April 5, 2020

13 thoughts on “Welcome to the end of digital marketing: A Q&A with Marie Gulin-Merle, Calvin Klein & PVH

  1. Digital Marketing is interaction with your brand, but what really care your customer is the same rule from old times in traditional Marketing "outstanding customer service" you can actually beat online and well known retailers by providing remarkable and unique operation with "ERROR PREVENTION" your product or service will automatically start to sell more the moment you decide to go the extra mile, I do that every day and it works beautifully. Kind Regards from the Sunny State, best Martha

  2. Hi I am Ghulam Rasool Chandio. Can you please guide me to digitalize Goat Farming, I have Goat Farm

  3. Marie Gulin-Merle offers valuable insights in this interview. I hope the c-suite is really listening. I do wish I could coach Bethany Poole on her interviewing skills. I think she is capable of being a much stronger interviewer but unfortunately, this video showcases a lack of preparation, skills and confidence with this format.

  4. Beside insights on digital marketing this video is not exploring enough what MGM is declaring. The title of the article/video reminds me of what tabloids are doing to capture audiences. We all know marketing is just becoming digital which means new tools are added to the marketer's toolbox.

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