April 4, 2020
What If You Could Get AirPods For Only $40?

What If You Could Get AirPods For Only $40?

so I’m sure all of you have a heard of the Apple earpods they might be the most popular fully wireless earbuds on the planet apparently Apple can’t keep them in stock people love them but here’s the thing they’re kind of pricey 159 bucks they’re not gonna be for everyone and so you might still want the almost air pod experience for a lot less money and that’s where this comes in this is the mini HP Q – I ate tws a fully wireless earbud that looks like denticles of apples air pods I ordered this from one of those Chinese e-commerce sites I don’t remember it might have been DHgate or Aliexpress I paid somewhere in the neighborhood of about 40 bucks for these we’ll see if this is any good or not could be a complete nightmare but if you’re looking for air pods on the cheap this might be the way to do it what does it say in the back hbq with charging case immediately this is bigger that’s quite a bit I have some legit air pods here you can see they are not identical this one still pocketable still smaller than the pixel buds container the other difference that you can see right away I can show Willie do over here the air pots of course they use the proprietary lightning connector this hbq mini I ate situation is micro USB and also there’s a difference on the back here would be shape of the container what else is in the pack let’s see micro USB cable to charge it up a user manual what else do you want do not overuse all right well you get 10 minutes a day it’s enough music for you okay I don’t know I don’t know what they mean by that keep away from Wi-Fi no Wi-Fi anymore throw your router out the window you got the CheapOair pods now who needs a router to stream the music cool I mean yeah regular Apple earpods and the knockoff version from China over here so this is magnetic on the air pods very satisfying of course you’ve probably seen these before comes out slips in it’s charging now once it’s in there this version there’s a click – it’s not magnetic not quite as satisfying now I see some LED lights that I’m assuming implicate charging look at that I see red I see blue and is something else in the bottom here you can see these two little prongs that’s how the charging takes place you can see the other contact points on here official airpot on that side and there’s the hbq on the other quite quite similar now obviously if you know what you’re looking for you can tell the difference immediately nonetheless they’re pretty much the same let’s check out the fit you know if anything I would say the hbq has a slightly better fit for my ear that is bizarre it’s isolating sound more the air pod is a little bit loose for me so I can still really hear my surroundings so far so good now I notice that this earbud it has a button on the side of it in fact both of them do I’m guessing we have to manually power these outlets let’s test this out oh there it is HB q i8 tws connected battery 100% that’s good why do I feel like it’s only gonna be the right ear bud right now I only connect to one or the other pairing with one ear bud why would you want to pair with one ear bud double click either side to enter pairing mode okay so long as you power them up at the same time you’re all good this button here it acts as a play/pause button or an answer phone call button both of them are working right now not terrible I mean maybe let’s just connect the airport’s do an a/b test right here oh there we go okay cool the official air pod sound a little bit better I mean not that I expected anything different I mean these are quite a bit more expensive than these you could get four pairs of these instead of these these do work granted pairing situation let me give it one more test here okay so I’m gonna disconnect says it’s connected to the old ones okay let’s go yeah yeah so the button works for play pause these get the job done they really do they sound better or at least as good as whatever earbuds like we’re included with your phone but of course fully wireless and they have stayed connected they’ve maintained this dual connection I haven’t had the one earbud thing happen anymore no this I mean this is obviously a copy right I mean they took this they try to make something close to it so you have to treat it as such it’s functioning maybe a little bit beyond what my expectation was from a sound quality perspective I just at Loic patience to begin with now when it comes to charging it back up drop it in here the light turns blue just like the air pods the battery inside of the case will be responsible for charging the ear button now the battery they’re saying is 60 ml amp hours and the DA is another 950 that’s substantial maybe it’s not so bad maybe this is a little beyond my expectations you know sometimes you look at a product some sort of a knockoff what was the last one we did we had the impostor version of the galaxy s 9 the clone thing was a nightmare but in this range you’re getting nothing close to an air pot for 40 bucks you’re dead set on that look but you just can’t put the bill on the real deal maybe the knockoff versions for you I can’t speak to the reliability I mean it’s amazing what you can find out there including this right here you decide let me know in the comments would you take a chance or something like that are you steering clear

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  1. The AirPod "inspired" earbuds in this video are also stocked on Amazon from time to time. Check back at this link for inventory – http://amzn.to/2BpwZby

  2. Lol not to be rude but you didn’t sell them I retired my 3rd market Bluetooth EarPods lol for AirPods ! Love yourself a bit you can’t spend money when you’re in the upper room lol

  3. Question is, is the sound trash or pretty close to good as apples sound quality?, haha someone please reply because I’m thinking about buying the cheaper alternative 😬

  4. I love my AirPods ! Like LOVE. Just perfect. I see most people saying they’d be easy to lose & I initially thought same. But why would you treat these any diff than any headphones ? Do you just forget you have em on ? Their either in your ears or in the case. Haven’t had any issues with losing them. Either way you can use find my iPhone for them too.
    Glad Apple lets you buy single ones if you do end up losing one or damaging it.

  5. By the way. I’ve unfortunately dropped one of my AirPods into the sink twice & horribly once in the toilet 😪😪 . They didn’t & haven’t missed a beat though. I’m not sure if they’ve advertised them as being waterproof but from my experience I’m thinking they are.

  6. I ordered them recently for only 4 EUros on Aliexpress, the delivery takes up to 57 days. I ll how good they r, when I get them in two months.

  7. Hey man I don't wanna look smarter or something but you said 'why do you wanna pair only one?' look the answer is, if you are in class or something you can give your friend one and you can both listen different music thanks to that way

  8. airpods are cheap made by foxcon around 15$ and sell to dumb american 200$ 🤣🤣🤣💩💩👎🏼👎🏼

  9. i paid 0 dollars to get an i7s ear pods. good when making video or voice chat and taking phone calls.

  10. i actually have these, and there’s a delay between the audio and the video, so the audio is lagging behind the video. watching youtube is very annoying for me.

  11. Yes I'll take a chance that hey if you're going to buy some earbuds and can't afford those $40 ones what about some from the Dollar General store their fifteen bucks by some of those and see if they're any good good test on those the cheap cheap version versus other cheat version for the poor boy

  12. Dude, you owe me $40. I bought these two months ago. Emailed company multiple times and no response. Similar stories and entire thread on Reddit. Thanks for reviewing these.

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