April 10, 2020
Welcome To Inxeption Help Video – Inxeption, an Industrial-Strength eCommerce Platform

Welcome To Inxeption Help Video – Inxeption, an Industrial-Strength eCommerce Platform

Welcome to Inxeption! Thank you for choosing to partner with us
and leverage the power of Inxeptions’s industrial eCommerce solution. Whether you are selling
B2B or B2C, selling a product or service, integrating the power of Inxeption into your
website brings to you a blockchain enabled product ledger, and
the immediate analytics to begin managing your online business from day one! Now that you’ve partnered with us…..what’s
next?! You will receive a welcome email that includes
an Inxeption Onboarding Packet. The Inxeption Onboarding Packet will provide you with more
detailed instructions and links to training videos that will share with you all you need
to know to implement Inxeption. The first step is to request your Instance Make sure are ready! In your Onboarding Packet
is a “Before you Start” checklist to help guide you. It’s always good to have a plan and
resources in place if you need them. Complete the Inxeption Instance Request form
this will help us get a few necessary details to create your Instance correctly.
Complete your form and attach via an Email to [email protected] and label the subject
line of the email with your COMPANY NAME/Instance Request
Within 1 business day you will receive an email with your Login instructions. Don’t
worry, we will call you if we have any questions. Once your instance is provisioned you will
have the opportunity to schedule a meeting with one of our onboarding specialists. The second step in the process is to configure and set up your Inxeption application Your Onboarding Packet will contain additional
instructions & videos to help you set-up your Inxeption Instance.
You will begin to set-up your system settings. Which includes company information, payment settings and shipping settings and rules. You will also need to set up some things for your channel But all the instructions are included in your packet, so you can set up your instance correctly. The most important and time consuming step
in the process is inputting your products! Your Onboarding Packet will contain additional
instructions & videos to help you with product entry. Once you do a few, you’ll get
the hang of it. What’s great is there is even a copy feature,
which makes entering your products even easier. Don’t forget to add your products to the
channel and the “page” you want them to appear on online. Now it’s time to install your Inxeption
Plug-In into your website. Your onboarding packet will show you where to get the Inxeption Plug-In code in the
application and share details of how to install it into your WordPress site.
Some customers like to get the plug-in installed early as it definitely helps you to visualize
how the products will look online and how they might look on your website. Once your system settings configuration is done, your products are entered and the plug-in
is installed on the site, you are ready to sell online!
The Inxeption application will provide the hub for showing you active order details,
customer account information and all the site analytics that become revealed as your online
business begins to flourish. How do you ask for help? If you have questions or issues, email [email protected]
We will route your question or issue to the appropriate resource who can help you. Don’t forget to check out the Admin
section in your Inxeption application which contains some helpful product information.
Your onboarding packet also includes helpful videos and a list of technical and functional
FAQs so your question or issue may be already answered there for you. Thank you for becoming an Inxeption customer
and we look forward to revolutionizing your online business presence!

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