April 2, 2020
Weebly Tutorial 2018 – Weebly Review

Weebly Tutorial 2018 – Weebly Review

hi everyone and welcome back to Utah SEONinja and our annual Weebly tutorial 2018 Edition this year we’re
building a website for a local restaurant and we’re using Bluetooth
beacons and NFC tags to promote it if you missed our last video on how these
devices work and what proximity marketing is then you should see a card
popping up in the upper right hand corner of this video in this video we’ll
discuss why we chose Weebly and how it compares to other website builders its
strengths and its weaknesses to begin building a website on Weebly is really
easy you have a ton of features that you just drag and drop onto the page and
customize the themes look great the sides are all responsive which means
that they adapt to the size of the screen that they’re being viewed on so
they always look good and they also have pre-built layouts for
the design impaired like myself for those with a talent for creating more
visually appealing content really does offer some flexibility in regards to the
design of the site giving it the feel that you want specifically you can
rearrange on page content just by dragging it to where you want it you can
change the font and the typeface as well as the text size and colors for
individual text segments or the entire site you can create video on parallax
backgrounds for the entire page or just sections of your page you can easily
import images and adjust pretty much everything you see on screen the only
real limitation as far as the design is going to come in the menus you can still
hide pages create subpages modify the fonts and so on but if you want to move
it around or change its style you’re kind of stuck and so what we recommend
is that when you are choosing an initial theme that you mainly focus on the style
of the menu that you want to have because that’s really the only way that
you can adjust that in regards to additional features like blogging in
e-commerce Weebly is one of the easiest platforms to use creating a blog is as
simple as creating a new page and marking it as a blog and it will
automatically create a blog format for you and you can even run multiple blogs
on the same platform on the same site then each won’t have their own unique
RSS feeds ecommerce is also really easy you can create category pages and
product pages and you can solve directly from this website accepting a few
different payment plans we’re actually going to use this feature to demonstrate
online ordering system for our restaurant the customers will select the
dishes that they want add them to their cart and make their payments online and
then when they reach the restaurant and just show their order number and they’re
good to go now I personally have zero desire to run an e-commerce website but
if I did it would definitely be on Weebly simply because of how easy it is
to set up and to manage but of course there are some other options out there
and I think we believe has three main competitors Shopify for e-commerce sites
Wix for drag and drop designs and WordPress which is like the MacGyver of
web design and it can do pretty much anything so though this is a Weebly
tutorial we also want you to have the best tools for your project and since we
don’t work for Weebly we’re not affiliated with Weebly we can recommend
whoever we want and we can be honest when it comes to comparing these
different platforms first the Weebly vs. Wix debate so Wix is another
drag-and-drop website builder there are two main differences between the
platform first with Wix you can drag anything and place it anywhere if you
want your meeting to show up in the middle of the screen you can do it with
Wix the segment’s are much more fluid than the aren’t we bleep which is more
modularly based so if you have a site that has some serious design needs you
might be better off with Wix or maybe even something like Adobe News the
problem with Wix is the way the sites are coded without going into too much
boring detail the code itself which is Ajax and wix’s case it’s different from
a normal website which are usually a combination of HTML and CSS basically
WIC sites function more like apps which is why they’re so free in their design
the downside of this is that they tend to be a little bit glitchy ER and it’s
more difficult to optimize them for search engines given that most search
engines use a crawler to go and read the HTML which simply doesn’t exist on the
Wix site so why we Lee is much more rigid in its design the code is clean
they load fast and they still look good comparing Weebly to Shopify if you’re
building an e-commerce site most will choose Shopify simply because Shopify
was built to sell stuff everything on the platform is designed to sell
products and services and it does it well Shopify does have blogging features
but again they’re designed to sell products so if your focus is 100% on
sales Shopify is probably going to be the better option the downside the
Shopify is has not quite as user-friendly as Weebly it’s more
expensive and because it has such a specific and narrow focus it isn’t
really the best fit if you want to do anything outside of that focus and finally we have WordPress the beast
WordPress can do pretty much anything at this point I think the best way to
explain the difference between WordPress is Weebly is to compare it to something
like an apple computer and a PC Apple is a closed system you can’t really easily
find new parts for your Apple computer if you want to upgrade something or
change something you have to use the hardware that apple provides and usually
you pay a little bit more for it but you also know that your system is going to
run smoothly in for a long time because everything is designed to work together
for a PC you can trick out everything and anything if you want to computer
shaped like a boat you got it if you want overclock your entire system and
have it cool with liquid nitrogen done wanted to run into water easy want
software to turn your wallpaper into a video you can find that on Steam the
downside is that not everything will play together perfectly there might be
conflicts in your system may crash or catch on fire like minded last year
Weebly is Apple in this case sure might have some apps and third-party features
that you can install but for the most part Weebly is a closed system each part
was built to work in perfect unison with the rest of the platform that gives you
an efficient and functional web site it does exactly what it’s supposed to do
and very little else sure you can tweak it with some custom code and like but
for the most part you’re gonna be using the tools that weekly provides and you
don’t really need anything else WordPress is more like the heavily
modified PC you need a plug-in to do this a new theme for that and each
developer builds based on their own projects and that could lead to some
conflicts with other plugins or themes and then you have to make sure that
those plugins and themes remain updated and that they don’t have any security
flaws that can get you hacked but at the same time you can do some really cool
stuff with WordPress so again it comes down to a question of what your needs
are what your resources are and then you determine which platform best suits
those needs personally I’m not a designer my job is to give people to the
website not to make it pretty and that’s why I work with the designer and she’s
particularly skilled with Weebly so if you do need help making your Weebly site
better looking definitely get in contact with her and Weebly makes my entire
process easy I can use their pre-built layouts to get the content on the site
that I need and then either make the little tweaks to it or I send it to my
designer she turns it into something awesome for search engine optimization
it works just fine and it’s cheaper than many of the other platforms out there it
does everything that I needed to do and I’ve been using for several years now in
fact my very first website that I ever built was built on Weebly way back to my
days as a freelance translator so again look at what your needs are and then
picked up a platform that best fits those needs Weebly is a well rounded
easy-to-use platform and you have awesome tutorials on YouTube to help you
build your website I hope this information has been helpful for you and
making a choice between these different platforms if you do have any additional
questions feel free to ask them in the comments who we’ll do our best to answer
for you in the next video we’ll go over the features of the Weebly website
builder and we’re going to start creating our restaurant website if you
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tips and tricks for your weekly website also remember that this tutorial series
is a sample of our proximity marketing training program and so if you’d like to
learn more about building sites like this professionally and using Bluetooth
beacons to promote them you may be interested in signing up for our course
you’ll find more information on that in the description of this video but
that’ll do it for us today my name is Triston from Utah SEO Ninja have an
excellent day and I’ll see you in the next video

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