you’re privately invited into it you can actually get really
really good connections with good Instagram accounts and other accounts
mostly Instagram accounts where you can get in front of all these people so if you
just let that sink in for a little minute and think of it out there em
it’s huge this is something why I think I
seen a potential and this is where this has really brought it to the surface and
why I wanted to do this video because like I said the there’s money to be made
and the the opportunity has never been better as well so I actually taped in how much can you make with affiliate marketing now it’s not a set specific on exactly how much you could make but you can see here
it says while you can start making money in the first couple of months I usually
tell people to leave it at least six to twelve months before you can expect
enough income to quit your job so you know it’s not a get-rich-quick
scheme and affiliate marketing is kind of like would you rather have $100 right
now or would you rather have five dollars every single month for the rest
of your life now affiliate marketing is kind of like the
second option and it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme but when you start
to build up and build up and get more more MORE there’s different methods and that there which we’ll be talking about the later on autchally building passive income
which is money continually coming in before any extra work so that’s that’s
gonna we’re gonna be talking about a little bit later but then you can see here
when I scroll down you can see here now it says can you make good money from
affiliate Marketing and it says here yes you can make good money
though affiliate marketing it says good money and you can even make
money while you sleep now making money while you sleep as huge because
you know depending on what you’re doing right now whether you’re in a job or
you’re you’re a freelancer or something like this here and ability to make money
while your sleep is unbelievable and it’s really really effective online when
you start to build an internet business and specifically an affiliate marketing
and if you’re following the conversion blueprints like this is this is your
engine that’s gonna run your business alright my friend so where I stay on smart passive income dot com and this is a guy called Pat Flynn’s income breakdown and this guy I think he made like 2 million last year or something like that there it says on his
website but you can see here this is one of his monthly breakdown of what he made
and what was paying him so you can see here it says his is gross income
$167,553.31 and then his expenses was $45,000 now these are big big numbers but you can go to his actual income reports and you can scroll way
down to 2008 and in 2008 when he started doing these here he was actually
making I think it was $7000 it was the first time come report it done he made
about $7,000 and this is what you can get to so once you get to that level and
then you know how you’ve done it and ever since that there he’s grown and
this is his latest one and in his latest one he made one hundred and sixty seven
thousand five hundred and fifty three then this guy is like a super affiliate
and I’m not saying that we’re gonna make them numbers but this is what’s possible
and then you can see here his affiliate earnings he made what was it one thousand three hundred and five dollars from Aweber then he made best year ever by micheal hyatt isn’t it and he made twenty two thousand two hundred and fifty nine
dollars from Bluehost in me at $27,000 from Bonjour oh he made 24 bucks you
know they all add up convertkit he made $36,000 that month from was that create awesome online courses he made three thousand leadpages he made six
thousand and you know and these are all different these are multiple sources of
income so he’s getting paid from all these different companies and he also
has book sales here so he has let it go ebook amazon condo he made $72 then he says will at fly audiobook he made was at $1,200 then he has Course sells so he has his own courses that he sells then he has specific niche sites so he has green
exam academy products product sales a thousand bucks there
these other niche sites then he has podcast and you can see all so
you can see here it says his total expenses was thirty nine thousand six
hundred and forty seven twenty one minus nine hundred 9290 professional services
it was thirty nine thousand six hundred forty seven so this is expenses broken
down here so what he had to pay for was certified public accountant he had to
pay for a developer that’s a website developer do your coding like this is
when you get big big like and then he had to pay for developers assistants and
writers content team lawyer and legal fees office space rental his office
space was like $1600 payment servers was a thousand transcripts transcriptions
that was five hundred bucks there but video filming and editing was five
thousand five hundred so his net profit was one hundred and twenty seven
thousand nine hundred and six dollars he made in one month and this is just an income report to give you an idea of kind of when you get really big
but this guy started off if you look at his income reports he got two
seven thousand that’s when he started and he’s grown and growing up and
growing up to this and you can see where he all got paid from and all those
different income streams that made up over a hundred K and this is what I
wanted to share him my friend I hope you like that I also left the training as
well below that really teaches you the deep dive strategies on I see how you
build this whole thing like an absolute champ and I’ll see you in the next one
make sure I’m watch out for the next one because we’ll be going onto something
really really cool that I don’t think you want miss have a great one my friend
I’ll see you later peace

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