April 7, 2020
Weebly Review, a first look at the Weebly website builder.

Weebly Review, a first look at the Weebly website builder.

so this is my Weebly review it’s
actually my first look at Weebly and sort of a quick unboxing style review of
Weebly what are we looking for is how easy it is to use is it fairly intuitive
and what you can generally do with it so what I’m doing this year is I am
looking at the top easy to use website builders to help you guys figure out
which ones are the best and easiest to use so when I’m finished looking at all
of these different website builders I’ll link down below to my top
recommendations for the best website builders to use so look for that down
below I’m also gonna be creating a bunch of tutorials like I’m gonna create
several tutorials on how to use Weebly so you guys can learn how to make a
portfolio website for example how to create a restaurant or small business
website and also be looking at how to create a blog with these various
different website builders and how to create an online store I’ll be doing
that later on down the road so if you’re interested in those things be sure to
check out the links down below right now let’s look at this first look review of
Weebly I’m Tim from realwebsitehints.com and it’s my mission to help you find the
best and easiest ways of building great-looking websites alright so let’s go ahead and dive in
and take a look at Weebly it’s kind of like an unboxing video for a website
builder and we’ll see what it’s like let’s look at the pricing real quick I
looked at it earlier and it does seem really compelling
first of all start with a free version and I noticed you can even sell online
with a shopping cart right in the free version you don’t get your own domain
name but I think that’s so ok the personal version 6 dollars a month seems
to me like a really good deal you can connect your custom domain so you don’t
get a custom domain with that but if you have registered a domain and guessing
with a third-party you can go ahead and bring that in here it can also sell
online there’s several online store features
not as many online store features as a more advanced feature it does look like
the six dollar version does still have ads on that so you need to step up to
the next version to remove those ads so I think the six dollar plan seems like
it does definitely does everything I want to do right now which is just
trying to build a portfolio website but it even seems like you can sell online
so that seems pretty exciting okay so I’m gonna go ahead and purchase the six
dollar plan of Weebly and if you want to help support the channel and allow me to
buy these tools so I can test them we’re view them make my free tutorials and
help you guys just generally find out what the best and easiest ways are of
making websites it would help me out a lot if you use the link down below it
costs you nothing extra and it helps to support the channel so I can do these
reviews and create the free tutorials that I do on my channel so I appreciate
your support okay so now we’ve got two options it looks like here one is I just
need a website and one is I need a website with online store and so in this
case I just need a website I’m gonna start with that and okay we’ve got a
bunch of different options here we’ve got a business website portfolio website
that’s what I’m gonna be doing personal website so I guess if you’re gonna do a
wedding or they also have some portfolio things here maybe you’re like trying to
start a business and you wanna start with that creating an event again like a
wedding you’re gonna do a blog so lots of options so far I mean it’ll I think
what makes these options here look really good is sort of the great
pictures that they’re using there’s actually not much design that you can
see here so my photography style is really kind of like dark let’s see let
me pull up some images here from my portfolio got these sort of fire effects
photography that I think that’s kind of the work that I’m most proud of and
maybe I’d like to do more it’s a lot of fun you know to work with fire and take
some awesome looking pictures then I also have like my product photography so
kind of just basic generic product photography I would say but I do have
this with like dark twist on it I like to use these like darker backgrounds
more like an industrial kind of a look I would say then I’ve got some specialty
product photography photos that I use sort of like bigger items like these
kind of like industrial warehouse kind of sets this is we’re gonna be showing
off so this is the kind of look that my photography has and so I’m gonna be
looking for a theme and website design that kind of goes along with this dark
looks it’s gonna be a dark website design so let’s see how that works and
how that looks I’m gonna go with this design here like white as dark as I
would like it to be let’s see what the gallery page looks like gallery page
looks pretty cool though I mean I probably being influenced by these
awesome photos that are in here but yeah generally I like it
and click start editing and again I’ve never used we bleed before so this is
kind of a first for me and and for you guys here so let’s see what happens how
easy this is to get started with select your domain name I don’t have admin set
up one right now for this website so I’m gonna see if she can let me skip it and
I can try to connect it later okay let’s see if we can go ahead and edit the
background image how what do we do that edit background yep that’s what I want
to do upload some photos here okay so sort of my number one picture
start with that see if I can oh cool I can move it around too so it kind of
fits better with the that was really easy to do so so far pretty pretty easy
to use okay and it’s just our photography now one thing that’s not
working here is the color of this background because my text is not
showing up very well let me see if I go back to edit image if this will help
them okay here we go there’s a darken button
was a darkening of anything happening okay so you gotta click on the darken
and then it’s lowering it the text seems to be getting darker also but let’s try
that let’s see how we change the color of this so it’s also whites yes that’s pretty good so far off to a
pretty good start here seems fairly easy to use I’m gonna keep working on it keep
building the site out and after a couple hours I’ll let you guys know what I find okay so I’ve been using Weebly for a few
hours now I’ve built this fairly basic website kind of a start to my portfolio
website that it was working on and there’s definitely a lot of things I
like about it I do you feel like these blocks over here that you can just drag
in to where you want add in a title for example it’s fairly easy to use and I’m
enjoying that aspect of it one of the things for example on this title module
that I don’t like so much are that when you want to increase or decrease the
size it does increase or decrease the size but when you’re designing a page
with search engine optimization in mind for example you kind of want to know
what that HTML tag that’s being used for these are so for example I’m guessing
that the largest size is the h1 tag and that’s kind of what you should be using
for like the main titles on your page and then as you go down the page
different headings and different sections should be laid out using these
tags so the next section should be an h2 tag and then any headings that you have
within that should use like the h3 tag and any headings within that should use
the h4 tag and so on so it’s basically like creating an outline of your page
that Google can see and it’s you do that by using these headings and using these
various different HTML tags to lower down that sort of shows what the indent
is on your on your page outline but what I’m not seeing is sort of a reference to
what tag is being used here now there may be some way of seeing that that I
haven’t figured out yet cuz this is again my first look review but that’s
something that I feel like they should improve so another thing to note that I
discovered while using Weebly is that I’m a Mac user I always default to using
Safari Safari does not work very well for Weebly and that is actually true
with a lot of website builders in general if you’re building a website
using an online website builder like Weebly you want to use Google Chrome
it’s just going to work a lot better some of the various different options
we’re not showing up in Safari they show up fine in Google Chrome so something to
keep in mind one of the other things that I threw me a little bit and I had
to Google and didn’t take me long to find which is a good thing about we
believes a lot of content on the internet about there but is how do you
make a second column and it’s actually really simple all you do is you grab the
block that you want to be part of the second column and then you look for when
it has these sort of blue bars on the sides here and you just drop that in and
now you’ve got two columns one of things that I’ve noticed in using Weebly is
that these various different blocks right now I’m having a pretty easy time
with it but they can be a bit fidgety I’m selecting them this is pretty common
with this style of drag-and-drop builder one of the WordPress themes that I like
is the Divi theme and I’ve had sort of the same issue with that so I think
that’s just the nature of the drag-and-drop beast but you know it can
be a little bit frustrating a little bit annoying one of the other things that
I’ve noticed about Weebly in using it is that it’s definitely a designer’s tool
it’s something that if you really like designing your pages and kind of
figuring out where are things gonna go and placing everything so far it seems
that it will let you do that and it’s fairly easy to do but if you’re just
trying to build a website super quickly it can be a bit frustrating and time
consuming to lay everything out the way you want it I just looked at Jimdo
dolphin which is kind of like their entry level website builder and there’s
nowhere near the control of this this gives you a lot more control but if
you’re looking to build a website just super quickly
Jimdo was a lot of fun to use it’s kind of like Lego block pieces for your
website you just pick the block you want you put it in there you type it can even
change blocks really fast so if you’re curious about that you know either check
out my Jimdo first look review my full Jimdo review when I get that out there
or some of the tutorials that I’ve created on Jimdo but if you’re looking
for this kind of full design experience where you’ve got control over the layout
of your pages and everything and you want to lay everything out yourself so
far Weebly seems like a pretty good way to go so over here on my gallery page
that I created there definitely is a gallery module that you can use you can
drag this in here and you can upload images one of the things that I found a
little bit frustrating about uploading the images is that it’s really easy to
do in the gallery section you can upload several images at once but
something that’s kind of been a little bit frustrating to me is some of the
images I want to use on several different pages for several different
things and in Weebly it must be storing my pictures there because they’re
showing up on my website but there doesn’t seem to be any way for me to
access the previously uploaded pictures every time I want to add a new picture
to a new section or new module I’ve got to re-upload the picture which in
general is fine but if say I decided I want to work on my website from a
different computer and I don’t have access to that file that can be a little
bit of a frustration the other thing I wish that they would work on is an undo
function so say if I drag this image over here and now I you know maybe I did
that by accident I didn’t even notice what I did there’s no undo button here
and that’s something that a lot of other website builders that I’ve tested have
you can actually even use keyboard shortcuts on other website builders you
can do like command Z or maybe you know up on the screen up here there’ll be an
undo button and with Weebly I’m not seeing that so that’s something that
would make building your websites a lot easier especially if you’re new to using
the platform like I’m new to using Weebly sometimes just mess up and you
just don’t know what you did and you just want to be able to hit undo and
just put it back the way it was we believe doesn’t seem like you can do
that so so far I’ve generally liked using Weebly there’s a couple of issues
that I’ve had with it but I do think that the drag-and-drop builder aspect of
it does seem to work pretty well it’s fairly intuitive and easy to understand
some of the things are a little bit fidgety like it just you know getting to
this section where you can adjust the background can be a little bit fidgety
here it is it popped up here down on the bottom but I think part of that’s also
just getting more familiar with it and again I’ve only used this for a couple
of hours so I don’t know everything about it yet but generally I do think
it’s a great tool it does take a little bit more time to build your website only
because you’ve got full control over the layout and design and you need to do the
design the templates that they create or basically just pre-made ideas of what
you can do and then you can delete what they’ve already put in there for you and
add in what you want but you’re gonna need to kind of do all the layout and
design yourself which is great if that’s what you like to do so I’m going to be
creating some tutorials with Weebly and I’m going to be looking at how to make a
portfolio website how to make a small business web
it’s a website like a restaurant website also be looking at it as a blogging
platform because does seem like it offers blogging on Weebly and eventually
I’ll be looking at how to make an online store using Weebly and then I’ll be
doing a full review of Weebly after I’ve done this and after I’ve really gotten
to know the platform so you’ll find the links to those down in the description
below and at the end of this video and also be creating a roundup of all the
different website building tools that are available and I’ll be giving you my
top recommendations on the best website builders you can use to quickly and
easily build a website and I’ll include a link to that down below once it’s
ready so I hope you found this video helpful if you did consider giving me a
thumbs up think about subscribing to my youtube channel for these videos that
are going to be coming out and I’ll see you guys in the next video thanks for

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