April 10, 2020
Webgility 1-Click Accounting Feature for Amazon

Webgility 1-Click Accounting Feature for Amazon

Webgility one-click accounting for
Amazon makes selling on Amazon easier. One-click accounting instantly and
accurately reconciles your accounting with your Amazon settlement report, which
provides a detailed breakdown of your account activity for a given settlement
period. Settlement reports are generated regularly, and Webgility Unify
downloads them from Amazon. By reviewing the settlement report you can understand
your account activity, giving you an up-to-date picture of your Amazon
business performance with each new report. Unlock and record all the opaque
details of your sales, expenses, and fees on Amazon. You can even eliminate your
clearing account—knowing your deposits will always be completely accurate. And
with deeper insights into your costs and margins, you’ll finally be able to
optimize pricing and maximize profits. So start making the most of your Amazon
business with one-click accounting right now. Visit Webgility.com, and begin your
free trial today.

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