April 9, 2020
Welcome to ShipWorks!

Welcome to ShipWorks!

Are you manually downloading your eCommerce
orders? Using spreadsheets? Or copying and pasting order data? There’s got to be an easier
way to manage your ecommerce shipping. There is. Welcome to ShipWorks. ShipWorks is an
easy to use platform that automates your shipping process. So you can ship more in less time.
ShipWorks securely gathers all of your online orders into one centralized place. Where you
can easily search and manage them. Then, when you’re ready to ship, simply click on the
orders you want and ShipWorks will automatically configure your shipments, print shipping labels
and professional packing slips, email tracking information to your customers, and automatically
mark your online orders as shipped. ShipWorks is fully integrated with most major carriers
and postage providers, so all you need to do is plug in your account numbers. Get started
with your free trial today. So you can ship more in less time with ShipWorks.

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