February 18, 2020
What Alex Becker Doesn’t Want You to Know About Shopify Drop Shipping

What Alex Becker Doesn’t Want You to Know About Shopify Drop Shipping

what’s going on guys it’s Brian from BG
media innovation and today I want to talk about Shopify and drop shipping and
what the Guru’s out there might not want you to really know here we go alright guys so just jumping right in
now and this video is essentially inspired because I keep getting these
ads from Alex Becker as I’m watching youtube videos so I was clicking around
to try to find one of them again just so I can demonstrate what it is exactly
that I want to bring to light for you in this video now if you’re watching my
channel I’m assuming that you know what your option is obviously you’re probably
in the marketing into some type of e-commerce obviously they go hand in
hand but I’m assuming that you know what Shopify and drop shipping are if you
don’t I have freed option courses that I offer which kind of basically test you
or test you that teach you you know the basics of setting up a drop shipping
store on Shopify and you can get them for free as always they’re linked in the
description so check them out if you want to get into that but what I want to
talk about today is what some of the Guru’s want you to know or don’t want
you to know sorry about drop shipping in 2018 now obviously that’s a click baby
title but it’s based in true so what I want to talk about today specifically is
an ad that I keep seeing pop up when I watch YouTube videos that Alex Becker
has now I’m gonna play this ad for you really fast and then I’m gonna talk
about where it might be misleading for you guys as well as you know what you
really should be paying attention not just it paying attention to geez think
I’d uh you know had a little bit too much fun over the Christmas vacation so
I hope everybody else had a great holiday to by the way but I’m gonna play
this ad and then we’re gonna talk about where it you know what you might not
recognize or what you might not see if you’re not used to drop shipping or
really have an affinity for you know success online or something like that so
we’re gonna play it then we’re gonna jump right in into what’s actually wrong
with this ad so I’m gonna turn it up and then I’m gonna let you guys hear really
fast and then I’m gonna stop it probably 15 to 20 seconds in once I hear what I
want to hear and then we’re gonna talk about it briefly and I’m gonna bring to
light something so here we go job finds dropshipping are dead if you’re a bad
marketer doesn’t know how to target the right way on facebook look the reason
why so many people are saying shop fine drop shipping is dead right now is
because they’re targeting this big chunk of pie on Facebook they’re
using interests target everyone’s marketing the same five people in their
dog now if Shopify was dead we wouldn’t have
been able to stun store in the past month and get it over ten thousand
dollars on average per month in sales and twenty days if shop defined drop
shipping was dying we would have been able to take a store recently from zero
to one hundred thirty seven thousand dollars in sales in 30 days reason we’re
able to do this is no Shopify’s not dead but we were able to market to an
audience on Facebook that nobody else is targeting and it weaves okay so I hit
the stop on the recording like an idiot really fast there but you got the
picture I stopped it right where I wanted to stop it now what I want to
talk about today is you know Alex Becker in these ads because I’ve been seeing
them a lot lately and I think that they’re really
misleading to people that are just getting in to drop shipping and Shopify
now I want to first preface this by saying that I have no issues with Alex
Becker whatsoever I think he’s I don’t really know that much about him other
than he’s the Shopify guy he’s the drop shipping guy and that he’s built you
know plenty of online businesses that are successful I’m sure he’s a great guy
I’m sure he has a lot of knowledge online and obviously it’s a good ad for
him but what you I want to bring to your attention is that a couple of things in
this ad now the very most the the most important thing that you want to focus
on aren’t if you go back and play that ad again over and over again I’m sure
you’ll see it just on YouTube if you’re watching videos because he targets well
but the key thing that you want to focus on in that ad is every single ad that
you’re gonna see from him or any of the other Shopify drop shippers and I know
this personally is they all say sales sales this sales that sales this and
that we’ve we taken Shopify drop shipping store from zero sales to 100
sales from zero you know dollars in revenue to a hundred dollars in revenue
or a thousand dollars in revenue to words that you weren’t gonna want to pay
attention to our revenue and sales if you if you’ve ever ran a business if you
know anything about online business or business in general whatsoever there’s a
fine line and a very big difference between sales and profit and between
revenue and profit so revenue is simply obviously what your your company is
making you know sales wise you know what I mean like it’s it’s the money that’s
coming in from all your your you know sales to keep it simply proper obviously
sails are the specific units that you’re getting rid of so both of those are
great indicators of success right but it’s important to pay attention to this
because anybody can take a shop shipping store or Shopify store on any platform
and take it from 0 to X amount of sales anybody can do that if they have money
to spend the way that you’re going to do that and I pulled Facebook up real fast
here just kind of show you is these Facebook ads what he teaches and
actually what I teach because it’s a great way to target on Facebook is to
run Facebook ads for your job shipping store now this is not a drop shipping
store but it’s an example of an ad that people see on Facebook as they’re
scrolling down their feeds and the way that you can basically take any drop
shipping store from 0 to X amount in sales we’ll just use a hundred for this
example if I were gonna run an ad if I let’s say for example I wanted to run an
ad like alex becker and i wanted to show you the proof that i took a short a
store from zero sales all the way to a hundred sales in two days
what would i do and this is exactly probably what he does to get these ads
to show you the proof now I’m not saying that he doesn’t have success on Shopify
or drop shipping or that he doesn’t know what he’s doing or that he couldn’t
teach people to do it clearly he can he wouldn’t have built that success if he
couldn’t but I want you to be wary of these ads that you’re seeing because
there’s a fine line like I said between revenue and profit and so what I would
do if I were in this situation is I would simply target Facebook Ads to
people like this that clearly have an affinity for dropshipping or Shopify or
in this specific example if I were let’s say for an example I was selling
baseball gloves or something like that I would target people online obviously
that you know want baseball gloves and I would keep it I would slowly to hone in
you know down my demographic and that would make me more and more and more and
more profitable as I go but what I wouldn’t show you is the amount that I
spent to get there initially I would simply show you that the end result I
wouldn’t show you that maybe it cost me two grand to do that initially I
wouldn’t show you that maybe it cost me five grand to run those ads initially
for a week before I got those two days where I was you know really hit home and
so that’s what I want you to be weary of anybody can throw money at Facebook Ads
anybody can throw money at Bing ads anybody can throw money at Google
AdWords and get a profit or a result that looks
great afterward but I want you to be very very weary of these things and
listen to what these people are actually telling you in these ads because I want
to keep a transparent I always want to steer you guys in the right direction
and I don’t want to lead you down the wrong path so like I said I have no
problem with Alex Becker I’m just using him as a specific example right here
because I keep getting hit with his ads and I wanted to show you guys that just
be careful of what you believe and who you’re paying attention to because like
I said it’s a very very fine line and you know that might go over a lot of
people’s heads you know you hear oh X amount of sales week we took a store
from X amount X sales to you know X sales in five days and you might that
might blow your mind you think like woah oh my god like I wish you know somebody
could show me how to do that like I said it’s easy to get sales it’s hard to be
profitable okay so pay attention to the wording pay attention to you know what
what’s actually being taught to you and you know pay attention to the end result
and so I kinda just want to touch on that to make sure that you guys
understand too you know not to stay away from him or anything like that I’m just
saying be cognizant of what you’re being told and what your expectations are so
it’s it you can make money online easily like I always say but it’s gonna take
work you can make money drop shipping you can make money doing Shopify you can
make money doing any of the business models that I teach on my channel but
just be careful of what joining teach and putting all your eggs in one basket
like this because you might there might be some things that you’re not really a
hundred percent sure of when you’re going into it and so if you do want to
take drop shipping or you do want to take Shopify seriously you like I said I
actually offer I think it’s four or five now different drop shipping courses and
they’re all on my website obviously I’ll just plug you really fast because we all
love the plugs we’re not computers running software so it’s really slow if
you go to BT University on my website I think there’s four or five dropped in
courses within here there’s at least four there might be five but you can get
if you go to my homepage which is always linked in the description you can simply
scroll down and get my both my Shopify dropshipping course and my amazon drop
shipping course for free 100% for free no strings attached for free and try it
out for yourself see the stupid light box which is you know juvenile pops up I
haven’t I need to change that but anyway I just wanted to bring that to your
attention because obviously I offer free courses on my website for you guys so
that you can kind of get into it slowly and not have to spend the money
initially I also go into in those courses I go into free ways through
Instagram traffic and you know dropping links in targeted places that you can
generate traffic to your shop drop shipping store whether that’s on Shopify
or wherever that you don’t need to pay outrageous amounts of Facebook ads
because one thing that these people don’t tell you is obviously you can be
profitable if you spend the money to identify your demographics but that
takes time and that takes money initially to figure out what those
demographics are nobody is just a whiz and can know that right off the bat
so be weary of some of these gurus out there they’ll tell you you can have
success in a day or two because it’s simply not true you still have to put
the work in you still have to adjust you still have to learn and like always you
still have to continue to adapt and innovate so I wanted to bring that to
your attention I hope that you really like this video I’m gonna stop it here
as always comment and subscribe it really really helps channel grow and I
will see you guys tomorrow

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