April 10, 2020
What is a Shopify Collection || Shopify Help Center 2018

What is a Shopify Collection || Shopify Help Center 2018

This video discusses what a Shopify collection
is. A collection allows you to organize products
into structured groups. This is beneficial for both organization in
your admin, but also beneficial for customers browsing your online store. If you run an online athletic store for women,
some examples of collections might be “women’s fashion”, and “athletic accessories”
showing the different products in each section. Then, if you’d like to get even more specific,
you can create an additional subset of collections like “leggings” and list it under women’s
fashion, or “fitness tracker” under “athletic accessories”. After you create a collection and add it in
your store’s navigation, it shows on your online store as a gallery of the products
within the collection. Your customers then click on a product image
to visit a specific product page for further details and to add to cart. By creating navigation menus, and adding links,
you help direct customers through your online store in an organized fashion. For more details on creating menus and adding
links, check out the help articles linked below. There are two types of collections you can
create; manual and automated. A manual collection includes the specific
products that you choose and manually upload. The collection always contains the same products
unless you add or remove them. An automated collection uses conditions to
include products that match the conditions you make. This means you create “rules”, to be applied
against any product in your inventory. For example, if you have a product that includes
a tag that says “tracker”, and you also have an automated collection with a condition
that says “product tag” “is equal to” “tracker”, this product is automatically
added to that collection. For step-by-step instructions on how to create
both manual and automated collections, stay tuned for more tutorials and be sure to subscribe
to the Shopify Help Center Youtube channel for weekly updates. Feel free to comment below, Shopify would
love to hear from you!

7 thoughts on “What is a Shopify Collection || Shopify Help Center 2018

  1. The "Collection Type" (Manual or Automatic) doesn't exist on my collection as it shows on yours. More than that (with Automatic), the "Product Tag" being equal to (whatever tag is entered) doesn't follow those rules. I only have 'one' Collection and it's the Home Page.

  2. Why can I see the collection but I can't add products? The products are in my inventory, on my product list, but when I click on "add to collection" the collection I want to add it to doesn't appear.

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