April 2, 2020
Welcome to the age of no-code

Welcome to the age of no-code

Today, the world runs on code. Every text you send, every website you visit, every screen you swipe – it’s all driven by code. Code that only a fraction of the world can even understand. And that’s a problem. Imagine if only 1 out of every 400 people knew how to write. Think how many world-changing ideas would have never seen the light of day. We’d be stuck in the dark ages.
And when it comes to software development … we kind of are. So what if, instead of writing hundreds of lines of code to add new features to your website, you could just … design them, directly on your website? What if you could create the next world-changing product, without writing a single line of code? That’s the future for creators, and it’s about to change everything. It’s time to unleash the power of software development to everyone by making it visual — so anyone can harness the power of code to build a website, an app, or an entire business — without actually writing it. At Webflow, we’re doing exactly that – we’re empowering creators to design, build, and launch amazing things – no code required. Welcome to the future of software development. Welcome to the age of No Code.

45 thoughts on “Welcome to the age of no-code

  1. Maaaan o man!!! The future is here. The future is Webflow. Incredible video guys! I’m so excited about this and I hope we can share the passion together in SF!

  2. What an incredible video guys! Very excited for the future for all of us in the community – the nocode message is massive and truly the start of a revolution

  3. Awesome video! The fact that Webflow exists today and leading the charge to democratize software development makes me so excited for the next generation.

  4. Everyone's here to appreciate how cool the video was. If webflow has put in so much time, money, efforts and no compromise in representing themselves. I have zero doubts on the webflow's products.

  5. Really beautiful video!

    As exciting as this new phase of web design & software development is, though, I can't help but feel a growing concern revolving around the kinds of ethical implications this will bring about down the road. Don't get me wrong, very broadly, the kind of access and ability this will give people is absolutely phenomenal but, built with code or not, we're already learning of and dealing with the consequences of applications that seriously lacked foresight (as well-intended they may have been).

    While this technological-accessibility trend is seeming fairly inevitable at this point, it would be great to see those leading the charge also provide educational resources that cover those topics alongside or as a pre-requisite to accessing these new tools. From what I've seen Webflow is more than capable of producing such content. Not only would it be the right and responsible thing to do, but as a business, being able to point to some 'pre-req ethics' (has a nice ring to it) would also do a good job of somewhat covering your ass (should some super bad people use your product for super bad things). Would be amazing to see Webflow team up with Mule Design (who really know their shit) for such an effort :).

    Anywho, love what Webflow's done so far and am looking forward to seeing where it's taken.

  6. This video just made me so excited for the future of makers. I say "makers" because there are thinkers that have converted to being a maker as a result of adopting Webflow over the years. Many have yet to be "woke" to this no code notion. I can only speak for myself. I wished for a tool like this to exist. Thanks for bringing the future closer into view guys! Sincerely, your biggest fan.

  7. I'm a animator and I've spended the last 3 years in learning and practicing actual coding. I advice you learn it too – it is simple and has great benefits. Don't avoid it by using some no-code solutions and actually learn to write code. I advice you to learn javascript because you can then write scripts for Adobe products and do amazing animations and desings on the web.

  8. It's good Okey,,,,,,,but…It's no the best…ja ja….. but for sure is so good… but…. Are you working with Webflow…????

  9. This video is like crack cocaine. It leaves you wanting more but when you realize you can't find anymore videos about no-code on this channel, you're left with withdrawal symptoms. 😂

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