April 1, 2020
Webflow Ecommerce first impression review!

Webflow Ecommerce first impression review!

(upbeat music) – Hey Zions, in today’s video, I’m gonna be giving you
my first impression review of Webflow’s new Ecommerce tool that’s currently out in beta. The very first time I used Webflow I put out a first impressions video where I just filmed as
I was building a page and using it for the first time and I know a lot of your
found that really valuable to see my thoughts and
like initial impressions and also seeing what I struggled with the first time I was using it as well. So I wanted to do it again, do it again for this Ecommerce functionality. Now if you’ve watched my
videos before, you may know that I often work with Webflow, they sponsor kind of about one
video a month on this channel which is really great, they’re
a great company to work with. I wanted you to know though, that this video is not sponsored. I don’t believe that any
sort of review video, and I would consider a
first impressions video to be a review, I don’t believe that those should be sponsored, I think that makes them inherently biased and it’s just not something
that I personally want to do. I’m gonna be totally
honest with this video about everything that
I like and everything that I don’t like, and I
know that the Webflow team is super open to feedback, so, let’s dive in and take a look. So this right here is the
new little button on the side for Ecommerce, I’m in
the beta at the moment, so that’s why I have access to it. Okay, so when I click it, it’s gonna turn my website into a store and create some new collections, let’s do this. Okay, so I really like
that the first thing we’re seeing here is yes, what I assumed was a checklist and I can see it, it’s because there’s a couple things that I could’ve already
previously completed because my website is already live. So it’s hosting and it’s, guys it’s out. I like this because it gives me a list of things to work through. So what should we start with? Let’s try adding a product. Okay, so this, I’m assuming
is going to be kind of like adding an item in CMS collection. I think I would’ve liked, when I clicked from this menu here, this add a product. If it went straight into this
new product window right? ‘Cause I just clicked add product, so obviously that was
what I was intending. Anyway let’s just add
a test product in here. Yeah this does seem very
similar to how the CMS looks, which is good, I’ll find a
random image on my computer. Ooh, sales tax, this is
an interesting point. Because I live in the UK
so I have to charge VAT to anyone who purchases within the UK and I think within the EU,
so I’m gonna investigate that bit later and see what
the options are for me. Okay, so I can add a category here, so let’s just call it Prints
’cause that is a category I will actually be using. Okay, I noted actually,
let me just add another one ’cause I wanna see that, so, the URL structure it’s using is charlimarie.com/category. I really wanted to use that for my blog, like having blog posts
under slash category so I wonder if that’s changeable. Like I could have slash store,
slash, you know what I mean? We’ll get back to that, we’ll have a look. Cool, and it’ll track the
inventory so I could say I have a hundred of the screenshot. It’ll know when I run out, and working out shipping there too. Okay, let’s just create
this and see how we go. What else have we got here? For orders, this is interesting, so it takes me to like the editor view, which is what someone would see if they weren’t the designer of a site. I guess that makes sense because the main use case for Ecommerce would be designers or developers building a store for like a client to use, and probably in a very small percentage of designers who would
have their own store on Webflow, if you know what I mean. So looks like this is where
I’d see all of my orders as they come through, that’s good. Let’s go back to the main site though. Okay, what should we check out next? So the Webflow team did let me know that some things are still being worked on because obviously, this is in beta still. So there will be some things still coming, I think the cart design is one of them, but what we could do is set up a product page and see how that’ll work. So, it’s made, this is like the template, I suppose, for my product page. So, ooh, gives me a new component that I can drag in when
I’m on a product page so, that’ll be my like add to cart button. Anyway let’s just drag some
stuff in here and get started. So if I add a heading and then we’ll get the text from the name, cool. It really does seem like it works exactly like a CMS collection does, which is super cool so
basically as I add an element, as you just saw, I can choose to either add an image myself, or I can get it from the product item that I have here. Let’s just start adding
this add to cart button in case and one you know
wants to buy my screenshot. Okay, so this will show me the quantity and this is like set up as a field, and then I assume I can just
style this button however I wanted, so I have a button
style on my site already? Seeing the quantity here
makes me think that, well I know the team told me that another thing that’s
not quite ready yet is variance, I think that’s the word. So like, you know
different sizes of T-shirts or something like that,
different sizes of print. I would assume that once
that feature is ready that would be included as part
of this add to cart thing. I know this design looks really shitty ’cause I just literally
dragged some stuff in to see how it’s working but, this is making me feel quite excited about the possibilities for
my online store with this. One of the frustrations that I had when I was getting setup with
my previous online store, was the limitations that
all the templates had like pretty much everything
looked the same right? You’re gonna see, usually,
picture of the product on this side, and the description and the add to cart on this side. Obviously there’s value
in that consistency and that’s what we’ve
trained people to see, especially these days, so
many stores use Shopify. And so with a lot of online stores, we’re seeing a very generic
and similar looking template. It’s not a bad one, like it makes sense but I think it’s really exciting for me to think that I can
design my product pages however the heck I like, and it’s gonna be really easy for me to do that because it’s just like designing
any other page in Webflow. So let’s take a look now
at putting together a page for like displaying all of my products. I wonder if it has made one for me. I wonder if it’s this categories page. This, I would assume will get everything that is in my Prints category. Let’s, again, just do
a quick thing for that. Then, I would assume that I can drag in a collection list to get my products, yes, this is seeming like it’s right. Yeah, cool, okay, so that does work exactly how I thought it would. So if I put more in this Prints category, it would like put them all in there. Actually, let’s go add another one and just see how that functions. I might just duplicate this one actually. Is that a thing I could
do, can I duplicate? Yes, yes I can, cool, yeah
so it’s put the two in there. If I look at this getting
started checklist so, obviously the things that are coming that aren’t quite ready for me to demo yet and like try out in this video, is designing the cart that you’re gonna be able to place anywhere, I assume there’d be something like
this special component here that will show up on any page where, yeah someone can access
the shopping cart from. And also the checkout page, like I said, the team already let me know
that wasn’t quite ready yet. What I don’t see in this checklist is designing like your store front I suppose, obviously I’m gonna want a page where it shows all of my products, right? Like a page listing out
all of the categories. So let’s just quickly see if I can make one myself, I suppose I
could add a collections list and, right, see what I really
wanted to be able to do was to show like, all
the prints or T-shirts whatever it is I decide to sell and fetch them automatically. Ooh, another way that I just had a thought that I could do this though, I’m just gonna add
another div and try again. Cool, that’s what I
was hoping it would do, os I can set this collection
list to only show products with the category that contains Prints. So, that’s one way that I think I could layout my store
front, that makes sense. I think I would’ve liked them though, to, in the pages that they make for you, the category page and product page, I think it would be cool if they added a like store front page as
well for you to work from, and I expect we’ll see checkout appearing in this list as well once that’s ready. So I feel pretty confident that I love the design capabilities of this, because it really does just seem like it’s adapted from a CMS collection which there’s loads of tutorials online for using them in Webflow and
they’re pretty powerful with what you can do with them. Something I didn’t check though, I wonder if somewhere I could add my own like fields to this, if
there’s something else that I wanted to have in there. Ooh, yep, I can add custom fields. So if I said I wanted to add
a video link for example, then come back into the product, sweet, there’s my custom field, nice. Let’s just poke around the settings and see what I’m gonna need to do here. Alright so I connect Stripe, I wonder if it can add other payment providers in the future, Stripe is actually my favorite though. My current store platform that I use has got PayPal or Stripe, but yeah, I prefer Stripe so that’s all good. Shipping zones, okay, cool, so, it looked like, from the product page, I could put in dimensions
and the weight of a product, so I would assume that
this is gonna do something automatic to calculate the shipping cost like based on rules I tell it,
which is how Shopify works. So let’s just say heavy package. I can set shipping rules
per region, which is good, ’cause that’s how like
the UK Post Office works. So it’s nice to be able to select a whole group of countries rather than having to manually
select all of the countries in Asia for example, I
could just tick that. But yeah let’s just see Europe, I feel like they could’ve
collapsed this list a bit, if you were doing like
a rest of world thing, it’s gonna be a long thing to scroll down to get to the shipping methods. Yeah cool, so it’s based
on price percentage, weight, whatever you wanna do. That’s, yeah, I really like that, that’s lots of good options there. ‘Cause I would set it to be weight-based. Let’s look at taxes, okay, so, it will show you the tax calculation for countries that you ship to. I wonder if it knows that
as someone in the UK, I have to charge VAT to people in Europe. I would really like it if this tax, view our tax guide, if that was a link ’cause I do wanna see and
learn about how that works. Ooh emails, okay, right so this looks like the email that I will get when someone places one. Then, cool and this is the email that a customer will get when they order. I wonder how much I can customize this, looks like it’s just adding a logo and changing the colors, which is fine ’cause this is a nicely designed email. Oh cool yeah and changing
what all the text says. I’m really excited about this overall. I think this is a super
powerful addition to Webflow it’s gonna make you know, a lot of people more suitable for using
Webflow for their website when they could also build the store in it and like all of the
same classes and things that I use on my main website, are also available within my store because obviously, it’s on the same site. Right now for my store I had to kind of hack together a style sheet to target classes on the, you know store template to match them to my website design and that’s just not a good experience, it’s not easy, this feels
like it’s gonna make getting a good-looking store
that matches your brand and like being more
creative with the layout, seems like it’s gonna be a lot easier so I’m excited about
that, as a user myself because I will be building
my store out on my website. In a couple months time, when I do finally get around to
making my online store I am going to be releasing a video series about the full process in depth of how I design and build
it and how it all works so if you are interested in seeing that then please make sure you
subscribe to my channel so you’ll be notified when it goes live and if you enjoyed this video, if you liked hearing my first impressions on Webflow Ecommerce then please give this one a thumbs up. Alright, thanks for watching,
hope you have a good day and I will see you in the next video, bye! (upbeat music)

26 thoughts on “Webflow Ecommerce first impression review!

  1. Thank you! This really helps me see the future of my website and merch store, so far I have a home page and list of products designed and made in webflow and I linked my Etsy page when it comes to selling my products.

  2. thanks a lot for the review Charli
    I have a question for you about Shopify though
    I know you work as a freelancer and since you've mentioned Shopify here does this means that you have a Shopify Expert account? like are you one of Shopify Experts & people can hire you to do editing or code stuff for them?

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  11. I just found Webflow about 8 days ago. I am amazed and completely blown away by the flexibility it affords…design extremely fast by essentially skipping the "concept" phase, having super clean code to mix with your current codebase. It just baffles me why I never found it before. Now will be able to spend less time coding the view and much more time integrating interaction and scripts. Loving Webflow.

  12. Hi Charli. I'm in the UK too and use Webflow. I wondered if you worked-out how Webflow handles VAT? I have a client who has different product types, some VAT'able, and some VAT exempt. But during my initial play with Webflow Ecom, all I'm seeing is gross figures. The client sells B2B, so needs to have net prices. Any help here would be great! Graham

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  14. Here's a con I notice right out the gate: THE PRICE.
    And their site says that this is beta pricing and subject to change.
    JESUS CHRIST! Who knows what the price will end up at.

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