April 1, 2020
Websites.co.in – How to setup ecommerce feature on my website

Websites.co.in – How to setup ecommerce feature on my website

this video tutorial shows you how to use
the e-commerce feature of websites.co.in. The first step is you have to
log in to your web dashboard or else your mobile app. Once you are logged in,
from the side navigation part go into the stores and settings. Under the
settings you will see this enable e-commerce option. So this is an option
you can use to enable or disable ecommerce feature on your website. So if
it’s disabled, I’ll enable that. I can choose the currency. So this is the
currency in which the products will appear on my site. So it’s INR. So I just
you know let it be the way it is. The next thing is the tax. So here I have a
provision to configure the taxes that I have, applicable, for the products
that people buy from me so let’s say I have this GST as the tax and I choose
percentage. Here you can configure multiple taxes applicable for
your products then you move on to your payment section. So this is where you can
configure your two payment options that
you have the first is pay by cheque and direct
bank deposit and the second option is the payment gateway. currently websites.co.in platform supports only Razorpay payment gateway. So in order to use
the e-commerce feature and in order to have the payment gateway option
on your site you have the sign up with Razorpay and obtain the API key as
well as the API secret. so let’s say once you have your Razorpay account all set and you have the API key and your API secret handy with you, you
can just paste it out over here. So I’ll just paste it out. I click on save. Next I’ll configure
the check and the direct deposit option. so I’ll place my bank name, In case, you would be receiving payments from
international customers you would require the Swift account. So you’ll have
to contact your bank to obtain the Swift ID of your bank. And this is where you can you know show
some instructions for your customers when they are making the payment for you
so let’s say I display… and finally the shipping options so
currently you can just set the weight units as well as the dimensions. so I’m
okay with my kilograms as the weight unit and I’ll set inches as my dimension
unit. So well, you have your ecommerce settings configured. Once you have
this, next you have to migrate to your products section. You can preview your
existing products and correct the inventory. The quantities you have for the
product as well as the other pricing options and in case there are some
changes, you can make them. so in my case I don’t see any products added at the
moment. so I’ll just go ahead and add a new product. Let’s say I have one
product called Ethernet switch. These are the options I have. The
currency that you have set in the settings option will override the
currency over here. You can check your
currency in the settings section. Let’s say your product is fixed price.
Currently the e-commerce option is available only for the fixed price
products. So I set my price as 2000 Rs. And I am offering no discount for this product. I have in-stock let’s say 10
items available and for this I’m keeping free shipping. So that’s it. I can go
ahead and publish my product. I’ll add one more product and this time
I’ll have some discounts for the product. So let’s say the ethernet cable and here
I have it as 1000 rupees and the discount amount has keep a 10%
discount. In-stock I have let’s say 20 units and the shipping charges, I would keep as 100 Rs. That’s it. I go ahead and publish the product. so
now these products would appear on my site as you can see I had this
e-commerce symbol now available ,the shopping cart feature available on my
website. so I have two products to choose from. so let’s say the customer chooses
the Ethernet switch as well as an Ethernet cable and I see the products
have been added to my cart. So I can alter the quantity. So let’s say, I need
two quantities of Ethernet cables and one Ethernet switch.
I see the shipping charges in your first product is 0 and the shipping charges
in the second product is 200. The tax also calculated correctly over here and
I go ahead and place the order so I configure my details. so in case you
have a different shipping address you can just uncheck this and in my case the
shipping address as well as billing address So I see there are two
payment methods available. Pay by credit card, debit
card, net banking. This option directs the user to Razorpay payment Gateway page where the user can pay via. Credit card, Debit card, Netbanking, UPI & Wallets like freecharge, Ola money, PayZapp and the other option is pay via. cheque. So in case I pay by
cheque I would see the payment instructions to make the payment via cheque. and once I continue
shopping, my order has been placed. so once the order is successfully placed,
you can see the shopping cart turns empty and you can navigate back to your
dashboard and you can see the order section. the order is received in your
dashboard and the user has received an email. With the orders that he have and
the current status. so as you can see since the user selected to pay by bank
transfer option the status is unpaid. Now you can go and visit the section,
action and this is where you can see the details – where the order is to
be shipped, what all things have the user ordered. And the order summary
with all the pricing & tax calculations and this is where you can
update the status. Currently you see it’s unpaid so now let’s say I’m mark as
the paid and after every status change I can choose whether to send an email to
the customer or not. If I check this the customer will get notified through an
email. This is where the customer will get a notification that
the payment is received. Now I can see the customer made the payment,
the amount got credited. So you have other statuses. Once you have received
the payment, I can see other statuses let’s say our market as processed and
once it’s processed, I ship the products so you can see all those statuses are getting recorded with the exact dates and the timing
eventually when the user gets item delivered I can choose delivered. In case the user cancels the order you can choose the
cancelled option. so these are the statuses you have and this is the
e-commerce feature of websites.co.in

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