April 10, 2020
What Can Tovuti Do For You

What Can Tovuti Do For You

Tovuti is as flexible and capable as
the businesses and organizations that use it. If someone wanted to, they could
use Tovuti just for a website but that would be the equivalent of using a
sports car in place of a golf cart. Tovuti is capable of so much more!
Educate employees and customers with Tovuti’s courses and lessons. Build those
courses and lessons using Tovuti’s powerful and easy-to-use elearning
creation tools. And when users complete those courses or attend events they can
earn badges and certifications to share with everyone. Tovuti can be the
cornerstone of your organization’s community — both online and off. Users can communicate with each other via email, discussions, and virtual classrooms. They
can also create profiles, making other social media platforms redundant. Why use other forms of social media when you can create your own? Tovuti handles
ecommerce as well. Whether it acts as a store to sell your stuff or enables you
to charge for events and subscriptions, Tovuti is going to be there to make
sure you get paid. Speaking of events, there’s no need to use a separate app to
manage those anymore. Tovuti enables you to create, manage, book, and charge for events. And Tovuti will use that data to talk to other parts of the system,
allowing you to host an event and then continue training attendees even after
you’ve left the stage. Which leads to subscriptions. If you want to charge a
one-time, monthly, or annual subscription to your users Tovuti has you covered
there too. Users can schedule recurring payments for site membership using any
payment card. And since all of these features live inside Tovuti, you can
create reports and track data on well… everything! This means you can see how
many people became subscribers to your site after attending your event and then
how many of those subscribers bought merchandise and completed courses. From the time a user visits your site to the moment they graduate from your program, Tovuti helps you track it all. Tovuti can do a lot and if you’re still working out the details and trying to wrap your mind around how to best use the system,
Tovuti’s staff is here for you. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to put Tovuti to work for you!

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