April 7, 2020
Weebly Review and Pricing for 2019

Weebly Review and Pricing for 2019

So you’ve got a great idea for business and
you need to get that business online, eh? Well fortunately for you it’s never been easier
to build your own beautiful website with absolutely no coding skills whatsoever. There’s a lot of different platforms you can
choose from but I’m going to show you why Weebly is the best web design platform out
there. So one of the biggest things people are concerned
about when they are having to build their own website is dealing all that behind the
scenes background techie stuff. The DNS settings and IP addresses and all
that nonsense. So fortunately, with Weebly you don’t have
to deal with that at all. They make it super simple. So, let’s start with add a site. We will add a site from scratch and they’ll
give you a bunch of different options for themes to choose from so all you have to do
is pick one that looks attractive to you. Sports is what I am going to go with. The soccer one and right away it shows you
a preview of what is possible with this theme and what you can do with this. I am liking the way this looks so I am going
to click Start Editing and just like that. Weebly is building my site. It takes probably about five to ten seconds
depending on your internet speed to upload the platform and now we our option to choose
our website domain. We can either pick-up a subdomain on Weebly
which is the free option or you can register your own domain at that point there’s a monthly
hosting plans that start at $8 a month. And you can also transfer a domain you already
owns. So I need a domain, I’m going to choose Register
a new domain. Let’s go with mumzysoccershoes.com. Now look at that it is available. At this point, just click continue and make
the purchase and you are off to the races. At the core of Weebly’s functionality is their
very intuitive drag and drop CMS system which basically means anytime I want to drag our
content into the website I just go drag and drop this little boxes on the side into the
website itself. That was a text box drop it in do all typing. You can do the same thing with say images,
you want to put a picture there. Drag and drop and then it pops up quick little
upload from my computer. Let’s see what kind of pictures we got here
same goes to that one. Just like that. Simple as that. And on top of that, little things like tinkering
with background pictures, colors, and images used to be more complicated and to code around
in the background to customize but now with Weebly 4’s new update they made it even simpler
with just a few clicks. You can edit the backgrounds of each of these
sections on the site. You can now have image backgrounds, we can
also add scrolling effects, and parallax reveal which is very common in today’s web design
trends as well as video backgrounds which is a new feature. You can upload your own video or you can use
a bunch of different templates that Weebly provides. Of course this is a feature of Pro so you
would have to upgrade but look how simple that was. We can have a video background playing. So it is this kind of functionality that you
won’t find with any other web design platforms. It is unique to Weebly and what makes them
stand out. Now that we have set up our domain, let’s
go start on our Store and adding products. Let me just click on the Store tab at the
top and here you’ll find all your e-commerce options. Weebly makes it easier than any other web
design platform I’ve seen to set-up an e-commerce store. All the information you need is here: adding
products, accepting payments, adding your store information, even things like adding
coupons are dead simple, and things that you would think will be kind of complicated like
shipping and taxes have also been super simplified. Again, Weebly has made the focus here on small
businesses. So while other platforms like Shopify might
be the leader in online store design, no one makes it easier and simpler than Weebly for
small businesses to sell their stuff online. One of the most important elements of a good
website design is search engine optimization or SEO for short. I need the platform you design the website
on, you want to make sure that SEO is easy to do. Let’s us take a look at what Weebly has to
offer on that department. We go to Settings, SEO, and you’ll see four
different boxes here. Obviously the first one is site description
is self-explanatory. It describes what the site is about. Meta keywords. This is basically what people are going to
be searching for when they are searching for you or hopefully you pop up to provide answers
to their questions. Footer code and header code. That is used for basically installing different
lines of codes for perhaps apps or plug-ins that you want to include in your site or things
like Google Analytics for extra search engine optimization analyzing. In addition to the main settings, you can
find individual SEO settings for each page. You can actually customize page titles, page
descriptions, and individual keywords for every single page in your site and it’s all
easy to find without writing a single line of code of course. Another important feature of a modern website
is of course the blog. It is great with thought leadership, build
your brand awareness, and of course improve your SEO. On this theme, the blog is labelled as Updates. So let’s take a look at what it looks like. Weebly’s blog options are fairly basic. I will admit that they are not as good as
many of the competitors. You don’t get a lot of the custom options
especially when it comes to like share icons. For some reason they only have Facebook and
Twitter as options. But if you are new to blogging, it is a great
way to start. Simply click New Post and it comes up with
the new post that you can click and drag different types of content into the box just like the
rest of the website. Try some text type it in, you are writing
a post. If you are advanced blogger, Weebly probably
won’t, they’ll definitely won’t do the job for you but if you are new to blogging it
is a great way to start. With Weebly’s latest update, Weebly 4, they
actually are doing more than just helping you build your own website. They are helping you market your online business
through this third party marketplace called App Center. Weebly built this App Center so that developers
can build apps that they can offer to you. To help you boost your traffic, spike your
sales, and increase your marketing efforts for your online business built with Weebly. There are apps that can help you with e-commerce,
communication, marketing, social media, even just customizing your site tools and features. Things like booking calendars, counters, maps. There is an endless amount of apps here. Most of them are free. Some of them do cost a little extra but some
of them quite honestly are worth the money. It can do a lot in helping you boost your
online business for Weebly. So to sum everything up, I would like to show
you some websites that were made with Weebly. I actually made these websites. I make most of my clients’ websites with Weebly. It is more than enough to meet 95% of businesses
out there to meet their needs. Here’s the first one. People often are mistaken. They think of Weebly as something that’s too
basic, too simple, not enough features, it’s not enough, it will look unprofessional, look
silly. That’s not true especially with the new Weebly
4 update. These are stunning websites that when I show
them to people they can’t believe they are made with Weebly. You can make some awesome stuff with Weebly. It is extremely affordable. If you are a small business looking to get
online, I can’t think of a better way to do it.

6 thoughts on “Weebly Review and Pricing for 2019

  1. Good vidz! I want to make site for clients with their own domain …so can i do that on weebly and witch package should i take to be able to sale site designs to clients? Can i sell them? Will the design be forever even for example if i go away or with Weebly will clients still able to use their websites? Please help me here out .thanks grtz

  2. How much is hosting per clients website? Is it fixed price or depends on the clients needs? Using the pro designers version. Thanks for the video.

  3. I use WordPress for my personal site. I find I have to maintain a lot of things like security, plugins etc…I have been toying with the idea of using something like Weebly. Thoughts from people who have actually used Weebly?

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