April 8, 2020
Website Pipeline ecommerce with ERP integration

Website Pipeline ecommerce with ERP integration

You have lots of customers and they’re
all different. Different pricing, inventory, invoicing… you get it. All of which is safe and sound inside
your ERP software. The thing is, anytime they need anything, they have to get on the phone, send an email, or a fax, and that just
kinda stinks. Especially for your staff who is
constantly stuck in the middle. Hey wait! What if you got one of those fancy
e-commerce sites? Well those only work for a few of your
customers and frustrates all the rest. And in the end it becomes just one more
thing your staff has to manage on top of everything else. Well, what if you could have a webstore
that actually unlocked that info insider your ERP. Now you can, thanks to Website Pipeline. At Website
Pipeline we build e-commerce sites that connect directly to your financial
software to give your customers an easy-to-use, but
highly customized webstore experience. No matter their unique pricing, billing,
inventory, or whatever. Your e-commerce site takes its cues from your ERP
and adapts itself to match your customers needs. It’s like you created a custom website
just for them. They get anywhere, anytime convenience. And since Website Pipeline allows your
webstore and ERP to always work together, you and your staff will always have
up-to-date information to provide better service to more
customers with less work. To see what website that one could do
for you, your company, and your customers, sign up for free demo today at WebsitePipeline.com

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